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How to remove the pigmentation on the face

As women grow older, their facial skin is also slowly aging, melanin increased. Do you know what to do with facial melanin? Let's take a look at the following article.

Milk and egg mask to solve melanin deposition in the face

How does facial melanin cool headed do? This method can help you solve the problem; First, put the egg bowl and milk in the bowl, stir the mixture evenly with the spoon, then put in the appropriate flour, and mix the three into paste. After cleansing, apply the mask evenly to your face and face for fifteen minutes. Then wash it with clean water. This mask is more suitable for neutral skin. It has excellent maintenance effect. If you persist in using it for three months, you will feel the skin white and tender and smooth, and the melanin precipitation will disappear.

Banana mask to resolve melanin in face

Ingredients: 1 banana, proper amount of whole milk.

Method: grind the banana into paste, then add proper amount of whole milk and a small amount of purified water, the ratio is about 5:2:1, and then evenly apply it on the face, and wash it with warm water after 20 minutes.

Efficacy: effectively solve the problem of facial melanin.

Vinegar egg solution to solve facial melanin precipitation

Take a clean bottle, pour in an appropriate amount of white vinegar, then wash an egg and soak it in white vinegar. Be sure to seal it well. The vinegar should not cover the egg. After the egg is soaked for seven days, when the eggshell becomes soft, take out the egg and put it into a bowl. Use a needle to remove the softened thin skin. When the egg is clear, discard the skin and yolk, and smear the face with egg white once a day, Can effectively remove freckles, and solve the problem of facial melanin sink, if after the application of egg white with freckle cream, the effect will be better!

Causes of facial melanosis

The cause of facial melanin deposition is usually caused by the stimulation of sunlight, ultraviolet radiation or cosmetics, drugs and other substances to form black skin pigment deposition, and part of it falls off with the cuticle; Part of the sediment in the bottom, through the blood circulation out of the body, once the above function disorder, it forms a pigmentation.

Internal cause:

1. Endocrine disorders, often a lot of time, the customer's face appear serious problems such as color spots, acne, etc., beauticians often talk about endocrine disorders.

2. Genetic factors, generally 18 years old before the appearance of facial stains, may be related to heredity.

How does facial melanin cool down do

External cause:

1. Due to the environment, air pollution and so on, the ozone layer leaks produce a large number of ultraviolet rays to directly radiate our skin. In order to prevent skin cells from being oxidized, the human body secretes a lot of melanin for protection, which leads to the formation of black spots on the face.

2. Food, the nutrition of our skin mainly comes from blood, and whether the nutrition of blood is sufficient and suitable for the survival of cells depends on the quality of food. Alkaline substances can neutralize the acidity of meat and cereal foods, keep the body fluid in an alkaline environment, dissolve the toxic substances precipitated in cells, make it excreted with urine, and accelerate metabolism, Alkaline food: fresh fruits and vegetables, raw garlic, black fungus, kelp and so on.

3. Cosmetics and skin cleanliness, because cosmetics contain chemicals and lead and other heavy metals, if not properly cleaned, it is easy to cause facial melanin.

4. Photosensitive, long-term sunlight and strong radiation light source will accelerate the synthesis of melanin, resulting in darker skin.

5. Due to the stimulation of progesterone during menstruation and pregnancy (especially during pregnancy), the secretion of corpus luteum in women will increase, which will cause color spots or aggravation of color spots.