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How to make your own toner

Used a lot of skin care products, do you think there is no one suitable for you? Have you ever thought about making your own toner? So what is the formula of homemade toner? Let's teach you how to use plant toner.

Rose Water Toner method:

Rose toner has always been the star of toner. Pick the rose petals, rinse them many times (soak them in brine), then boil them into water until the petals turn white and the soup turns rosy. Then you can throw away the petals. After cooling, put it into a bottle, and it will become a homemade rose toner.

Orange juice toner method:

Don't throw away those orange peel or lemon peel that are rich in vitamin C. Boil the peel with hot water, and then add vitamin E to the water, cool the water, you can easily get the tonic which is helpful to anti-aging.

Aloe juice toner method:

If you want to use it to save or comfort your sunburned skin in summer, apply aloe juice directly. You can add water according to your favorite consistency to make your skin calm down.

Green tea toner method:

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which is an important part of good skin. Bring the mineral water to a boil, put in the green tea and bring to a boil. When the tea is cool, filter out the tea, and then add a few drops of tea tree oil or lemonade, mainly for pore shrinkage.

Mint juice toner method:

Put the mint leaves into boiling water and boil them very hot. Cool the mint juice and refrigerate it in a bottle. It can be used as a refreshing toner and is most suitable for summer. Adding a few drops of olive oil to it can also help moisturize the skin. Olive oil contains vitamin E, which can soothe the skin.