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Reading gecko's tail

Tuesday, April 12, 2013

Today, I learned Lesson 17: gecko borrows its tail. I know that gecko's tail has the function of regeneration. I also know the function of many animal tails. For example, tigers use their tails as weapons, small fish use their tails to splash water, and old cattle use their tails to drive away flies. What else do you know about tails?

Grade one of Xingping No.11 company school in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province: Chen haoze's thoughts after reading Notre Dame_ 1100 words facing the rustling autumn wind, stepping on a piece of Sophora leaves, along the winding path, I walked silently with pain and depression. Reading Hugo's Notre Dame de Paris, when the angel in white dress died on the gallows, my heart was broken. Esmeralda, a beautiful and pure girl. Can you imagine a beautiful butterfly falling in the noisy city? Can you imagine a piece of flawless white silk falling into the black mud pit? The wind gently stirs the spark of hope, leaves dance, and build a staircase carrying myth. I stepped forward carefully. The cry of the wolf howled in the ear, the ladder, as if the moment interrupted. I, on the other hand, fell into the bottomless dark cave, falling, falling & hellip& hellip; It is a cry from the heart, a sympathy and regret for the loss of beauty, and a yearning and calling for the future beauty & hellip& hellip; Melancholy or melancholy, sigh still sigh. Quietly through the winding mountain road. Light, began to flicker, shining on my face. The clear sky is like a soft and smooth blue silk. I, following the trace of light, walk, walk & hellip& hellip; All of a sudden, my heart suddenly brightened. At the end of the forest, the stream winding around the tree is like a transparent jade belt, lingering, teasing the small fish, aquatic plants and the smooth pebbles. The water is clear and shallow. I move my toes. The soft sand and stones at the bottom of the stream disturb my little feet and make a few faint ripples. In my heart, there are bursts of emotion without reason. The same beauty, the same beauty. The charming Esmeralda has bright eyes like lake water and elegant temperament like rose. She is an outstanding work of nature. However, this flower, but withered. The past is gone. Should we turn grief and indignation into action? Do you remember? In March of spring, the pine sucks the sweet dew of spring, and grows vigorously under the breeze and sunshine. Roadside flowers, not delicate, but very beautiful - a simple, elegant beauty, light fragrance, seemingly absent; On the narrow green leaves like jadeite, there are several round and huge dewdrops, bright and shining. Do you remember? The lotus leaves in the pond are beautiful and unique, like a jasper basin. When autumn clouds cover summer, the poetic squirrel seems to be angry with this kind of weather, and suddenly shakes the top of the tree, like a soft rustle in the Forest & hellip& hellip; But now? In the dim distance, the traffic is as prosperous as ever. However, behind them, it is not the so-called bud full branches, fragrant. Withered branches and leaves drooped helplessly, and the beautiful flowers of the past were eclipsed. What they welcomed was the vomit exhaust gas & hellip& hellip; Willows stand still, graceful has been lost, the breeze blowing, pieces of withered leaves flutter, the water on the leaves, sad and down, fell on the electric saw at the foot of the tree. After that, there was a terrible sound of chainsaw & hellip& hellip; I dare not think about it any more. What's the difference between this and the role of Esmeralda in the book? What's wrong with nature? Heart, began to be the shackles of fear tightly held. The stream, the fish and the stone in front of us seem to be disappearing in a flash. I seem to have entered a world that doesn't belong to me & hellip& hellip; I held on to the masterpiece of the century and ran out of the woods and back to where I lived. The road is still spacious; The crowd is still in an endless stream. But, my excited mood, actually for a long time cannot calm down. Because, I know, Esmeralda pinned her hope on me, an ordinary middle school student & hellip& hellip; Quietly, put the book in front of my bed. I believe that Esmeralda will be reborn in that far away place. She will continue to dance and sing the eternal myth for you and me& hellip; First day of junior high school: hurt me too thoroughly_ 300 words two tigers, one in a cage, has been in the field.

The tiger in the cage has three meals, while the tiger outside is free. The two tigers often have a friendly conversation. And they envy each other.

One day, a tiger said, "let's exchange!" The other tiger agreed.

So the tiger in the cage went into the field, and the tiger in the field went into the cage. At first, both tigers were happy. But soon both tigers died!

One died of starvation and the other died of melancholy. The tiger that comes out of the cage is free, but has no ability to capture its prey; The tiger in the cage gets comfortable, but does not live in a small space.

We can see from this: many times, people can't see or notice their own happiness. But the happiness of others is in your eyes and in your heart. The content of this page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". In fact, other people's happiness is not necessarily your happiness, other people's happiness may be your grave!

Therefore, we should cherish our precious happiness now, and don't envy the happiness of others. Your happiness may be many people want to get! But we should remember that our own happiness only belongs to ourselves, and others can't exchange our happiness with 'Jinshan, Yinshan'! Similarly, other people's happiness only belongs to him.

We must be in happiness and know how to enjoy happiness!

Grade two: Li Haodong