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A review of the story of the goat Mammy and the leopard orphan

After reading the story of "Mammy and orphan leopard", I feel very sad. As soon as the orphan leopard was born, her mother died. It was the goat's milk mother who fed the orphan leopard with her own milk. They lived happily together. But leopard and sheep are natural enemies. The orphan leopard accidentally killed the little white sheep and bit the head of the sheep, so the sheep were afraid to stay away from them. In order to protect her partner, the grey forehead nurse pushed the orphan leopard down the cliff, but she was reluctant to feed herself. The orphan leopard also jumped off the cliff and died together. How sad I am! The mother loves the child, the child also loves the mother, therefore we must listen to the mother's words. There is only a mother in the world. A child without a mother is like a grass. Diary summer vacation diary joy of pleasant goat and grey wolf_ Impressions of 300 words "pleasant goat and grey wolf's happy mood: sheep and sheep pass the year of the snake"

Ignorant human, please stop the merciless actions you are doing now. Now, even the finless porpoise, which used to be very popular in the Yangtze River, is also known as the 'giant panda in water'. It's all our human fault.

The animals in Qingqing grassland live a happy life. However, due to huitaro's evil experiments, the animals' destruction of the environment and other reasons, Qingqing grassland is facing a huge natural crisis. Flood, fire, wind, thunder and lightning make animals have no place to escape. At the moment when the animals were desperate, manyangyang village head accidentally found the Shenzhou left by the snake ancestors. As long as the animals depicted on Shenzhou are found, Shenzhou can operate normally. Now all the animals are gathered, only snakes. Snakes are high-level astronomers who can predict bad weather, but other animals mistook their ability for curse and drove them out of the grassland. Finally, the snake is finally willing to help other animals under the persuasion of pleasant goat. It's a perfect ending.

Please, human. Please be kind to animals and live in harmony. Don't regret until then. There is no regret medicine in the world. Finless porpoise, please keep that sweet smile all the time. We earth people will protect you forever, your smile will be with us. Let's start bit by bit and exchange our efforts for the happy smile of the finless porpoise.

Grade 6, wujiahuang Central Primary School, Yuhong District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province_ 100 words "the daughter of the sea" tells the story of the little mermaid's pursuit of happiness but failure. I don't like this ending.

If the little mermaid didn't hide after saving the prince, the prince wouldn't think it was his neighbor's princess. But she was too timid.

If the little mermaid becomes a human, she can find a way to tell the prince what she thinks, such as writing, drawing and gesture. Prince may understand the love of little mermaid& hellip;

But if not, the little mermaid turned into a bubble, but she did not despair. I would like to be a good child and help her have an immortal soul as soon as possible.

Third grade: Wu Di