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Let love enter the heart

Let love into the heart, can melt a person's heart, let love into the heart, can dispel a person's cold, let love into the heart, can warm a person's life.

I still remember last winter, the weather was so cold that my poor little hands were frozen into 'big sausage', red and swollen. Not only that, I often had itchy hands in class. You held my hand like ice. One day, you said to me mysteriously, 'I'll bring you a baby tomorrow.' I've been thinking about the word 'baby' all night and haven't figured out what it is. Early the next morning, I went to school and thought, what baby will you bring me.

Suddenly, you patted me from the back. I was shocked. You asked me, 'what are you thinking? Are you reciting the text? " Come on, you, I'm thinking, what baby will you bring me? " Oh, that's it. " As you talked, you pulled me aside and whispered in my ear, 'I won't tell you off'. After that, you ran away, and I chased after you all the way to the classroom, ha ha! You were caught by me. I forced you to say, what kind of baby is it? You took a warm water treasure out of your arms. You said you were afraid it would be cold, so you put it in your arms to warm the table. After you stuffed it to me, you went out. And I held the warm water treasure with body temperature and thought: how can I repay you. After class, I put my left hand in the water heater and my right hand did my homework. After finishing my homework, I put my right hand in. It's so warm. Not only my hands are warm, but also my heart is warm.

Let love enter the heart, you can feel the warmth of the world, you can feel the existence of love in the world, can't you? Let love enter the heart. There is truth everywhere in the world, and the truth warms the heart all the time. In our life, we are often surrounded by love, including the love of relatives, the love of teachers and the love between friends & hellip& hellip; We get so much love, we also have to pay our own love and let love enter everyone's heart.

I remember one day last summer vacation, when I finished practicing the piano and was about to go out to play, my mother called me and said, 'Jianhui, help my mother buy some vegetables. " All right! " I readily agreed and went out and ran downstairs.

The sun was shining on the earth, and a breeze blew, and I felt a little refreshing. I went to a big supermarket next to the community, bought my favorite tomato, paid the money and walked happily home. At this time, I saw an old woman standing on the side of the road looking around anxiously, as if she was looking for something. One hand was still holding a piece of paper, and the other was carrying a luggage bag. At a glance, I saw that the old woman must have come from other places to find her relatives. My eyes just saw grandma's eyes looking for help. Suddenly I thought of what my mother once said: 'help others, and I will be happy myself.'

So I summoned up my courage and said to my grandmother, 'grandma, where are you going?' The old lady nodded gratefully and then handed me the paper in her hand. Oh, it says: & lsquo; Room 603, building 22, century home & rsquo;, Of course I know. Century home is opposite our community. So I said, 'just come with me, I know.' I took my grandmother in my hand and walked to the century home community & hellip& hellip;

After a while, I took my grandmother downstairs to building 22 and said happily, 'grandma, the place you're looking for is right here, grandma, bye!' Grandma then held my hand and said, 'thank you, little classmate. Thanks for taking me home & hellip& hellip;'

Helping others and giving love to others will also share happiness and happiness! At 28:00 on May 12, 2008, a strong earthquake occurred in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province. For a time, the home turned into ruins. The sudden earthquake shocked the whole country. For a time, many caring people have extended a helping hand and expressed their love with their own actions - donations. In our school, all teachers and students have generously donated their hearts, some money and some materials. Disaster is ruthless, but there is love in the world.

Love can ignite the hope of life, love can strengthen the faith of life, and let love spread all over China. The mountains collapsed and the earth cracked. A ruthless Sichuan earthquake knocked down countless houses. Countless people lost their homes and the scene of shaking mountains and earth reappeared in front of me. In the face of the disaster, the friends in the area were fearless, helped each other and loved each other. The actions of the heroes moved me because they showed their strength in the crisis.

In the earthquake relief, there were heroes everywhere. Premier Wen Jiabao, the state leader, rushed to the scene of the disaster area for the first time and continuously commanded the disaster relief on the front line. The premier, who was heart to heart with the people in the disaster area, was touching. He said, "even if there is only one person in the ruins, we should rescue to the end." The people's Liberation Army uncle is not afraid of sacrifice and shows their selfless spirit in major disasters.

These forces of love continue the Chinese nation's spirit of "one side is in trouble and all sides support", strengthen the confidence of the people in the disaster area and encourage the fighting spirit of the heroes of earthquake relief. Please remember the most lovely person in the world -- the compatriots who rushed to the forefront.

The fourth of the ninth primary school in Shilong Town, Dongguan City, let love enter our hearts. 600 words of love, like air, are around us every day; Love is the golden key to the heart; Love is a vivid life Textbook & hellip& hellip; After reading the education of love, a great work that is popular all over the world and has a population that moved hundreds of millions of people around the world to cry, my heart was deeply shocked, as if I had experienced the baptism of 'love'.

The story of the book "education of love" moved me very much and made me suddenly realize that love was so sacred, noble and deep. The love here includes the love for the country and nation, the love of parents and friends, and even the love between strangers. It is exciting and touching everywhere. Every love story can inspire a person and tell us a philosophy of love.

Carlofi, a classmate of the hero Enrico, accidentally hurt an old clerk's eye while playing with the snow. He was very afraid at that time, but with the encouragement of his classmates, he bravely admitted his mistake and came to the old staff's house. He held back his tears and took his favorite book. A valuable stamp collection like life as a gift in return for the old man's forgiveness. But what was surprising was that after the old staff recovered, he went to Carlo Fei's school in person, returned the stamp collection to him, and gave him three rare stamps he had been looking forward to for a long time.

Yes, this is love! It was the love of her classmates that made her bravely admit her mistakes. Without Karoline's patient enlightenment and encouragement, Karoline would not stand up in any case. In this way, there would be an innocent scapegoat. Without the headmaster's love for the students, Caroline would never make an apology to the old staff. Because of this move, the old staff returned the stamp collection and presented stamps to express their love for carlofi, so that love can continue and develop among generations.

If there is no gratitude in the heart, it will lose its beautiful premise. No matter how excellent others are, they still look weak!

What we should do is not only our relatives and friends, but also more people waiting for us to love. The beauty of love lies in its lack of choice. Love! To embrace everything beautiful, the world will be more brilliant! There is love, there is dedication! Let love enter the heart. 600 words love is everywhere. Life needs love everywhere. The world will be better with love. Let love enter the heart. Let's listen to the melody of love and share the touch and happiness brought by love-

The power of love can not be ignored, the power of love is selfless, and the power of love is great-

Love is like the rain in spring, moistening all life and bringing vitality; Love is like the cool wind in summer, which blows away all troubles and brings a trace of comfort; Love is like fruit in autumn, sending out bursts of fragrance and bringing endless harvest joy; Love is like a ray of sunshine in winter, illuminating the darkness, melting the snow, bringing bursts of warm current into your and my heart-

Whenever I open my sleepy eyes, my mother always says, breakfast is ready, come and eat quickly, otherwise it will taste bad when it is cold. Whenever the storm comes, my mother always tells me to wear more clothes and don't forget to bring an umbrella. Whenever I read late at night, my mother always said painfully, go to bed, baby, keep your spirit, and you will have the energy to have a better class tomorrow. Although my mother didn't say the word "love", everything my mother did for me was the embodiment of my mother's love-

Mother's love has given me a lot of happiness and endless fighting power-

When I transferred to XX (place) in Grade 5 of primary school, I didn't teach English due to the lack of educational conditions in my hometown, so my English score was really unsatisfactory at that time-

At the beginning, I was confident that I could keep up with other students through efforts. However, this is not the case. I worked hard for a long time, but I didn't get better. Therefore, under the impact of English scores again and again, I lost confidence and even abandoned myself-

At this time, my mother encouraged me, let me see the dawn of hope, and gave me a hot pillow for knowledge. Without my mother's love, can I achieve today-

Mother's love, like a pair of invisible wings, gave me the strength to go through the wind and rain-

Love is sacred. Let's listen carefully. You can find that the melody of love is so intoxicating and edifying-

Please don't hide love in the bottom of your heart, say it out loud, and interpret it with action-

A greeting, a comfort, an action and a look are all expressions of love, so love can be done easily. Please don't refuse-

Let love enter the heart, let love illuminate the darkness, let love melt the snow of suspicion among people, and let love create harmony. Let's release love together, spread love to every corner and send love to every heart-

Love is a beauty that never fades- Let's walk into spring,

Walk into the skirt of the spring girl.

Watching the drizzle,

As if the earth were alive,

The grass is singing,

Xiaohua is dancing,

Willows are dressing,

Think about how to be loved.

Everything is alive,

Let's cheer,

Let's sing. Walk into Tsinghua 500 words, green and furry lawn, tall trees and brand-new bicycles. I'm not dreaming. I'm at Tsinghua University now.

When I walked into the campus, I looked around. Tsinghua University was just like what I imagined. It was covered with green trees and a shady dam everywhere. It was very comfortable!

As we walked, we saw a big monument. My mother said it was the emblem of Tsinghua University, which said: strive for self-improvement and wear thick things.

Like being dragged by something, I unknowingly walked to a small pool. I stretched out my feet. WOW! It's so cold! I feel like my feet are frozen! The bottom is so clear that even stones can be seen!

It is worth mentioning the bronze statue of a man whose face is pasted on the book. The strange thing is that this face has no eyes and no ears. Eh! Why?