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After reading Mi Fu's books

Today we learned the text Mi Fu xueshu. This text says: Mi Fu began to learn books from the private school and practiced calligraphy mechanically every day. He didn't make progress for three years. Later, he practiced calligraphy with scholars. The scholars forced him to carefully study the structure of calligraphy by using the expensive method of paper. Make it understand and become a famous calligrapher. Diary fourth grade diary

By reading this article, I know that learning things and doing things blindly and repeatedly. It is not always possible to achieve good results. Only by heart and method can we make rapid progress and improvement. In fact, no matter what we do, we should understand it with our heart. When I was in second grade, my handwriting was very bad. With more homework, the handwriting becomes more scrawly, like caterpillars. My mother also asked me to practice calligraphy, but I practiced a lot and it didn't work. After the summer vacation, my mother finally couldn't bear it and signed up for a hard pen calligraphy training class for me. On the first day, the teacher gave everyone a copybook. Then, I began to talk about the four strokes: horizontal, vertical, skimming and pressing. I kept the essentials of these four strokes in mind. After school, I came home and wrote a word on the paper with a pen. Compared with the previous words, the results were much more beautiful than the previous words. I was very happy. I learned a truth from this trivial matter. No matter what you do, you should think carefully in order to do well.

This article let me understand: no matter what you learn and do, you must understand it with your heart and master the essentials of the truth, so as to make rapid progress and improvement.

Fourth grade: How dare I kiss you to learn from Lei Feng to be a moral person_ 350 words today I read the book "learn from Lei Feng to be a moral man". I read it with tears and moved, because Lei Feng is an ordinary person, but he has done many extraordinary things, which not only moved me, but also reminded me of my actions. For example, Lei Feng did not forget to save everywhere. He mended and mended the socks he had worn. I don't know how many times, but Lei Feng still refused to throw them away. The washbasin and mouthwash jar he used had been used for many years, and the porcelain on them had fallen off and disappeared from their original appearance, and he was not willing to buy a new one. Lei Feng is like this, accumulating wealth for the country and the collective bit by bit, taking diligence and thrift as the criterion. Look at Lei Feng and think about our happy life of warm clothes and full food. We have forgotten the good quality of diligence and thrift.

Lei Feng cherishes his time. Even a little before watching a movie, Lei Feng has to read a book. He doesn't let go of any time. A child asked Uncle Lei Feng, 'you're still reading in such a little time!' Lei Feng said: 'is the time short? I've read three or four pages. Although the time is short, one page counts as one page. A little makes a lot! You can't hurry up! Time is like running water. You can't let it go in vain. " The little boy lowered his head in shame. Lei Feng is such a person who loves learning and wastes every minute. Look at Lei Feng and think about us now! Sitting in a spacious and bright classroom to study, there is such a superior environment, but don't study well, blush?

Grade 5: Cheng QIANZI's composition on the feeling after reading: the feeling after reading the fantasy drifting of juvenile pi_ 350 words welcome to wechat: www4hw get more knowledge. Due to the cold air, I was accompanied by a film in the afternoon, a film that won the Oscar for best photography and best visual effect (life of PI)

I curled up in a corner, closed the doors and windows, and stared at the film.

Sula & middot; Shama and a Bengal tiger drifted alone at sea for 227 days, Sura & middot; Shama survived with firm faith and saved the Bengal tiger. On the sea, the wind blows gently and the waves beat heavily. However, Sura & middot; Sharma did not succumb to this, but struggled with it and struggled at sea. The long-awaited day finally came, and the ship drifted to the shore, Sura & middot; Sharma went into the deep forest, stayed there for a night and left. He pulled the boat to the shore. He was exhausted and had no strength to stand up. The Bengal tiger went into the forest and left without raising his head, while Sura & middot; Shama was also rescued.

When we are in adversity, don't panic, but have goals and beliefs, look for something that can help us, and send a distress signal.

With a goal, there is a clear direction, so there is the courage to survive; With confidence, there will be motivation, so you won't starve to death at sea. In short, as long as we have goals, confidence and courage, we will get twice the result with half the effort.

Second day: Lai Peili