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Experience of the Sino Japanese naval battle 500 words

Today, our school organized senior students to go to the multimedia classroom to see the film - the Sino Japanese naval battle. After watching the film, I couldn't calm down for a long time! Diary summer vacation diary

This film is about the situation when the corrupt Qing government and the hateful Japanese fleet fought at sea on September 18, 1894. At that time, the Qing government had internal and external troubles and power was mastered by the hateful Empress Dowager Cixi. She paid no attention to military construction. At the time of national crisis, the Imperial Palace was still making the 60th birthday for Empress Dowager Cixi and squandered a lot of money. However, Japan attaches great importance to military construction. If it has no money, it will reduce the salary of national officials by one tenth. It will buy new armored ships and eat only one meal a day without food, so as to save food for the Navy. I think Japan is really United! If our Chinese nation could be so united, China would not have such a history of humiliation.

At the beginning of the Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, Japan showed the benefits of new weapons. Soon, they sank four of our Beiyang sea ships, but none of their sea ships sank. Deng Shichang was so angry that he and the Zhiyuan ship driven by his men were invincible and hit five Japanese sea ships. Later, when all the shells were fired, they had to use armor piercing bullets, It has no lethality to the Japanese army. After that, Zhiyuan ship was defeated by the Japanese Toyo sea ship. In the face of serious tilt danger, Deng Shichang ordered to drive full horsepower to Japan's Yoshino. It can be seen from this that Deng Shichang would rather die than die with the Japanese Yoshino. He is willing to sacrifice his life for the country, but the Japanese army is in bad shape. The content of this page is pushed by the "Four Seas reading network" for you. The Zhiyuan ship was unfortunately hit and exploded in two. Deng Shichang had the opportunity to escape, but he would rather die and live with the Japanese ship. His dog, the sun, I also sacrificed with him. Seeing here, I can't help being moved by them. They are so great!

Because Empress Dowager Cixi and many corrupt officials used those money in improper places, did not add new sea ships to the Navy, and even shells were replaced by defective products, which caused the failure of China's Sino Japanese naval battle in 1894-1895. The Japanese are too hateful. Even now, with the support of the United States, Japan is trying to occupy our Chinese territory, Diaoyu Island.

It is an eternal truth that backwardness will be beaten. After the founding of new China, our party and state leaders attached great importance to national defense construction. Remarkable achievements have been made in the modernization of the Chinese army. A large number of "high-tech, sophisticated and sophisticated" weapons have been launched one after another, including "nuclear missiles", "nuclear submarines" and "annihilation"_ 20 fighter, aircraft carrier & hellip& hellip;。

As the flowers of the motherland, we should always remember the humiliating history of the 'Sino Japanese naval battle' and 'never forget the past and the teacher of the future'. We must work hard to learn and better serve the motherland in the future.