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Kite flying in summer vacation

After having breakfast on Sunday, my parents took me to Wujiashan park to play. When we got there, we saw many people flying kites in the square. There were many colorful kites flying in the air. It was so beautiful! My father and I also took out kites from our handbags and joined the kite flying procession. Diary Diary of grade three

A breeze blows, I throw the kite hard, then gently shake the ball of thread in my hand, and run fast ”Push for you, gradually, the kite away from me more and more far, higher and higher, from a distance, like birds flying in the sky, like butterflies playing hide and seek with us, I also ran back and forth with it, after a while, I was tired of running, so I put away the kite and went home with my parents. Ah! Today is really a good day to fly kites. I have a good time!