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Reflections on Robinson Crusoe 650 words

I have read many books: collection of Greek mythology, romance of the Three Kingdoms, outlaws of the marsh, Camellia girl & hellip& hellip; Among them, my favorite is Robinson Crusoe.

Let me introduce it to you《 Robinson Crusoe is written by Daniel Defoe of England. The main content of this book is: in the middle of the 17th century, Robinson Crusoe was born in a middle-class family in York City, England,. He could have lived a peaceful and affluent life on the basis of his rich family property as arranged by his father. However, Robinson, who wants to go out and make waves, has become a sailor full of adventure and excitement, sailing in the rough and dangerous sea. As a result of the cargo ship crash, Robinson alone to a desert island. With his indomitable strong will, relying on his own wisdom and hard work to open up wasteland, cut down trees and build houses, raise goats in captivity and build ships. With his positive attitude towards life, he not only survived, but also rescued the captives' Friday ', who were about to be eaten by the natives. Just as Robinson was preparing to rescue a group of Spanish sailors who had been reduced to natives, his fate suddenly reversed. A cargo ship was hijacked by rioters, and the captain and first mate were sent to a desert island. At this time, the resourceful and brave Robinson not only cleverly designed to save the captain and the first mate, but also saved the ship and saved the lives of the good people on board. Robinson also ended his 20 years of desert island life and returned to Britain.

After reading the book, a short paragraph of the book echoed in my heart for a long time: when I saw the money, I couldn't help laughing and saying aloud 'you waste! What's the use now? You're not as good as dirt to me now. One of those knives is worth a lot. I don't need you now. Just stay here and sink to the bottom of the sea like a life not worth saving. ' Robinson's words tell me: money is not everything, if you are in a deserted place, then food and daily necessities are much more useful than those gold and silver treasures!

Robinson's strange experience tells people: when encountering difficulties, setbacks and other misfortunes, as long as you have the courage, perseverance and fully mobilize your ability, you can make miracles beyond your imagination.

Five about reading the composition: read "Robinson Crusoe" feeling_ 800 words Robinson Crusoe describes the protagonist Robinson Crusoe drifting on an island. When he first arrived on the island, he was desperate. He had no food, no house, no clothes, no weapons, no way out, no hope of being saved, only a dead end. He was either eaten by wild animals or chewed by savages& hellip;

But, slowly, he was full of hope for life, full of confidence in himself, no longer sighing all day, began to wholeheartedly arrange his life, he built a house; They made small tables and boxes; Captured the goat with the gun found on the boat; Wheat and rice were planted around the house; Robinson also got a dog and a parrot to be his partner & hellip& hellip; In this way, Robinson created his own kingdom with his intelligent brain and industrious hands.

Robinson is not only a wise and hardworking man, but also a man with strong will. He once said: 'my temper is to decide to do something and never let it go if it doesn't succeed' because he has no assistant and lacks working experience, so it takes a lot of strength and a long time to do anything. It takes more than 40 days to make a board. What's more, many of the things he did didn't look good, but he never lost heart. Instead, he summed up the experience of failure and began to do it again.

Robinson with hard work in exchange for his gratifying return. In the end, he became very 'rich': boat, bread, pottery, botanical garden, ranch, two 'luxury' huts, and a loyal slave, Friday. These are Robinson I do not know how much effort to overcome how many difficulties to get!

When I solemnly turned the last page and carefully read the last word, my heart was shocked, and question marks lingered in my mind & hellip& hellip;

If I am Robinson, alone on a desert island, how many days can I live? One day? Two days? What can I do? kindling wood? go hunting? Will I be as calm as he is? Have confidence in life? My answer must be 'no'. Besides, if I am alone on a desert island, I will definitely die of depression. In the face of this sudden disaster, I can not be as he changed, self-reliance, because I do not have that ability.

I think we should all learn from Robinson's optimistic and upward spirit of not afraid of difficulties and never bowing in the face of difficulties. No matter how many difficulties we encounter, we should face them bravely and survive bravely. Even if there is only a glimmer of hope, we should strive for it and never give up! Like Robinson, he has ambition, perseverance, love work, use his brain to find ways to overcome difficulties, use his own hands to create wealth and win the final victory!

Will I be as calm as he is? Have confidence in life? My answer must be 'no'. In the face of this sudden disaster, I can't be as flexible and self reliant as he is, because I don't have that ability.

Jiangsu Nantong Qidong Nanyuan primary school six persistence will succeed, perseverance will create a miracle_ Feeling after reading Robinson Crusoe_ 800 words, persistence will succeed, perseverance will create a miracle

Can you go sailing alone? Can you live alone on a deserted island? Can you create a better life with your wisdom and tenacious perseverance pushed by "Sihai reading network" with nothing on this page? I believe you and I will think that this is impossible, but there is a man who has done it. He is Robinson in Defoe's works. In this winter vacation, I read Robinson Crusoe, a world-famous book written by Daniel middot, the father of English novels; Defoe wrote it when he was 59. Based on the Scottish sailor Alexander & middot; Selkirk's real experience of living alone on a desert island for five years is a memoir style adventure novel. The main content of the novel is about a maritime merchant in distress drifting to a desert island alone. He overcame all kinds of unexpected difficulties on a desert island. Relying on his tenacious will and his knowledge of life and science, he lived on such an isolated island for 28 years, 2 months and 19 days. Finally, he overcame all kinds of difficulties and returned to his hometown.

After reading this book, I understand that perseverance is like a mountain, over which is the sprint of success; Perseverance is like spray. After countless waves, it is the other side of success.

I remember that in the process of learning, I often encountered some difficulties. Instead of trying to overcome them, I played hide and seek with them. Once, I was particularly interested in a mathematical problem, but I never understood it. It took a lot of time and energy to figure out the problems, so I gave up with peace of mind, But later in the exam, I encountered the same problem, and I still didn't solve it. I regret it. Although I temporarily "bypassed" the difficulty at that time, the difficulty finally met me again. Think of Robinson getting on the boat when he was 19. Unfortunately, he was caught in a big storm and drifted in the vast sea for a long time. Finally, he was brought to a deserted island by the sea. There were no people on the island, only one dog and two cats on the ship he was killed. He tried to ask for help from the ships, but found that all the people on the ship were pirates. He built a 'house' with the only things around him, and later found some bread, wine, clothes, bullets and so on & hellip& hellip; In this way, he began to drift on the island for 28 years, two months and 19 days. In such a long time, he not only had to overcome loneliness and loneliness, but also hunger and disease. He could not let the robbers on the sea find him. He was always optimistic in the face of everything in front of him, cherished every opportunity around him to survive. In the face of difficulties, he was afraid and evaded, but in the end, he always defeated himself and got the hope of life.

Compared with Robinson, is it still difficult for us to study and live today? I must get rid of my bad habits. When I encounter difficulties, I will no longer walk around. Instead, I will fight bravely against difficulties like Robinson. In life, any one of us may face all kinds of adversity, bad luck and tribulations, but we should be a persistent seed and a strong man in life. Even if there is only a glimmer of hope, we must strive for it and never give up! Like Robinson, we should have ambition, perseverance, love work, create wealth with our own hands and achieve final success《 Feelings after reading Robinson Crusoe_ 800 words

Robinson Crusoe occupies an important place in the history of British and world literature. First, it creates a new kind of character. Like Defoe, the narrator and protagonist of the novel Robinson? Crusoe is an actor who is not tired of water and restless of water. He is a typical product of the capitalist primitive accumulation period which is constantly expanding and grabbing. He disdained to keep success and devoted himself to development. Five times and three times, he abandoned his well-being family and went out to sea. He is sensible, willing to work and good at work. After he suffered a shipwreck and was exiled to a desert island, he did not sigh about his fate. Instead, he made full use of his mind and hands to build a house, grow food, domesticate livestock, make utensils, sew farm clothes, and transform the desert island into an orderly and prosperous home. After many years of overseas adventure and suffering, he finally got considerable wealth and completed the entrepreneurial process of the heroes of his time. Robinson is also a complete 'broker'. He was keen on sailing, not because of any romantic pursuit, but completely for economic interests. On the island, he once said that money is useless, but he said that he would immediately put away all the coins he saw, and finally brought them back to England.

In his opinion, non economic social relations and activities are secondary, parents' words are not believed, and happy homes are not loved. This autobiographical novel hardly records any recreational activities (if talking to parrots is not one of them): nor does the son describe natural scenery and exotic scenery from the perspective of pure appreciation (or aesthetics). Of course, the relationship between people is first of all contractual relationship, lending relationship, master servant relationship. Robinson felt at ease that selling slaves was a lucrative venture. When he was captured by pirates, he encouraged the little boy who was also a pirate slave

Zoelli ran away together and promised to make him a 'great man'. However, once the escape was successful, someone offered a good price. After a little hesitation and bargaining, he took the child away