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I'm so good

After reading the book "I am so good", I feel that self-confidence can often create miracles. Diary Diary of grade three

This book mainly wrote: Gao Xiaoyu was originally a timid girl. Suddenly one day, the monitor transferred to another school. The teacher asked each student to be the monitor one day. Gao Xiaoyu was scared to have nightmares for several days. As expected, Xiaoyu, who was not confident enough, made a fool of herself in front of everyone, so her mother asked her to attend a summer camp. After the summer camp, Gao Xiaoyu became a confident girl. After reading this book, I feel: the root of self-confidence lies in yourself!

When you lack self-confidence, you might as well try to say 'I can do it' to yourself, and try to avoid saying 'I can't do it' and so on.

The root of self-confidence lies in yourself! If you fail, don't be discouraged. If you make a fool of yourself, don't feel sorry for yourself. If you fail and make a fool of yourself, you will let your confidence fall from high to low. Try to cheer yourself up. You will feel better and have more confidence. No matter what we do, we should have perseverance, especially self-confidence!

After reading this book, it reminds me of one thing. The teacher asked me to take part in the campaign of brigade Committee. But I thought to myself: I don't want to run, because I've run once, and I'm very sad that I lost the election. Since then, I have no confidence to go on that 'stage'. However, I still went on that terrible stage. Standing there, screaming and shaking. That time, I lost again. From this event, I learned a lot: in the face of any failure, don't trip yourself because of difficulties, be brave to stand up again and defeat difficulties! Confidence, let us get rid of the stumbling block: confidence, let us face a new day: confidence, let us always stand at the top.

The root of self-confidence lies in yourself! If you want to be at the top, you have to be confident. Don't let difficulties get in your way; don't feel sad because of setbacks; don't be extremely sad because of temporary mistakes. At every moment, shout to yourself: 'I am so good! '

Qing Xiaoting: it's so hard to eat Oreo_ I think everyone has played games, but have they ever played the game of "face eat Oreo"?

'face eating Oreo' I heard someone exclaim: 'what kind of game is face eating Oreo! Why haven't you heard of it? 'today, let me play and introduce to you!

Today, the teacher let us play a game, also about food! I'm excited and nervous. The rule of the game is: take out a piece of Oreo and put it on your forehead. Put Oreo in your mouth with your face. The game doesn't sound difficult, but it's actually very difficult. How can you hear if you really want to play here!

The game started, we each took a biscuit and put it on our forehead. I tried my best to blink my eyes, trying to make the biscuit slide on my face. Then I twisted my face around, like a zombie, terrible. It's a pity that the biscuit fell off when it was almost in my mouth. I looked at my classmate next to me. He was still working hard. When the biscuit came to his face, thanks to his long tongue, he put the biscuit into his mouth directly. After he succeeded, he still did the action of a little white rabbit! The whole class laughed. Then another female student succeeded.

In the second inning, it's PK for these two students. They each took three biscuits to see who would eat them first. 'three, two, one, go! 'the teacher said. The two students quickly picked up the biscuit and put it on their forehead. The student next to me was very smooth in front, but when he got to the second biscuit, the biscuit got stuck in his face, like a funny clown. It's so funny. I have a stomachache. But in the end, the student next to me won.

Well, you haven't played this game, have you? Isn't it hard!

Fifth grade: Wang Yuanzi is so simple_ I went home on Friday. Instead of watching TV, I hid in my room to do my homework. I did a lot of homework because the exam is coming next week ”Push for you must pay close attention to review test a good result, mom and dad know, are very happy, a strong praise me, especially dad, showed a happy smile!

Originally want parents happy is very simple, as long as more obedient can!

I think of the mid-term exam, but my heart is not so nervous, to tell you the truth, I have no bottom in my heart, I know this time I will fall, I do not want to, but now, my heart is not unhappy, on the contrary, I also comfort myself that it doesn't matter, maybe my heart is good!

Originally, it's easy not to be afraid of exams, just keep in a good mood!

Originally everything is very simple, as long as the heart to do everything, you can smile through every day!

Junior Three: Hu Nan