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800 words after reading Song Ci

"Song Ci" is a good book, is a collection of Chinese civilization, I like to read, it is always shining in my heart.

Reading Song Ci is my habit every night. With a sense of tiredness, playing melodious songs, delicate fingertips across the page, silky enjoyment, immersed in endless imagination, ears sounded familiar melody, in the world of Song Ci, leading the literary style. Is there anything like this in the world? All this is suffocating beauty, incomparable beauty. I think that although Song Ci, Tang poetry and Yuan Opera are both monuments of epics and complement each other, Song Ci should be ranked first. As for why? I can't say either. I just feel that the structure of Tang poetry is too rigorous and not free, and the style of Yuan Opera is too sad and unnatural. But Song Ci is not, Li Qingzhao as the representative of the graceful school as an example, called graceful, but the handwriting reveals the love of life, the vision of a better, positive and optimistic. The following is Li Qingzhao's "phoenix stage on the memory of the flute" to analyze.

'rest! If you go back, you can't stay. Read Wuling people far away, smoke lock Qinlou. Only the running water in front of the building should remember me, and China and Japan are gazing. Staring at the place, from now on add, a new sorrow '. Qingzhao's life can be described as a bumpy one. The style of Ci is bounded by the fall of the Northern Song Dynasty. Before, it was mostly fresh and beautiful. Later, it experienced the hatred of national subjugation,

The pain of the bereavement of her husband made the style of CI become sad and choking. On the phoenix stage, I remember the flute. Looking at the whole passage, we can see that this is the work of Qingzhao Sifu. When we read articles, we can't look at the surface. Sometimes, even the inner things may not be true. When I read the appreciation of this word, I didn't think it was true. The article says: 'this article exaggerates her thousands of worries that she can't tell, and expresses the deep feeling of missing after leaving and the sadness of living alone'. I think this article not only expresses these, but also expresses the author's love for life. How can Qingzhao miss her husband if she doesn't love life? Therefore, when reading articles and poems, we should understand them from multiple perspectives. Only in this way can we have a more comprehensive understanding. In the words' only the water in front of the building, should read me, Sino Japanese eyes, eyes, from now on add a new section of sorrow '. Through the lyric of the scenery, I can see that in ancient times, the traffic was not convenient and I wanted to meet my relatives, but I had to wait for the post station day and night

The letter came to tell you peace. When the country is in trouble, there is no news. Also let me feel that today's happy life is not easy, we must cherish.

In Song Ci, there are not only Li Qingzhao's Ci, but also the bold and unconstrained school headed by Su Shi and Xin Qiji. The style of Ci is magnificent, like the peak of Taishan. In contrast with the graceful school, they vividly show the people's experience of Song Dynasty. They are different in form and subject, but they all have one characteristic. That's the love of life. Therefore, reading "Song Ci" raised my noble righteousness, made me love life and ponder the true meaning of life. Thoughts on reading Song Ci_ 650 words, grade 6, Wang Haigang

In recent years, the joint school has carried out the activity of reading classics, which is also recognized by various schools. Therefore, we recommend a book for each grade. These books are different, and each grade has its own characteristics. The characteristic of our class is "Song Ci". We can read Song Ci at the morning meeting. Reciting Song Ci is because it is a library of children's enlightenment, and it is also the traditional culture of 5000 years in China The cream.

All the articles recorded in the book are the works of famous ancient poets and Ci writers. The article has profound connotation, so I read the article directly and didn't understand anything in the end. So I have to use the following explanation and explanation. First read the explanation words, understand the words you don't understand, and then read the explanation to understand the whole meaning of the article. After understanding the meaning of the words, in order to remember them well, it takes two days to memorize them, and only three days for the longer ones.

When we enter the school gate and the corridor, we can always hear the sound of reading all over the school, which is so rich in charm. We read Song Ci with relish and appreciate the pictures with poems, which makes us feel personally. Looking at the vivid lotus makes us feel that summer is coming, looking at the sprouting willows makes us feel that spring is coming, and looking at the fallen leaves makes us feel happy People feel that autumn is coming; looking at the proud plum blossom, one can conclude that it is winter. It's true that when you read a book a hundred times, you can see its meaning. After a period of reading, my understanding ability has been improved and my imagination has been enriched. It's easy to learn the text.

After reading the article "I stand on the tightrope bridge", when I read: "the heroic Red Army once crossed here, holding high the red flag and facing the fire, the warriors, climbing the tightrope one by one, risking the heavy rain of bullets, broke through the enemy's fire net! The fierce battle scene of the Red Army crossing the Dadu River and the fearless spirit of the Red Army were in sight. At this time, I will make up my mind: today's happy life is not easy, I must cherish it.

When I read the ancient poem 'Weicheng rain translation light dust, guest house green willow color new'. The beautiful scenery is presented in front of me: beautiful spring, fresh willow color, people intentionally breathing fresh air, it's really beautiful.

Really, Song Ci is very beautiful. It can enlighten people. In our study, we can't do without it. It's a useful extracurricular reading material for us, so we welcome you. Please come into Song Ci for two days. 'you'll get something! I read Song Ci_ 1100 words I like Song Ci, like her bold, like her sad, like her beautiful, like her magnificent & hellip; & hellip;

Song Ci is a cup of old wine, lasting fragrance. There is the fragrance of red lotus root and the jade mat in autumn. Li Qingzhao, who lightly unties his robes and goes on the blue boat alone, has a feeling that the flowers have fallen and Yan has returned. Yan Shu, who wanders alone in the fragrant path of the small garden, is memorable both in terms of Ci and CI poets. There are people like Ci, CI like people, and the unity of human and CI. You have to drink slowly to taste it. When he read it again, he had a lot of aftertaste.

Song Ci is a newly brewed tea, fragrant and elegant. In spring, apricot blossoms blow all over your head. The willow wind not only wrinkles a pool of spring water, but also wakes up a curtain of dreams, bringing people endless longing and reverie. 'the sky is blue, the ground is yellow, the autumn color is continuous, and the cold smoke is green on the waves. The bleakness of autumn makes your heart cold again. At this time, you can only rest on your own in the bright moon and tall buildings, and turn wine into sorrow into Acacia tears. Song Ci is like a clear spring, her beauty is light, you only in the drizzle of the ancient lane, holding oil paper umbrella, full of expectation. Just at this time, I met a girl who is also holding an oil paper umbrella like you. She has both sorrow and sadness, and the same color and fragrance of lilac.

Song Ci is an exciting poem, vigorous atmosphere. In the face of the fall of the mountains and rivers, Yue Fei looks up at the sky and roars. He sighs "don't wait, white head, empty sorrow". The desolation of the hero's useless place, full of ambition to serve the country, and the unique song that can't be performed, make your soul shocked and your heart bleeding. Su Dongpo, a famous man of the past, is like a great Shanxi man, holding a grand nobility and playing with iron clank, singing "the journey to his hometown, laughing at me and having brilliant hair.". Life is like a dream, a statue is still sprinkled on the river. How can Su Shi, who has been demoted several times and lost all his life, not feel that his years are merciless, his life is short and his career is not successful? At this time, the CI people just like standing in front of you, with their impassioned, you also feel excited, blood boiling.

Song Ci is a beautiful painting with a profound artistic conception. "The clouds are under the boat, the water is clear, the sky is clear, the sky is different in the lake" is the beautiful scenery of the West Lake; "the east city is getting better and better, and the waves are rolling to welcome visitors. Green poplar smoke outside the cold light, red apricot branches in the spring 'suburban spring light;' all sides of the sound even corner, qianzhangli, long smoke sunset, isolated city closed 'the Great Wall autumn scenery, which place does not make people stop, make people linger, even if you are the master of Danqing, it is difficult to draw so many colors.

Song Ci is a sad song, stirring. Both Yue Fei and Xin Qiji, who are concerned about the country and the people, say, 'when will the hatred of Ministers be destroyed! How many tears of passers-by in the middle of the clear river under Yu gutai! They are full of tears and blood, and their sorrow is solemn and stirring, which shows the heroic spirit of Gan Yun. There is also deep nostalgia for the hometown of his country. "Feihong has gone through all kinds of sorrows day and night. Approaching Yanshan, looking back, it's hard to get back to the countryside. Homesick cut, such as cuckoo blood! This word can not be read, read the people's intestines! There is also regret for the fate of the self and the thoughts of the family members: "Wutong is drier and drizzled, and it is very late. This time, what a sad word! "Ten years of life and death two boundless, do not think about, since unforgettable. There is no place to talk about desolation. "This kind of sorrow, like the continuous autumn rain, invades your skin, goes deep into your bone marrow and penetrates your heart.

Song Ci is a good teacher, a good friend and a lover. She is rich in knowledge, enlightens wisdom and cultivates temperament.

I like Song Ci.

Grade three of the sixth middle school in Wangkui County, Heilongjiang Province_ The 800 word outlaws of the marsh, a great literary work, mainly depicts the heroic images of 108 reckless heroes in Liangshan. However, Mr. Shi Naian deliberately wanted to surprise us, because the leader of the heroes, who has neither martial arts nor military strategy, is not handsome - he is Song Jiang.

Chairman Mao said: 'Song Jiang belongs to the capitulators. '

All of the 107 heroes have excellent martial arts skills, but their fate is not good. They were originally popular in Liangshan, drinking spicy food and gathering together, but they followed Song Jiang instead of being summoned by the imperial court to suppress Tian Hu, collect fangla and destroy Wang Qing. In the end, the heroes died, injured and fled. Even Song Jiang himself drank and killed himself, and by the way, he brought Li Kui, who was most loyal to him.

Their tragic stories have made Song Jiang the target of the world's curse.

Not only that, Song Jiang is also suspected of forced marriage and hurting women. Song Jiang and a group of heroes came to ZHUJIAZHUANG, and Hu Sanniang was arrested. At a banquet, Song Jiang said to Wang dwarf tiger, "I made a marriage for you in Qingfeng Village. Why don't we have a double happiness when we destroy ZHUJIAZHUANG today. I promise you Hu Sanniang. "So the beautiful Hu Sanniang had to marry a lewd man. She should have refused, but now she is a defeated general, and Song Jiang spared her life, so she had to admit it under the pressure of so-called loyalty! You know, Zhu Biao, who she was going to marry before, is a handsome young man with both civil and military accomplishments. So Song Jiang is forcing marriage, he forced Hu Sanniang to death mentally.

However, we should also see the advantages of Song Jiang. How can Song Jiang, such an ordinary man, manage the fierce 107 generals? Even Li Kui, the most ferocious and bloody Black Whirlwind, was willing to call him his elder brother and let him scold and speak. Because he is famous all over the world as "hubaoyi" and "timely rain" to save people from danger, he was already very famous before he went to Liangshan. Later, Song Jiang's outstanding political mind and modest character enabled him to make full use of his own strengths and weaknesses to make Liangshan strong enough to confront the imperial court. Therefore, Song Jiang is a rare management talent.

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