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I read puppet Adventures

A few days ago, I read "the adventures of puppets", it is particularly fun. There are Pinocchio and small wick - Pinocchio was very disobedient and always ran out of the house. And lying. At last he understood the truth and became a really good boy. After I read this story, I learned not to lie, listen to my mother and father, and help each other and study hard. This is a good child. Diary summer vacation diary

Grade two of Primary School of Changchun No.1 foreign language school, Erdao District, Changchun, Jilin Province_ My father bought me a book called "the adventures of puppets". Take this book and see its title. I think what kind of adventure will puppets have? The book says: 'it is said that children who love to lie will have longer noses, and lazy children will become donkeys. Do you believe it? 'I began to read the book with curiosity.

This book is about a piece of talking wood once upon a time. A man named jeppetto bought this piece of wood and made it into a talking puppet named Pinocchio. Pinocchio is a liar and lazy man. Every time he tells a lie, his nose gets longer. It does not like reading, ran to play country, but was turned into a donkey, fairy saved him. Later, Pinocchio became a filial, honest and learning puppet. The fairy helped him become a real child.

This book tells me to be a good child who loves to study, is honest, diligent and respects his parents.

Second grade: Impressions on Yang Xiao's the adventures of puppets_ 350 words. I read the book "the adventures of puppets" and felt deeply!

The book "Adventures of puppets" mainly tells the story of an old carpenter who carves a talking piece of wood into a living puppet and regards him as his son. Name him Pinocchio. The old carpenter was very poor. He would rather sell his coat than send Pinocchio to school. However, he was obsessed with playing and sold his textbooks in order to see the play. He got five gold coins from the good boss, but on the way home, he was cheated by the fox and the cat and almost hanged. Fortunately, he met the fairy and was saved. Back home, a cricket advised him to be a good child. Instead of listening to the advice, he killed the cricket.

Afterwards, under the advice of the old carpenter, the content of this page is changed from "read. 4" ”Push for you, he finally figured out, dedicated to study hard, want to be a good child, who knows and can not resist the temptation, in the bad students led to the toy country, into a donkey, later rescued by the fairy and survived. Finally, the father and son accidentally meet again in the shark's belly, and try to escape. Back home, the puppet weaves baskets every day to earn money, studies hard at night, and finally becomes a good child.

After reading this book, let me understand, only through their own hard work, in order to harvest. Just like our study, it is not feasible to study hard at ordinary times and rely on cramming. In the future, I will study hard and listen carefully in class to strive for greater progress.

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