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Flower bud head how to tie simple to 5 steps to get

the last thing I like in summer is wearing my hair. It's very hot. Bud head is more popular this year, good-looking and easy to use ~ let the United States developed people teach hand disabled sister paper the simplest fluffy bud head bar!

Bud head is a kind of hairstyle, which is similar to bud according to the appearance of hairstyle. Bud is the name of bud stage of plant flower, that is, on the eve of flower blooming, bud head is like a flower that is about to bloom but has not yet opened.

Because the bangs of the flower bud head and the temples can't be separated too thick, it's more suitable for the slightly thinner face. It's better not to tie the big round face and the watermelon face, while the melon face and the long face are more suitable. At the same time, don't tie the flower bud head directly below. It will be very similar to aunts and women, and the height or deviation can reduce the age.

The simplest way to tie the fluffy flower bud head is as follows:

Step 1: after combing the hair, first divide the hair into sections, leave the hair on both sides of the head for reserve, and tie the rest of the hair into a ponytail;

Step 2: take out a bunch of hair from the right side of the ponytail, wind the ponytail to the left and fix it with clip, then take out a bunch of hair from the left side of the ponytail, wind it to the right and fix it; step 3: fix the just hair bundle with hairpin, divide the bun into two parts, and make the hair tail more messy.

Step 4: wrap the last bundle of hair around the ponytail to fix the hairstyle. Handle the hair on the top of the head, comb the hair back to the root and make it fluffy;

Step 5: first fix the left hairpin on the lower side of the disc to hide the hairpin. Then deal with the hair on the right side and fix it.

This fluffy bud head does not look honest and rigid, and the randomly scattered hair has a French light fashion feeling. With simple light makeup, the whole look will be perfect. In fact, there are a lot of bud head tie method, but Xiaobian picked the simplest one, let hand residual mm cool this summer! I believe many sister paper will take care of hair drops!