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Read if you give me three days of light feeling

After reading the book "if you give me three days of light", my heart is like a rough sea, which cannot be calm for a long time. Diary 200 words

The content of this book is like this: it tells about a little girl who suffered from a high degree of disability since childhood. His life has only 19 months of light and voice. With the help of teacher Sullivan and other teachers, he has overcome many difficulties. Finally, he was admitted to Harvard University and got a bachelor's degree.

After talking for a long time, you must ask: 'who is this? 'let me tell you, this is Helen Keller. After reading this book, I benefited a lot, which reminds me of Mark Twain's saying: "in the 19th century, there were two outstanding people, one was Napoleon, the other was Helen Keller. '

Although Helen Keller is blind, deaf and dumb, she does not bow to fate. She thinks that this is a test, a test given to her by heaven. 'on the first day, I want to see people. Their kindness, warmth and friendship made my life worth living; the next day. I want to get up at dawn to see the moving miracle that night turns into day; on the third day, I want to spend an ordinary day in the real world, among people engaged in daily life. 'that's what the author, Helen Keller, wanted to do for three days. For us, we are a sound person, we should Helen Keller tenacious, do not surrender to fate, the spirit of self-improvement! What is more important is to have a positive, optimistic, dare to create a miracle heart!

Read "if you give me three days of light" this book, let me know: do not experience setbacks, will not succeed. Facing difficulties. As long as we overcome its belief, we can become a strong one!

Fifth grade: Ruoyan zmz cherishes life_ Feeling after reading "if you give me three days of light"_ There is no desperate situation in the world, only the desperate people. Don't believe in the blinding of fate, reshape your destiny, and never give up.

"If you give me three days of light" mainly tells the story of Helen Keller, a blind and deaf person, who was disappointed in life at the beginning. Under the patient guidance of her teacher, Anne Sullivan, Helen learned to read, read, speak and write with her indomitable spirit, and also made her feel the love everywhere. Finally, she entered Harvard University with her own sweat, and graduated with excellent grades. She also mastered English, French, German, Latin and Greek.

Helen Keller, with her unremitting spirit, successfully rewrites her life and gets rid of the tragic fate in the eyes of the world. From the perspective of a weak woman with strong body and strong mind, she warned the healthy people to cherish life and everything given by the creator. When she knew that her body was different from others, she not only didn't feel depressed, but also had a strong desire for knowledge. It was knowledge that gave her confidence in life and courage to fight against fate; it was knowledge that taught her the true meaning and value of life. Even if she doesn't have bright eyes to appreciate all kinds of attitudes of the world, she can feel the beauty of life with her delicate heart. Congenital regret can't stop a person's pace of searching for knowledge. We have a sound body, we should cherish the things around us, don't wait for you to regret when you lose all this.

Let's cherish every day in our life, enrich our life, enjoy our life, and make our life more colorful!

Grade 6: liwawa the content of this page is pushed by "Sihai net reading" for you, growing up in gratitude, feeling after reading "if you give me three days of light"_ In the 20th century, there was a brave man who shocked the world with his indomitable perseverance, a weak woman who lived in the dark but brought light to countless people and survived 87 years of silent and lonely years -- Helen Keller.

Helen Keller's life can be called a legend. In her life, she met many 'noble people', such as teacher Sullivan, who accompanied her to get to know her first knowledge, and of course, her parents who raised her. It was with the encouragement and support of so many people that she overcame the hardships that ordinary people could not imagine and achieved success! I think she has a lot of people to be grateful for. One is to be grateful to parents, which is the foundation of life. Don't contact Helen's life first, just talk about the beginning of everyone's life. Who is it? Raised us and worked hard for us! How many nights, under how many dim oil lamps, our mother has not gone to sleep and is still mending our clothes? My father's love is like a mountain, which gives us the strongest love. Maybe they are not as considerate as their mother, and they are not very good at expressing themselves! But it's him! For us to pay their men's sense of responsibility for children! What they worry about is our health and the bumpy road of our life; what they expect is our first ambiguous "Dad, Mom"! Love is a boat, carrying us from youth to maturity; father's love is a rudder, giving us a happy direction; mother's love is the deck, giving us a solid heart shock. If maternal love is a flaming torch, lighting the hope in our hearts; then father's love will be a sail, encouraging us to move forward! I firmly believe that in Helen's life, his parents must have played an indispensable role! Since ancient times, filial piety has always been the priority in our country. Marshal Chen Yi visited his mother, and Xu Shiyou knelt down to his mother five times. Looking at many young people in today's society, they wear strange clothes and dye their hair in various colors. I can't help but think of the mop in the classroom! There are still some cigarette butts in their hands! I can't help shivering at the end of the cigarette with stars shining red in the dark! Don't they know that the money they are squandering now is earned by their parents who are too old to live in poverty? When they waste money and time, do they care about their parents' feelings? Let's ask ourselves, in the face of parents' selfless love, why don't we feel grateful to our parents? There is no reason to forget the kindness of parents! Then ask yourself, how much do you care and pay for your parents? There was a story that deeply moved me: a sophomore, when doing a connection problem, connected a brick with 25G, and wrote in the back: 'if each brick is 25g, Dad won't be so tired! 'the teacher's comment at the back is' filial piety is priceless'!

Second, we should be grateful to our teachers, which is the foundation of our life. In Helen's life, another indispensable character is her teacher Sullivan. Sullivan teacher let her contact with the colorful life, but also her constant heart to heart talk with Helen, told her not to give up! Helen is in her company and under the supervision of constant growth, but even after Helen's success, she did not forget the teacher, still go to see the teacher, and wish the teacher happiness! Not only Helen, but the world-famous Madame Curie will still present a bunch of flowers when she sees her primary school teacher when she wins the Nobel Prize twice! Chairman Mao Zedong also expressed his gratitude during the festival. We should also learn their gratitude to teachers from our predecessors! For the teachers who accompany us, we should be grateful and greet them gently during the festival. If we send a cup of warm tea in winter, I believe every teacher's heart will be much warmer! 'teacher, you are the gardener, working hard, I want to say more about you & lsquo; have a rest & quot; but the faint smile and gently shaking head on your face shocked me! '

Thanksgiving is a state of mind, is the gratitude of the world and society, let us be happy to face all kinds of social experience! Gratitude is a kind of accomplishment, it can affect the people around in silence! Thanksgiving is a kind of fun, only the real perception of life can feel!

Grateful heart, thank you, with my life, let me have the courage to be myself; grateful heart, thank fate, flowers bloom and fall, I will still cherish!

Sixth grade of the fourth primary school in Hubin District, Sanmenxia, Henan