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Beijing_ Guilin 1: beautiful morning

Beijing Guilin 1: a beautiful morning_ July 21, last Friday, 6:00, my mother and I went to the capital airport by car to Guilin by plane. Diary 400 words

I'm going to take a plane, because I took a plane last time when I went to Huangshan, so I'm very happy to take it again this time.

The sky is light blue, and there is a reddish color in the sky. WOW! How beautiful! Where are the birds? Oh, the birds are sleeping!

There are few cars on the road. The cars are going fast. I heard it was quiet outside in the car. It was only 6:00 in the morning, so there were few people and few cars. Not so many people got up so early, so there were not so many cars.

Grade one: jinruiqi Guilin Tourism_ During the National Day Golden Week holiday, our family went to Guilin. In Guilin, the content of this page is from "read. 4" ”For you to push me a look, it is really 'Guilin landscape is the best in the world'. First of all, we went to elephant trunk mountain, where the scenery was beautiful and magical, as if an elephant was absorbing water. In the scenic area, you can see the grotesque shapes of the flute rocks. Then we went to the Yulong River, where the water is clear to the bottom, I put my feet into the water, so cool! Green mountains and green water in my eyes, beautiful scenery! Guilin's landscape is really the best in the world!

Grade 3 of railway No.1 Primary School in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province_ The morning of the early winter is very beautiful, it is a special kind of beauty hellip; & hellip; today, I look down through the thin ice layer of the small river knot, and see the small fish swimming quietly at the bottom of the river, occasionally spitting a small bubble to the water surface.

Green grass, suddenly turned dark yellow, oh, it has withered.

The leaves of poplar trees were blown by the wind and fell down one after another. The tree crown, which was very luxuriant, suddenly became scattered, like a bald old man.

The wild chrysanthemums are blooming alone. Pale yellow flowers, swaying in the cold wind, seem so desolate, and so tenacious.

The beauty of early winter morning is a kind of quiet beauty!

Grade 4: Pan Jiayi