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How to match the necessary jacket and coat for handsome men

Jacket is a good tool for men to play with! So every boy has a jacket in his closet. But only jacket is not good, but also learn the overall match. Let's get to know the jacket first!

Jacket is a transliteration of Jack. It originated from clothes made of coarse cloth named Jack. At first, the clothes could only be pulled down from the belly and buttoned up. Women in the 18th century wore the same riding clothes. The combination of the two forms the present jacket, which is not only for men and women, but also popular all over the world. Jacket is very light, simple and lively, so young people like it very much. How should we match it?

Method 1: jacket + shirt + jeans

The light and handsome cowboy coat, the shirt and the fresh and beautiful jeans make the whole person look energetic.

Method 2: leather jacket + striped sweater + jeans

Knitwear will feel more gentle and kind. At this time, you can match the black leather jacket with more handsome texture on the outside, and then you can match the jeans with darker color on the lower body. I don't know how many girls will be attracted by such a handsome match.

Method 3: black shirt + leather jacket + black casual pants

Such a black dress will make people feel that this man is particularly mature and stable. Originally, he was black, but with different texture clothes, there are many bright spots.

Method 4: leather jacket + printed T-shirt + black casual pants

This is a very casual layered dress, white printed T-shirt can be freely matched. The lower part of the body with the black casual pants, with the nature, between every move is very free and easy.