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Unforgettable is just a moment

Little by little and stumbling in life & hellip& hellip; I believe there are things worth remembering and moving & hellip& hellip; Walk into the corridor of years, look through the photo album of life, and relive the moment that moved me & hellip& hellip;

I deeply remember one winter when it was snowing. The snow was as white as jade. Was it a fairy sent by the heavenly palace or a jade leaf from the laurel tree in the Moon Palace? Snowflakes are like beautiful jade butterflies, dancing like drunk; Like a blown dandelion; Like floating like flying; Like the little white flowers given by angels; Scattered and gathered, floating and leisurely, gently Yingying, worthy of being a masterpiece of the earth! I saw the snowflakes in front of me as naughty as butterflies, falling under the eaves, on the branches, and floating on the faces of pedestrians from time to time. In the twinkling of an eye, the world becomes white. I walked lightly and hurried home. At that time, the family was very poor, but it was very warm. As soon as I got home, I saw my mother cooking from a distance.

Looking at my mother, I was stunned. The thin figure of my mother was reflected under the light. The bent back was bent for me, the tired look was left for me, and the cracked hands worked hard for my life. Tears filled my eyes. In the rustling autumn wind, I stayed and stood for a long time & hellip& hellip; These wrinkles bear witness to her diligence and greatness.

I feel guilty and sorry for what I have done to my mother before. From this moment on, I decided to be filial to my mother. At the thought of these, I ran to the figure without looking back. Seeing my mother, I burst into tears. I cried and said, 'Mom, I love you.'

The mother heard, "if a silly child doesn't cry, his mother loves you."& hellip;& hellip; Maternal love is great.

Six unforgettable moments; Careless me; Beautiful spring; It was a successful attempt( Cheng Zhuoqi)_ 2000 words life will experience many things. Some things will be looming in my mind, but some things are still fresh in my memory, as if it happened yesterday. In my third grade, there was one thing I will never forget. That morning, my mother told me, 'son, it's raining today. Take an umbrella before you go!' And you, in order to get to school early, turned a deaf ear to what your mother said, blew it away, didn't care at all, picked up your schoolbag and left. In the morning, the sky is still clear. Who knows, in the afternoon, the sky is covered with dark clouds. When I saw this, I could not help frowning and Thinking: Mommy! This day & hellip; It's such a bad day, but how can I go home! Will it become a soup chicken. After a while, I comforted myself and said: it's all right. Cloudy doesn't mean it will rain. Maybe it won't rain until I get home! After school, it rained. In order not to let my schoolbag get wet, I had to use my coat as a raincoat and run to the station. I thought: it's just a light rain. I want to block my way. There's no way! After getting on the bus, I found a seat to sit down. Not long after the car left, the clouds seemed more sad and cried more. The original light rain suddenly turned into a downpour. I saw the big raindrops fall from the sky and thought: get, get, get, mom's words are really effective. What can I do! Looks like we're going to be drowned. I muttered in my heart and frowned involuntarily. My expression was written on my face like a word. An aunt sitting next to me saw it. She knew what I was thinking like a loving mother. She kindly asked, 'children, don't you have an umbrella?', I answered her with a sad face. At the station, I was about to go home in the rain when a big umbrella blocked the raindrops' attacking 'me. When I looked up, it was the same aunt. " Children, let me take you home! " She said kindly. On the way home, the raindrops always came to us, but every time they were blocked by my aunt with an umbrella. The water flowing into the river blocked our way, but my aunt didn't give up her help to me and went straight to the door of my house. My aunt waved goodbye to me. I was very moved when I looked at her figure far away. I had never met this aunt before, and she was so eager to help me & hellip& hellip; This unforgettable moment! It moved me all my life. Careless, I always make some mistakes when everyone writes articles or does homework, but I'm not so general. What I write is a long thorn in my pen. Although I look OK, this' long thorn in my pen 'destroys me. Most exams are really full of flowers. This can get high marks! I remember the teacher said that we must be serious when launching rockets. We can't lose a word by mistake, or it will be over. But I've been changing it for years. It's still the same problem. Last time, when we took the math test, the paper was very simple, so I was careless. After writing, I am also full of confidence in myself. I will get a high score in the exam. I can't let the students look down on me. This time, the general idea is terrible. Let's not say that the math paper I set is scattered. After the papers were handed out, the students competed with each other to see which was wrong and which was right. But I dare not let others see the paper, otherwise, I can't face to be the monitor! I looked at the wrong questions on the paper carefully, 'alas, can such a simple question be wrong?' I said angrily to myself, 'either the calculation was wrong or I didn't carefully examine the topic. I really shouldn't have been careless at that time, resulting in today's consequences.' Another Chinese exam was even worse. I only got 81 points on the easy paper. When the teacher finished class, he called me to the office and showed me the paper. Too bad. I didn't examine the topic carefully and wrote the word Solitaire into association. Read the questions and make a mess of the questions with answers. I'm such a tiger writer. I can't change it. " When can we get rid of it! " I groaned.

The beautiful spring is the beginning of a year. Everything on the earth becomes vibrant for its coming. Everywhere is the recovery of all things, the singing and dancing of birds and birds, and everywhere is full of the breath of spring.

The mountain is full of vitality. From a distance, the mountains are like bamboo shoots and green barriers. Look at the weeping willow, from the ice and snow in winter, covered with snow, to the embrace of spring. Spring makes the willow regain its vitality and its' green '! Although Lao song is strong and not afraid of the cold, he doesn't like the 'heavy' winter and the lifeless winter. It likes spring, because spring is warm. Spring can make its surroundings greener, put its vitality here and give a flower and a grass. The earth has also become vibrant. Walking into the small park at the foot of the mountain will make you feel relaxed and happy. On the ground, the grass is still as' yellow 'as in winter. Although the grass does not show its vitality on the surface, there is life sprouting under it. Under the grass that was' frozen to death ', a new' green 'has drilled out of the ground and silently released its vitality. Looking at the peach tree from a distance, a 'little girl' with a red face has grown. She welcomes the movement of spring with her red smiling face. The player is the energetic birds. They sing and play. While flying to this branch, while flying to that branch, while flying in midair with my friends, looking back at the roadside station, it's like visiting a paradise. The water is green, too. With the advent of spring, the lake also changed into green. In the sunlight, the lake is green and shiny, like a flawless jade. How happy and beautiful the fish are swimming freely in the water. Spring is such beauty, such vitality, which comes from lively small animals and green plants. It was a successful attempt. That morning, my mother boiled me an egg as my breakfast. I beat the eggs hard on the table, and the egg skin broke. At this time, I suddenly had an idea: this cooked egg is so easy to break, how can I not let it fall black and blue? So I asked my mother to cook three eggs for this interesting experiment. At first, my mother suggested that I should try the smaller end of the egg first. I threw it down according to my mother's method. I saw that the egg flew down like a shell. In a 'snap', the first egg sacrificed its young life for my experiment. The second time, I became cautious and thought: how can I keep the life of eggs? How can you make an egg like a pinch to disperse force without breaking it? Rotate & hellip& hellip; yes. So I spun the egg and put it in my hand. As a result, it was like a meteorite that crashed heavily into the 'earth' from the air and fell out of a spider web like crack. Needless to say, the egg was sacrificed bravely. I learned the lessons of the previous two times and thought: since the egg will break if it falls down like this, should I have a protective cover like the people in science fiction films? I picked up the last egg and said, 'eggs! You are my last hope! " I wrapped the eggs in layers of toilet paper, closed my eyes and threw them down. " With a bang, I was startled and thought it was broken again, but I was unwilling, so I opened the toilet paper and said, 'ah' the egg miraculously survived. ' I finally succeeded & hellip& hellip;' I cried happily. This experiment was really interesting and made me understand that everything must be tried to succeed; When you encounter a problem you don't understand, you should explore and study it alone in order to find a suitable answer to your satisfaction. That little yellow hat, in life, each of us has tried the taste of happiness. In class, you don't bring a pen. Your deskmate borrows one from you. If someone helps, it's called happiness; When it rains suddenly and you don't bring an umbrella, your mother comes to send the umbrella, and the love of your relatives is also called happiness; In class, you suddenly get sick and have a stomachache. Your deskmate brings you a cup of hot water and takes you to the school infirmary. This is also called happiness! We are surrounded and moved by happiness everywhere in our life. One day on the way home from school, several of our good classmates went home together. We talked and laughed on the bus. Suddenly I felt it dripping on my head. I took off my little yellow hat and saw that it was wet. I looked up again and found dew on the roof. The students also noticed and hurriedly asked me what happened. In fact, I don't want to tell them that I'm afraid they're worried about me. But there's no way & hellip& hellip; They asked me to squeeze elsewhere, but this opinion was soon rejected because there were too many people on the bus! Smart students immediately had another good idea. They put their little yellow hats on my head. For a time, I was like a hat seller. With a bad smile on their faces, they joked: 'five yuan an hour! Pay us when you get off the bus. " A burst of laughter rang out in the car. Happiness is a stimulant, it can make you happy in an instant; Happiness is an eternal fire, always warming your heart; Happiness is a sail that lets you sail in the ocean of love. I am grateful, I am happy! Author: Cheng Zhuoqi Instructor: an unforgettable moment for Deng Yiman_ 450 words in life, there are many things worth remembering. Similarly, there are many unforgettable moments. A moment is a wonderful picture; A moment, carrying a moving story. On the way of my growth, there are