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Happy Prince's feeling after reading 250 words

In the center of the square, there is a sculpture. It is a sculpture of a prince. It was very cold. A swallow came from the back of the sculpture. The swallow was injured and had to stay to heal. When the wound was healed, the prince of sculpture saw a little match girl. The prince of sculpture saw that she was very poor, so he asked the swallow to take the jewel on the sword to the little match girl. The little match girl was very grateful to him.

The next night, it was very cold. The sculpture prince saw a little boy in a family. He was very hungry, but his mother had no money to buy food. After the sculpture prince saw it, he asked the swallow to dig out his big blue eyes and give them to the mother. Mother said happily: 'I will repay you& lsquo;& rsquo;

After the prince lost his eyes, he gave his shining golden scales to the poor one by one. At this time, he became a pile of scrap iron from a sculpture prince.

The next morning, someone saw a pile of scrap iron and threw it into the garbage can. No one would have thought that it was the original sculpture prince.

Thinking of the sculpture Prince before, he sacrificed himself for others. He let us know that everyone should have a good heart. The good Scarecrow_ Reading with parents and children_ 550 words today, my son and I read the fairy tale Scarecrow written by Ye Shengtao. I heard it when I was a child. My memory is that the scarecrow is a straw man. Inserted in the fields, used to drive away the sparrows carrying rice. Although he could not move or speak, he had a good heart and was determined to help those who were suffering.

Now after reading the full text, my heart is full of depression and depression, the scarecrow image has been lingering, those poor people have been lingering in my mind.

The article tells us a few pieces that the scarecrow saw. One is that the old woman's hard-working wheat ears were gnawed by pests. The scarecrow wanted to tell his master, but he couldn't help it; Second, a fisherman took a child about three or four years old to fish. The child was sick and coughed badly, but she had no time to take care of him. The scarecrow really wanted to make firewood and make tea for the child; Third, another woman was more sad. Because the child died, her husband gambled all the money in the house, and even she would be sold by her husband. Don't worry about it. Come to this bank and throw yourself into the river. The scarecrow wanted to stop her from dying. But it can't. It hates itself and thinks that it's the biggest sin of its life not to save itself from death!

The content of this page is pushed for you by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". The scarecrow is very kind-hearted and almost human. It is very sympathetic to the victims, in order to put out the enemy of the master - moth, he frowned, like sick, very sad; In order to give the sick child a mouthful of tea to drink, he would rather burn himself to ashes than give up; In order to save the sad woman's life, his heart broke like glass and fainted in the middle of the field. Scarecrow is a compassionate person who is not afraid of sacrificing himself and wants to help others. He wanted to warm others with his heart, but he couldn't even do it. He hated that he could do nothing about everything.

I hope there are more kind-hearted people like scarecrow in our world. Everyone gives a little love, and the world will become a beautiful world! A good nature_ Reading the adventures of Huckleberry Finn_ At night, I sat at the window and watched Huckleberry under the starry sky ˙ The book "Adventures of Finn" has been moistened in mind and matured in an instant& hellip;

Huckleberry ˙ The main content of the adventures of Finn is: Huck, a white boy, abandoned his home in order to get rid of the civilization and the entanglement of his alcoholic father. He met Jim, a black slave who wanted to get rid of the fate of being trafficked. After all kinds of adventures and adventures, they realized some truth and grew up healthily.

After reading this book, I was full of emotion and gained real freedom of mind. Deep in Huck's heart, he has been engaged in a fierce thinking struggle with people's generally accepted social norms and moral concepts. At first, he was puzzled about whether the law that required Jim to be returned to his master was in line with justice. In the conflict between social norms and his conscience, Huck's good nature and the power of justice were inspired, He constantly knew and strengthened himself. His kind nature and conscience overcame social prejudice and cold-blooded and merciless law. From this, I can see the colorful inner world of sunshine youth.

I repeatedly read the passage "fog filled" in verse 15, because Huck's rare behavior deeply shocked my heart! Huckling died to help Jim fight for freedom. He bravely put aside the secular prejudice and insisted on his own principles. He burst out with amazing courage and bravely stood up for justice! In his mind, kindness and justice always occupy the supreme position. Everything he does will be carefully considered before thinking whether it is in line with justice and kindness. His behavior of putting justice and kindness first is worth learning and remembering!

Huck's kind nature and the power of justice are his unique side, which is lacking in our modern children. Seeing the children being teased and ridiculed, the students dare not go to justice; Some bad teenagers bully the weak, but we do not dare to help these vulnerable groups. Some of them even go along with him. These examples all show that modern children lack this concept.

In this book, Huck let me see his inner justice and kindness, let me know that he is a good little angel worthy of the name, let me grow up a lot, a lot & hellip& hellip;

The strength of kindness_ After getting out of the car, Mr. heartache's wife said: 'it's good to give way, but from the beginning to the end, you can ask her to return the seat to you and change it for you.'

But the gentleman said, "if people are inconvenient for a lifetime, we are inconvenient for only three hours." My wife was very moved to hear that the world has become much more gentle.

"If people are inconvenient for a lifetime, we will be inconvenient for only three hours." What a magnificent, compassionate and beautiful sentence. It can transmit good thoughts to others, influence the surrounding environment, and make the world beautiful and perfect. "

One hot afternoon, the bus was full of passengers, and soon an old man, a middle-aged man, came up to give up his seat; At the next station, another old woman got on, and soon a middle-aged woman gave up her seat. The scenery of heaven on earth cools the hot and dry heart, which is the transmission of kindness.

"Kindness" is such a simple and powerful word. It's easy to understand and accompanies people all their lives. I hope we can always ask about it and make good use of it, because our ancestors have long told us: "kindness is the most precious thing, and it can't be used all our lives.".

It's a day of hardship and a day of happiness. The heart of gratitude smiles. Feeling after reading Happy Prince_ 650 words life will have many troubles, many helpless. What kind of life is happy?

During the holiday, I finished eating the famous British writer Oscar with relish. Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde. The selflessness of the prince and swallow in the book touched and shocked my little heart.

The statue of the happy prince is in the center of the city. He was covered with pure gold foil. His eyes were two shining sapphires, and a big ruby shone on the handle of his sword. But in order to help the poor people, with the help of swallow, he gave pure gold foil and gems to the people in need. Finally, the swallow froze to death. And the happy prince was torn down because of his dilapidation. Later, someone asked the happy prince, "is it worth it that you help others and destroy yourself?" Happy prince said without regret: as long as I pay, can give others happiness, I will be happy. Of course it's worth it.

Yes, what a simple sentence it is! Other people's happiness is his happiness. Build your own happiness on the happiness of others. The prince of England confirmed the famous saying of the ancient Chinese Fan Zhongyan, that is, to worry first and to be happy later. And isn't that what we are advocating today?

Under the advocation of this kind of thought, there are countless respectable people like happy prince in our life.

Lei Feng, a model of the people, is an outstanding member of our party and the people's army. He regards serving the people as the greatest happiness of his life;

Ye Xin, an angel in white who won the Nightingale medal, was selfless and fearless in the fight against SARS. She charged ahead until she was infected with SARS and died in her duty, but she still had no regrets;

On the platform of three feet, the gardeners who work silently and make selfless contributions are happy to burn themselves up and illuminate others to cultivate the peaches and plums all over the world.

…& hellip;

But I can't. I'm afraid to bear hardships and pay. In a school cleaning, I only finished the work that the teacher taught me, but I didn't want to help my classmates to finish the tired and dirty task together. At ordinary times, they are picky in their work and lack the spirit of hardship. In learning, too, I'm afraid to practice more and more, and I don't have a task point of view. I don't want to delve into it. Today, I really realized that there is an essential difference between my usual so-called 'happiness' and the happy prince's' happiness'. Feeling after reading "kind animals, cruel people"_ 650 words after reading the short article "kind animals, cruel people", I can't help feeling. The kindness of animals and the cruelty of people fully illustrate a problem now: hunting. People often kill some precious animals for money and sell them for money. But these animals can only sit and wait to die, silently pleading and yearning at the muzzle of the upper class to get their only life, which is a common thing in some places where there are many precious animals.

Let's think about how many animals have been killed since ancient times. For them, life is not peaceful. They run away, Dodge, the hunter's fast bullet. Under the muzzle of the gun, I begged and hoped that the hunter would be soft hearted and save his life. There was even a Tibetan sheep begging the hunter not to shoot for the sake of the child in his belly, but the cruel Hunter ignored it. He could do anything for money and meat. Have you ever heard that cry before the animals were killed? Have you ever heard animals groan at night? They've had enough, really enough!

Man, wake up! Put down your shotgun, and regret the past regret. Now, when it is time to change, you should act in a government department, so that people can take up the shovel and brick in your hands and build a warm, peaceful and safe home for animal. As animal friends, let them end their wandering, subverting and wandering lives. And we should vigorously crack down on the lawless elements, the cruel hunters, and let them go