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I learned to fold quilts

I learned to fold quilts in this page by "read. 4" ”In a graduation ceremony for you, the teacher said that we should learn to do housework when we grow up. It's winter vacation. It's very cold. Diary diary 200 words one day, I got up very late, the quilt on my bed was in a mess, I secretly thought that I could ask my mother to teach me how to fold the quilt. So I went to ask my mother to come to my room and teach me how to make quilts. I saw my mother turn over the quilt, the reverse side up, and pick it up

I folded one third of the quilt, and then my mother folded the extra one third. It's really a cuboid, like a knife cutting steamed bread. Then I folded the leftmost end of the quilt to the middle, and the rightmost end to the middle. Finally, I combined them into one. Mother folded the quilt neatly by dividing five into two. I put the quilt away again and made it step by step like my mother. I also folded the quilt neatly. I think it's a little easy to fold quilts, but it's still very hard.