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A dream of Red Mansions

Today, I read a book called a dream of Red Mansions. This book tells the story of the rise and fall of Jia family. Jia family is a big family, but why did it die in the end? Because Wang Xifeng let go of high interest debt, he finally broke his family. Jia Baoyu left home, Wang Xifeng died, and Jia's mother also died.

Although Jia family perished, but I also like Lin Daiyu, strong, indifferent, but finally died with hatred. Why? Because she liked Jia Baoyu, but in the end, Jia Baoyu married Xue Baochai. She was not in good health, so she fainted and died with hatred.

Lin Daiyu is a character I like in a dream of Red Mansions, because she is strong and indifferent. Because she is sensitive and kind! I have a dream of Red Mansions_ Feeling after reading a dream of Red Mansions_ The 1400 word dream of Red Mansions is a dream in itself. Fame and fortune, dust and earth are just a dream. Like a man in water, like a girl in a dream. From two mangtou monks meeting stubborn stone, Baoyu is determined to become a monk. Can only show that the end of waking up. It is a big question mark left by the author. In the dream and reality shuttle, in the ideal and lust before struggling. Each person in the novel, with the pain of life boil into a pot of potion, with endless seasoning, just let each flower of life bloom so gorgeous.

Red walls and green tiles whitewash an aristocratic family; high-rise pavilions dignify an aristocratic family; willow Xiaofeng romanticize an aristocratic family; zhifen zhuchai debauchery an aristocratic family. In my opinion, it's not entirely a dandy for them to play around the clock and gather people to gamble; in my opinion, it's not entirely a loss for them to love actors and sing songs every day. They're alcoholics, they're greedy, they're not dead. It's just the sorrow of an era. Since time has given them an era, they can only face it with their lives. Since it can't be changed and there is no resistance, we have chosen the way of most life walks. Indulgence, depravity. Where is the light and heat left when some are dominant? In the face of them, whether they are in the story or real, all I can feel is pain. Whether it's the exploited working people or the ruling class exploiting the people; whether it's the righteous great Xia or the petty market gangster; whether it's the soldiers guarding the border, fighting the enemy bravely, or the gangsters forgetting their righteousness at the sight of profit. It's just a person, a poor man. One is physical suffering, mental breakdown; the other is enjoying self righteous success, being played by God in applause. Perhaps only Cao Gong can write about this kind of pain. Like heart to heart, feeling each other's soul beating.

There are Bao's brother, who is out and out of the way and is stubborn and afraid of reading articles; Bao's sister, whose face is like a silver basin and whose eyes are like water apricots; and Lin's sister, who is worried about two dimples and has a disease all over her body. Like the moon in the water, flowers in the mirror. However, with her, there is no need for her. Where is the golden and jade marriage? You are the beautiful, I am the sentimental body; you have irrigation grace, I do not have this water to return. Xiaoxiao rain hit banana, every word azalea cry. One man's doom, three to return. By Sansheng stone, who is wrong?

Jia Baoyu is poor. He came to the wrong time when he met the immortal. It is an era in which the most important task is to win the title of the golden list and the goal is to be an official and a nobility. In an era when Jia Baoyu was a wife and a son and his family was shining, he came to Jia Baoyu in a bumpy way. Originally, I didn't want to be famous and rich, but I was forced to devote myself to the imperial examination. Originally, I was married to sister Lin, but I was married to sister Bao. A daughter's heart enters a man's body. He can't escape the plot of loneliness and loneliness in his life.

Lin Daiyu is poor. Because she's crimson. That's why I feel sorry for the falling flowers. The man who buried Nong's flowers today is a fool. When he buried Nong, he knew who it was. A beautiful family member who buries flowers also buries himself. And she came here for one purpose, one thing, one person. She is purer than anyone else. Shenying's waiter is her constant concern. In her less and less tears, there is a hint of her shorter and shorter life. In her nearly dry eyes, is it hate or comfort.

Xue Baochai is poor. She does not have the alliance of the past life under the absurd cliff of the great barren mountain, and does not have the appointment of the dew in the dreamland of Taixu. She read poetry and books, fresh and graceful. She is filial to her parents upward, fraternal to her brothers and sisters, and considerate to her servants downward. Strictly abide by women's ethics, integrity, is almost perfect pink beauty. Only because the mangtou monk presented a gold medal, he was involved in the storm for no reason. When they married Baoyu, people only cried bitterly for Baoyu who had been cheated. They forgot to obey their parents' orders. They knew that they were pretending to be Baoyu, and they had no choice but to be quiet. It is the sorrow of Xue Baochai and traditional aesthetics to make mistakes. Her death is also the death of an era.

Wang Xifeng is poor. Even if she shows off her talent and is greedy for money and things. The means are vicious and the heart is vicious. He tried his best to please the bride and Mrs. Wang, and was very mean to his servants. Take a big and small affairs into the arms, complacent. The scenery of life is infinite, and the end of death is hasty, which is a waste of Qingqing's life. His heart was broken before he died. It is better to have a rich family than a scattered one. In vain, my heart will be suspended for half a lifetime; as if I had been dreaming for three nights, I would have been like a building, and I would have been like a lamp. In the end, she was also pressed in her own building, unable to turn over. When she died, I didn't feel happy, only the more heavy my heart was.

It's pitiful that flowers attack people. I was a slave and a maid since I was a child, and I went through my life conscientiously. Qingwen is poor. The heart is higher than the sky, but the body is humble, beautiful, died of rumors. The mandarin duck is pitiful. A weak woman is loyal to her master in a very strong way and shows her heart with irretrievable mistakes. Aunt Zhao is poor. The arrangement of fate made her wear the title of a slave, and she also admitted that she was inferior. In such a society, she can only live in other people's ridicule and white eyes, endure from all aspects of abuse, reprimand, ridicule. Finally, he died in other people's jokes.

A dream of Red Mansions is destined to be a Burmese song composed for the poor people in the world. They participate in it with different identities, different experiences and different attitudes. None of them disgusted me, even if it was a traditional evil, even at that time I was furious. After reading it, I found that it was the whole Qing Dynasty that enveloped them. Reflections on a dream of Red Mansions_ From a dream of Red Mansions_ Zhang Ailing once said that there are three kinds of hatred in life: one is that the crabapple has no fragrance, the other is that the shad is spiny, and the third is that the red chamber is not finished.

With the help of my father, I was lucky to read a dream of Red Mansions. Although I didn't know much about it, I was still shocked.

As one of the four famous works, a dream of Red Mansions is well known to Chinese people. Almost everyone can say a few words and stories in the Red Mansions. Many scholars even study it, which is called "Redology". However, in addition to those experts in the study of the dream of Red Mansions, how many people have read the Red Mansions seriously? How many people flock to the Red Mansions for the sake of mediocrity and elegance?

Recently, there has been a lot of news about a dream of Red Mansions. From remaking the classic to Liu Xinwu's continuation of the story of Red Mansions, there has been a lot of news all over the world. We can't help asking, who has been offended by the story of Red Mansions? Cao Xueqin's Red Mansion, which has been in poor management for decades, has become a popular entertainment spot for a while. Is it a kind of trample to treat a cultural classic like this?

A dream of Red Mansions (1987) is a film and television work that everyone agrees with, but it is full of criticism for the remake of Red Mansions. Jia Baoyu's appearance is described in the red chamber as the moon of the Mid Autumn Festival. What is the mid autumn moon? White and mellow, Ouyang Fenqiang, who plays Baoyu in the old version, is very consistent. But in the remake version, Jia Baoyu's actor has a handsome melon face, although it is in line with the modern aesthetic, but the loyalty to the original is greatly reduced.

In addition to the remake of a dream of Red Mansions, there are various literary masterpieces that are constantly remade, but the effect is very little. Why do the directors enjoy remaking all kinds of classics? Because classics don't worry about ratings, because classics don't need to be publicized, because classics are classics. The directors put on a face of "I am a classic, who am I afraid of?" and changed all kinds of literary classics of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. We can't help asking again, "who did the classics provoke? '

We should try our best to stop this kind of irresponsibility to classics. Chinese culture has a long history, in today's culture, information diversity era, the survival of the classic to an embarrassing state. Thick classics, obscure language, so that modern people lost interest. And those TV dramas adapted from classics are popular with the public. This seems to bring a glimmer of hope to the classics. However, this can not replace the shock brought by those classic books with ink fragrance.

We should feel sad about the loss of this culture. Fortunately, there is a "Sinology fever" in the society. Both civil servants and kindergartens are carrying out Sinology education. The Three Character Classic and disciple rules, which were forgotten by Chinese people, have entered the campus again. I hope it's not just a show.

For a dream of Red Mansions, there is another incomparable place, that is, it is half of the country.

For all kinds of experts and scholars, her value lies in her disability. So, all kinds of conjectures, all kinds of conclusions, all kinds of versions, all kinds of sequels come one after another. This saying that Xiangling and Baoyu are together is the correct solution; that saying that Baochai is Shenying's waiter. A Book of Red Mansions, even let posterity rack their brains, I want to say, Cao Gong, really have you!

There are many researches on the red chamber. There is foreshadowing everywhere in the red chamber. No character is idle and no word is nonsense. Perhaps, only Cao Gong is alive, can we tell all kinds of things in the red chamber.

The charm of a dream of Red Mansions is incomparable to any work. Many great people have special feelings for the red chamber. The great leader Mao Zedong once said that he read the red chamber not as a story, but as a history. And said, I haven't read the red chamber five times, there's no need. It can be seen that Chairman Mao's love for Red Mansions. Lu Xun also mentioned in "a brief history of Chinese Novels" that although the whole book is written with feelings of sadness and happiness, the traces of gathering and scattering, and the accidents of characters, it is very different from the previous human novels. &Hellip; & hellip; 'a dream of Red Mansions can be regarded as the pinnacle of novels in the Qing Dynasty.

After watching the red chamber, people can't help sighing about Cao Xueqin's erudition. First of all, in the red chamber, in addition to describing the scene narrative, there are a lot of ink to describe the luxurious life in Jia's house. Architecture, modern enterprise management, clothing, diet, medicine, beauty salon and even the art of war are described in detail in the red chamber. At the same time, it also proves that Cao Xueqin's description of Jia's life is the embodiment of his own life