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The spirit of dishcloth

Diary > the spirit of the first grade diary rag_ The content of this page is written by "read. 4" ”Push cloth for you is a common cleaning tool, we are not unfamiliar with it. It often deals with dirty things, maybe we don't like it, but it is indispensable in our daily life. Diary Diary of grade three

Our dishcloth is pink and red, its shape is rectangular, every time after using a wash will become very clean. When the object is sprinkled with water, the rag will come forward and wipe it clean. When the table is dirty, the rag will show off, and the table will be clean immediately. When the blackboard needs it, the rag does not complain and cleans the blackboard clean & hellip; & hellip;

Looking at the rags getting thinner and broken day by day, I feel very sad. But its soul is pure, willing to sacrifice itself for others, it serves us in obscurity, does not pursue fame and wealth, selflessly dedicates all of itself, this is how lofty, how great spirit.

Grade one of five primary schools in Fuhe District, Luoyang, Henan_ 200 words in the sky that touch of light color, left to you, left to life, let everything flourish, let the earth recovery.

The light color in the grass is for you, for nature, for flowers to bloom and for animals to be happy.

The faint color in the ocean is for you, for the earth, for the creatures to rest and for the fish to roam.

The faint color in the campus is for you, teachers and students, fresh air and beautiful life.

The light color in the forest is for you, fragrance, sunshine and nature.

The light color in the field is for you, for the paddy field, for human cultivation and for the earth to protect.

The light color in the sunrise leaves you, the mist, the life and the color.

The faint color in the sunset is for you, for tomorrow, for the clouds to shine, for the sky to diffuse.

For you, my friend.

Jixi Mining Zhengyang Coal Mine middle school, Chengzihe District, Jixi County, Heilongjiang Province_ 600 words childhood, like pieces of golden feathers. A gust of wind will blow them away. I stand on tiptoe, gently grasp a feather & hellip; & hellip; the door of memory, slowly open. On my tenth birthday, I invited many friends to my home to celebrate my birthday. 'Hi! Ruoyun, long time no see! "Ah! Mengyao! I'm so glad you're here! 'we are friends we haven't seen for many years. How happy are we to meet again? My birthday present from Mengyao is a crystal rabbit, which happens to be my favorite animal. The crystal rabbit is so lovely! The pair of black grapes were looking at me. I can't put down this gift. 'Hey! 'one hand slapped behind me, which really scared me. 'I'm here! Happy birthday! "Rain, you scare me! 'I was angry on purpose. 'Oh, I'm sorry. I was going to surprise you. 'she smiles sheepishly. 'eh -- what's this? "Ha ha! It's a birthday present from Mengyao. How nice! "Can I touch it? 'before I agreed, Yu picked up the crystal rabbit. 'Hey -- put it down! 'I'm afraid she'll break it,' I ordered aloud. She was frightened by my momentum and quickly put down the crystal rabbit. In the midst of the chaos, I heard a piercing sound. 'crystal little & hellip; & hellip; Rabbit & hellip; & hellip;' I quickly picked up the rabbit, fortunately, it just had a crack. 'yes & hellip; & hellip; sorry. 'Yu said timidly. Her voice is like a mosquito. 'tell you not to move! Now it's good & hellip; & hellip; 'I'm going to cry,' you -- get out! "The rain was rejected by me, and Meng Yao was smiling:" Oh! Isn't it just a crystal? Next time I'll give you another & hellip; '"shut up! 'I yelled at Mengyao. The crystal is not broken, but the pure friendship like crystal is broken. Was I not sensible at that time? How could I yell at my best friend?! I don't remember how I had my birthday at that time. I just remember that when I thought about it later, my heart would ache.

Grade 6 of Zhangshu Experimental Primary School in Jiangxi Province: Xu Ruoyan