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450 words after reading Fanka

After learning the lesson of Fanka, I couldn't calm down for a long time. The text tells about a nine year old child, Fanka, who was sent to the shoemaker as an apprentice three months ago. He was tortured at the boss's house. On Christmas Eve, while the boss and the boss's wife went to church, he took a piece of paper and a rusty pen and secretly wrote to Grandpa, In his letter, he described his tragic fate at the boss's house.

As we all know, the winter in Moscow is very cold. Vanka is still a nine year old child. He doesn't even have shoes. He has to cradle the boss's children at night. Even if he has to sleep, he can only be in the aisle. When I read 'one day, the boss hit me on the head with a last, and I fainted. It was so easy to wake up.' I really want to rush up and shout, 'stop it.' Fanka not only can't eat enough, but also does heavy work. If he makes a mistake, he will be beaten. Fanka can only eat a little bread in the morning, porridge for lunch and a little bread in the evening. Fanka stuffed the letter into the mailbox. He thought Grandpa would take him back to the countryside after receiving the letter, but he didn't write down the address. How could grandpa receive it? Fanka fell asleep with hope. Yes, the dream is beautiful. What misfortune will he suffer when he wakes up? I hope he doesn't wake up.

While we eat big fish and meat at home, we are picky and complain about our relatives. Fanka can only eat a little bread and porridge. We slept in a warm and soft bed, but Fanka slept in the aisle. In winter, we wear beautiful and warm clothes, but Fanka wears thin shirts. Compared with Fanka, we are already very lucky. Our life is happy. What's the reason to complain about our relatives?

This time, I learned a lot from learning Vanka. His fate is so tragic. We have a happy childhood. Please cherish this happy life!

Sixth, I'm interested in reading Fanka_ Fankabi and I were children_ The content of this 400 word page is pushed to you by "Sihai reading network". Today, we learned the lesson of Fanka. I feel very deeply. Compared with my life, he is so helpless, painful and pathetic & hellip& hellip;

Compared with Fanka, my life is so beautiful. In the morning, when we open our sleepy eyes, we find that our parents have already got up and made a delicious breakfast for us; At noon, when we finally came home from school, the first thing we saw was a rich lunch; In the evening, when we finished the homework assigned by the teacher and came to the living room with our tired body, we suddenly found a cup of caring milk on the desk & hellip& hellip; Why have we never noticed such a beautiful life? I complain about my parents every day. If Fanka had such a life, he would study hard. And we, with such a beautiful life, why not study hard?

Fanka can't eat enough and wear warm every day. He can't play as much as I can. He can't study hard in a bright classroom like me. He can't get the love of his parents, and he can't live a happy life like me & hellip& hellip; And I am immersed in the love of my parents every day. I can't eat all the delicious food and beautiful new clothes. I don't have to work every day, let alone be beaten every day. Ah, Fanka! You pray to God every day, work every day and get beaten. Not enough food and clothing every day. By contrast, how beautiful my life is!

I fantasize that one day, Fanka can go to school and live a happy life. At that time, his face was filled with a happy smile & hellip& hellip; Fankabi and I were children_ I'm interested in reading Fanka_ 450 words everyone's childhood is happy and warm, but Fanka's childhood is full of tears and scars that will never be better. After learning the text "Fanka", I was filled with mixed feelings. The results of my childhood with fankabi shocked me.

Van Kar and I compared our childhood with regret. In such a cold winter in Russia, Fanka doesn't have a pair of shoes. When I think of him running errands for his guys at night and during the day, I regret very much. I regret that I shouldn't 'shut out' good and ugly shoes and that I shouldn't waste like that.

Vanka and I were ashamed in our childhood. Because Fanka didn't affix stamps and write an address when sending the letter, his grandfather would not receive the letter, but if his grandfather received it, Fanka's wish to leave the city would still be in vain, because his grandfather didn't have the ability to take him back to the countryside. Thinking about my childhood, Grandpa, grandma, dad and mom surrounded me and took care of me, and I sometimes lost my temper! I'm ashamed to think of this.

Vanka and I were surprised when we were children. Fanka lived in Russia, but it was the darkest period of the Czar's rule. He had no relatives, no friends and lived like a dog in his childhood. And what about your childhood? Society is a thriving scene. Family, teachers, classmates and even strangers on the street are so enthusiastic. Compared with the social situation of Vanka, I was stunned.

By comparing my childhood with Vanka, I was regretful, ashamed and surprised. Vanka's life was so hard that Vanka's childhood was gray; And how happy my life is and how colorful my childhood is. Alas, the society was too dark at that time, and now I don't know my happiness! I wish Fanka's hopes come true and a happy childhood.

V. my childhood with fankabi_ I'm interested in reading Fanka_ 800 word Fanka & middot; Rukov, a nine year old boy, has no happy childhood, but can only be beaten and scolded all day, teased, without the company and love of his relatives, and can only be an apprentice in Moscow alone. His tragic experience makes everyone cry & hellip& hellip;。 A few days ago, I read Chekhov's short story "Fanka", in which the life of the protagonist Fanka made me restless for a long time.

This text tells the story of Fanka giving a gift to rural grandpa Constantine & middot; Makarich wrote a long letter. In the letter, he cried to his grandfather about his life in Moscow: he was beaten and scolded at the slightest mistake, teased by the guys, couldn't eat enough, couldn't sleep well, had endless work, and even worse than a dog! In the letter, he begged grandpa to take him back to the countryside. Although life in the countryside was very poor, at least there was grandpa who loved him and depended on him. After he wrote the letter with a pen containing tears, he threw it into the mailbox excitedly, fell asleep with sweet hope and had a beautiful dream, but it was destined to be a dream forever. He didn't write the address of the receiver, Grandpa won't receive this letter. When the dream is over, it's just a more cruel reality & hellip& hellip;

Fanka is only nine years old and younger than us, but he suffers hundreds of times as much as us. Late at night, people have entered a sweet dream. Fanka can only keep rocking the cradle for the boss's children. He may be too sleepy to open his eyes and extremely tired, but what's the use of all this? Dare he sleep? No, if he sleeps, he will be beaten again, even though his desire for sleep has reached the extreme. During the day, the rich three meals a day supplement people's energy and enable people to start better work energetically. Fanka can only eat very little food to do heavy work. He doesn't want to taste delicious food and fill his muttering stomach, but how dare he steal big fish and meat? He had to endure hunger and keep working. Life in the countryside is poor. Many people yearn for life in big cities, but Fanka can only feel indifference, ruthlessness and unfairness in big cities! How he missed his life in the countryside. Although there was injustice and pain, he was full of happiness and satisfaction!

Fanka's life is pitiful. His childhood is very different from ours. How happy we are, warm and full, loved by others, and the Pearl of our parents' eyes. If Fanka comes to us, I would like to divide my happiness and happiness into more than half, so that he can feel the warmth of home!

Holding a pen in one hand and holding a paper in the other, I am concentrating on writing a letter in the light. My eyes are so focused. The illustration of Fanka in the Chinese textbook makes my eyes wet again & hellip& hellip;

Haiyang Xinyuan primary school, Yantai, Shandong Province, read the sentimental composition of Fanka for the fifth time_ 300 words

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Everyone has his own childhood.

Fanka's childhood was so miserable that he was often tortured by his boss, but he survived strongly. How he wanted to be with his family, but he couldn't, because his family was too poor to afford him. His grandfather had to let him work as a shoemaker in the city, but he would rather go back and live a hard life with his grandfather, but his grandfather couldn't hear. In the city, he had a worse life. He was often beaten by the landlady, and the food was not delicious. The guys always saw him bullied and teased him. How he hoped to go home as soon as possible. He waited for his grandpa to pick him up. He even dreamed that Grandpa would pick him up.

Although I don't know the result, I hope it is a beautiful result. I hope he can be happy! After reading this article, I think we have such a happy family, but we don't know how to cherish it. As long as we suffer a little difficulty, we are fragile and dare not do it strong. And Fanka, he endured torture and lived strong. Waiting for grandpa to take him home. Fanka is only nine years old. He is not afraid of difficulties and dares to fight with them. Of course, we can't lose to a small and brave Fanka!

We should learn from Vanka to face bravely, not shrink. Let's face the difficulties together and fight bravely! I'm interested in reading Fanka_ 350 words today, after reading the text "Fanka", my heart can no longer calm down. I have no intention to participate in the discussion of my classmates. The scenes of the protagonist's suffering emerge in my mind.

He was only nine years old. He was tortured by his boss. In the cold winter, he was frozen into a ball. He wrote to his grandfather, but when he was young, he didn't know that his letter couldn't be sent

What he has in the article is only illusory. He hopes Grandpa will pick her up, but that's impossible because his grandpa can't receive his letter.

Vanka shrank into a ball in the cold winter. Compared with him, we live in a warm room and wear warm clothes. We don't know much about the word 'cold' when we read it. He was very hungry, but have we ever felt hungry? At noon, our parents have prepared meals for us. After school, our parents have prepared snacks for us. The word 'hunger' is really strange to us.

He wants grandpa to pick her up. He wants his grandpa, and what about us? Loved by his relatives, the care of these relatives is taken for granted by us. For him, the care of his relatives is something he wants but can't get.

Fanka had a sweet dream later. He must have dreamed of his grandfather again. However, this is just a dream. For Fanka, it will never be realized because grandpa can't receive the letter.

He was born in that dark society. He is living a miserable life