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After reading the song king

I have a wide range of hobbies, such as singing, dancing and so on. Among them, I still can't do without my favorite reading. Diary 500 words

I like reading Cao Wenxuan's books very much. "I don't want to eat a goat" and so on. One of the most unforgettable is king of songs.

It was not a book, but a book full of emotion: a bird's nest sacrificed itself at all costs in order to find its owner; the Eighth Street Lamp missed grandfather Zhou and his dog very much; ziyue missed her dead brother very much & hellip; & hellip;

But what moved me most is the article "white basket", which records how Ma Linbing spent his autumn vacation at Ma Shuiqing's home.

The original Ma Shuiqing hated his grandfather very much. He hated his grandfather for coming back to his mother from a foreign land and always coughing and panting;

Later, from one thing, Ma Shuiqing gradually began to like his grandfather: one night, there was a heavy rain in the sky. After all, it was in the countryside. In order to let Ma Shuiqing have a taste, his grandfather went to the town to buy some chicken, duck and fish. Unfortunately, he fell on the way home. Ma Shuiqing thought: Although my grandfather did something wrong, he still thought about me. Gradually, Ma Shuiqing began to help his grandfather do what he could;

Thank you, uncle Cao Wenxuan, you let me understand a lot of knowledge.

Second grade: Zheng Jiaqi's Thoughts on reading the song of Nightingale_ 400 words Zhang Bowen, class 4, grade 5, Fengning primary school

Listen! Whose song is it? Let's go and have a look. Oh, it's getting closer. The beautiful song is getting bigger and bigger. Look! It's little nightingale. '

Little nightingale is a brave and wise boy. He skillfully led the enemy to the ambush circle, told the guerrillas with birdsong, and bravely annihilated the enemy.

Little nightingale is so brave and smart. If it were me, I would have run away in the face of the brutal German soldiers. Nightingale is calm and calm in the face of the aggressive German soldiers. In the Nightingale's answer: 'where are people? At the beginning of the war, there was no one here. As soon as they opened fire, the village caught fire. People were running and shouting 'the beasts are coming - they're all running'. The little nightingale was secretly abusing the German soldiers, saying that they were wild animals, animals, cold-blooded animals, cold-blooded people, wild animals that destroyed the peace of the country, killers who killed the peace, and enemies we hated. In life, we are the little princesses and emperors of our parents. We are afraid of being bad in the palm of our hands, and afraid of being bad in the mouth. We are like the flowers in the greenhouse, but we can't turn into a small pine tree against the wind and rain. Like Zhang GA, the rain is very young, as the saying goes: 'ambition is not in the old age, we children are also adults who dare to fight, where weeds can succeed because it has been wind, rain, fighting, and the flowers are delicate, because they are held, touched lightly, they are afraid to break, have a little disease, parents are anxious to turn around, want to let us out, will become It's a lot of work.

We don't want to be the Pearl of parents. Let's be a hardworking pine tree!

Fifth grade: Zhang Bowen's composition about feeling after reading: feeling after reading wolf king's dream_ 650 words during the winter vacation, I read the book "wolf king dream". This book mainly talks about: Zilan, the wolf mother, wanted to cultivate her three wolves to become "wolf king", but it didn't come true in the end.

After reading this book, my feeling is: Zilan is too 'eager to become a dragon', too strict with his wolves, and has paid a heavy price. She first trained heizai to be a contender for the wolf king's throne, and let him enjoy preferential treatment when he was young. When he was still around his parents, he went out hunting, but was pecked to death by the Golden Eagle before he could resist the wild animals. Then she trained LAN HUNER to be a contender for the wolf king's throne, encouraging him to be brave among the wolves, and secretly praising him for his recklessness As a result, he fell into the hunter's trap and was caught in a trap. When LAN HUNER couldn't be saved and her "wolf king dream" was shattered, he gave up his love and bit LAN HUNER's throat. The contents of this page are as follows: "read. 4" ”She pushed the wolf who killed herself for you. Finally, she trained Shuangmao, who was bullied by her two brothers and was timid and self abased since childhood, to be a contender for the "wolf king throne", although she wanted to He tried to change Shuangmao's timid and self abased character, but he still couldn't get rid of it completely, so he died in the guillotine of fighting for the wolf king's throne. When all the wolves are dead, they interfere in the marriage of the wolf girl and let her choose a good partner. Only in this way can a good wolf breed be born and the wolf grandson ascend to the "wolf king throne". In this way, the wolf mother Zilan kills the target she is looking for, and makes the mother and daughter turn against each other. In this case, she does not forget the safety of the wolf grandson and dies with the "Golden Eagle" She not only hopes that her wolf son will become the 'wolf king', but also hopes that her wolf grandchildren will become the 'wolf king'. If her dream does not come true, her efforts will not stop.

After reading this book, it reminds me that some parents are very strict with their children, but the children's grades are not very good. I heard that there is a child in a community. Because her parents are very strict with her, she is under great psychological pressure, and her grades are always not good. Her parents always blame her. She faints all day and faints in a PE class. She has a month's rest They don't want to go to school, and the idea of "looking forward to success" has already harmed the child.

Students, "wolf king dream" is worthy of the teacher's recommendation of a good book, I hope you also read it!

Fourth grade: Zhou Dong