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Is woman menstruation too long because of what is such a situation normal?

Every time I come to my aunt, I have a feeling that life is worse than death. In fact, a normal aunt is normal for 3 to 7 days. There is a problem with her long menstruation. Let's see what's wrong with her?

1、 The reason why menstruation is too long

Menstruation time more than 7 days, or there is a continuation of half a month before the phenomenon of clean, Chinese medicine called menstrual extension. The causes of prolonged menstruation are as follows

(1) Physical reasons

1. Yin deficiency and internal heat: if a woman has Yin deficiency constitution, or consumes Yin fluid due to long-term illness, produces too much, and has too much sex, the Yin blood in her body will be depleted. Yin deficiency, internal heat and restless blood, menstrual blood can not operate normally, leading to prolonged menstruation.

2. Qi stagnation and blood stasis: if women are depressed at ordinary times, it will cause qi stagnation and blood stasis after a long time. Or women in menstruation, after production feel cold evil, cold evil hinder the operation of Qi and blood and form blood stasis. Due to blood stasis blocking blood vessels, new blood can not return to the meridian, resulting in prolonged menstrual blood.

(2) Disease factors

May be suffering from uterine fibroids

Especially submucous myoma of uterus, because of the enlargement of uterine cavity area, give it abnormal contraction, can cause menorrhagia and menstrual period is too long. In addition, placing the contraceptive device is also easy to cause too long menstruation. Therefore, there are many causes of gynecological diseases as well as systemic diseases, which should be differentiated and identified, and then treated separately.

2. It may be uterine dysfunctional bleeding

Such as anovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding and irregular shedding of endometrium, the menstrual period is prolonged due to endocrine dysfunction.

3. It may be endometriosis

It often causes menorrhagia or prolonged menstruation due to the contraction of myometrium or the enhancement of endometrium.

4. It may be pelvic inflammation

Pelvic inflammation, intrauterine femoral polyps, endometritis and so on are due to poor blood circulation, degenerative necrosis or pelvic congestion caused by menorrhagia and prolonged menstruation.

5. May cause chronic uterine hypertrophy (myositis)

Due to pelvic congestion, ovarian estrogen continued to increase, so that the uterine myometrium hypertrophy, resulting in menorrhagia and menstrual period is too long.

2、 Facial manifestations of women with too long menstruation

1. pale complexion, just like powdered powder, double cheeklet red, such as blush, lip color red, body thin and weak: mostly seen in women with deficiency of Qi and Yin.

2. The complexion is faint and blue, the veins between the cheeks and nose are faint, the lip is dark, and the eye circles are dark: it is more common in women who are depressed and irritable.

3. Pale complexion and purple lips: it is more common in women with blood stasis in the body.

4. Dark yellow complexion or pale edema, light lip color: it is more common in women with spleen deficiency and Qi deficiency.

5. Oily face, like to grow small acne: more common in women with damp heat in the body.