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How do you know how to match a coat with other small details

Winter is coming. It's too bloated to be bloated any more! Afraid of cold very hard to add clothes to their own body, so how can I move ah? There is no aesthetic feeling at all. At this time, you might as well throw down your down jacket and try your coat! It is simple and warm, but also can enhance their own temperament, why not?

How should we match the specific coat? Follow Xiaobian's steps to have a look!

The first one: super long overcoat + undershirt + skirt

Super long coats are generally below the knee, so this one is not suitable for short girls to wear, it will be very obscene to wear. And tall girls can wear it, and then inside to wear a black undershirt with a short skirt, the best is the hip skirt this type. This kind of collocation can make the girl dressed like a queen, which is very elegant.

The second: coat + plaid shirt + black tights

Simple coat can be put on a plaid shirt, full of student atmosphere. Wearing a pair of black tights, it also shows the beautiful legs, and the black itself is very thin. This match doesn't need any skill and exaggeration. Almost all girls can wear it, and everyone will have a different taste.

The third: medium length coat + sweater + plaid skirt

You can choose bright colors such as orange for medium and long overcoats. You can wear a light colored sweater on the clothes inside, and then match the plaid skirt with the lower body. You can choose red and Black Plaid. This kind of collocation is very energetic in winter. In addition, the skirt should be a little longer than the coat. When the coat is buttoned up, you will also feel that the collocation of this body is very hierarchical.

Section 4: cape coat + skirt

In the past, short girls always thought that the coat was nothing to do with me, but the cloak and coat seemed to be tailor-made for them. The lower part of the body put on a short skirt, very cute. Then put on a pair of base stockings with a pair of snow boots, it's perfect, warm and good-looking.