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Reflections on the root bird

The story of root bird tells: a young girl went to pick flowers on a cliff and accidentally fell into a canyon. She appeared in the dream of a teenager called rootbird. The root bird set out and soared to the sky to find his own dream. Desert, grassland, mountain, village, canyon, small town & hellip; & hellip; each scene is strange and mysterious. Rootbird grew up between reality and dream. He decided to take dream as horse and spend his growing up stage. Trance, confusion, swing, sober, persistent, indomitable, he tasted happiness in pain. On the way to the west, genniao was cheated by his uncle named long legs to go to Guigu to pull the mine. Later, he escaped with the help of the one eyed old man. But his father had passed away, so he burned down his hut and went west. He met the sheet metal again, but the sheet metal closed his eyes forever. The root bird finally lives in the world like this. This is a charming dream like novel, which makes people swim in dreams and experience human nature in reality. It makes me feel happy, scared, and sad. But the most important thing is that the strong fighting spirit of rootbird makes me very moved and admired. Diary 200 words

Grade 3, Xiaoshan TIYU Road Primary School, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang_ Only when brothers form a group can we do things well. In fact, many things in life are like this. As small as a class or a dormitory, as large as a company or a country, only unity can have cohesion, overcome obstacles and be invincible. Remember: unity is strength!

This is an old but often new story. One day, the father called his three sons and told them to break a stick. With a "pop", the stick broke. The father tied up the three sticks for the eldest son to break, the eldest son to break, the second son to break, and the youngest son to break. At this time, the father said: 'children, you see, a stick is very fragile, but if you tie three sticks together, they will become strong. That is to say, as long as you work together, there is nothing you can't do. '

Read here, I admire my father, because the father through one thing to let the children learn more knowledge. In today's society, many children think that parents' education is a kind of nagging. I think it is a kind of concern of parents, not nagging. I hope my friends can understand the parents!

Grade four of Renmin Road Primary School in Fengxian County, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province_ 600 words National Day I read a book, it left a very deep impression on me, the title is "root bird".

Root bird mainly describes the protagonist root bird in order to pursue others think is unrealistic daydream, experienced many hardships and finally found a dream. As a child, he did not know where his mother was and lived with his father. One day, he went into the forest to hunt and shot a rare white eagle. He found the leg of the eagle. Welcome to wechat: www4hw for more knowledge. There is a rescue cloth on the street. He thinks about the night and wants to save the girl. He goes to the county town, but fails to find the Grand Canyon full of lilies. On the night of returning home, he finds the answer in his dream. On the third day, he put on his travel bag, settled everything, and embarked on the journey of the western expedition. On the way, he met many people, including good people and bad people. But after twists and turns of the search, the root bird finally came to the dream of the Grand Canyon - a grand canyon full of lilies.

What is the power to make the root bird for the dream with a full four years of youth to find it? It can be said that it was genniao's fiery and sincere heart that made him be kind to others on the hard road. Many people were moved by his sincerity. He accepted the difficult challenge, with the eternal goal, long-term belief, for his unrealistic dream, experienced countless frustrations, suffered in happiness, and tasted happiness in suffering. Just a dream inspires the root bird to move towards success step by step. What about us? This is a question that I have been pondering for a long time.

The old saying "good people are rewarded with good deeds" has come true in the root bird. It not only teaches us that people need to have love and kindness to have more and better friends, but also has a firm belief that a strong spiritual pillar is the rainbow bridge to the other side. Borrow a passage from the book as my creed: 'when a person has his own cherished feelings and can find his faith in all hardships, then there is incomparable wealth in his heart. This wealth can also purify his soul and make his future life smoother and warmer. "Root bird" has been inspiring us all the time. Shouldn't we want root bird to learn this immortal belief and persistence, and believe that in the near future, we will come to our dream destination just like root bird!

Fifth grade: Pu xiaoa