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Record a power failure

In the second class today, we are reading aloud. Suddenly, with a click, the classroom is in darkness, and the TV has become a black screen. We all cried out at the same time: 'the power is out! 'diary summer vacation diary

Power failure is really bad. Welcome to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. There is no bell after class. The teacher always says' class is over 'for no reason. After a while, he said for no reason: 'class. 'but electricity is always playing hide and seek with us. In the fourth class hour, suddenly, like the departure of the night, the arrival of the day, the lights' suddenly 'on, the TV also' whitening ', and we all cried out:' there's a call! '

The sun always sets. Before writing class, there was a power failure again. What a trouble! The first class is science. I wanted to see a movie, but there was no electricity! I had to do my homework with my head down. After a while, there was another 'click' and someone called: 'there's a call! 'as soon as I turn on the light, there's a real call, but I can't watch the movie. Alas!

Electricity, you are like a naughty child, playing hide and seek for a while, playing hide and seek for a while, make us dizzy, looking for the ends of the earth can not see you, sometimes appear in front of us.