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Today, my mother bought me a little turtle. It has four legs, a small tail and a sharp mouth. It always crawls and bites like a little monster.

I put a biscuit on it, but the tortoise didn't eat biscuits and put a little meat on it. It liked it.

The tortoise is so cute! The tortoise is a slow fellow in people's eyes and an old longevity. Three years ago, my family raised two wild turtles. I like them very much.

The two turtles are very big and lovely. Their backs have hard shells with light black patterns. They are very beautiful. In order to make their living environment more comfortable, I keep them in my garden. Tortoise and I became good friends.

Tortoises like pig liver best. I remember once, I put the pig liver on the ground, clapped my hands, called the tortoise, and then squatted aside to watch. The pig liver gave off a tempting smell. The tortoise looked at no one around, took a step forward, smelled it again, suddenly stretched out his head, then bit it, turned around, and ran away quickly. It seemed afraid of being robbed by someone.

After raising them for some time, I want to put them back to nature. Dad said, "maybe it's not a good thing to be caught. Now the tortoise is already the food in people's stomach. " Alas, I sighed and said, "is it worth exchanging that cold money for a fresh life?" Dad also said, "when he was young, there were many turtles, but now there are few, almost none. Now the ecological environment is very bad. "

Human beings have only one earth. Maybe now the mother earth is calling: "I want the beautiful and moving scene before." Friends, come with me to be a little guard of environmental protection! Tortoise my family has raised a tortoise for seven or eight years. Speaking of it, it's really my pride!

The tortoise is earthy yellow because there are red thick stripes on both sides of its head. His father said it was called "Brazilian red eared turtle" because there are red thick stripes on both sides of its head. It has a pair of small eyes on its head, like two black pearls. Under the eyes, there are two sesame sized nostrils and an upside down hooked mouth. It has a big shell on its back with uneven stripes. The most special thing is that every year the tortoise grows, it will lose a layer of shell and have more stripes on its back. There are four short feet next to them. As soon as I touch it, he will retract his head, hands, feet and tail. He is really a "retracted turtle".

The tortoise is a real "big bucket". Whenever I put fresh shrimp in front of it, it always pounced on it, bit the shrimp meat and enjoyed it greedily. It is very smart. It eats shrimp and peels its shell carefully. Once, I deliberately teased him and held the shrimp on his head. The tortoise stared at the shrimp. It's pathetic. It makes people laugh and cry.

Don't look at him now. It's really frightening to be fierce! I remember one winter, the tortoise hibernated. Father was afraid that it would starve to death, so he woke it up. The tortoise stared at his father fiercely. Suddenly, it rushed over“ Ah, after a scream, the tortoise had firmly bitten his father's thumb. He couldn't pull it out or throw it away. His father was in a cold sweat because of the pain. When the tortoise's mouth was pried open with a vice, Dad's thumb had become red and swollen.

This is my clever and naughty good friend tortoise. Tortoise today, I went to Grandpa's house to feed the tortoise.

Grandpa's turtle is ten years old and is kept in a big water tank. It has a small triangular head and a long neck when eating. Its shell is very hard, there are many patterns on the shell, and its small tail is sharp and short.

I dug many earthworms under my grandmother's apple tree, and then took a fat and big earthworm and threw it into the water tank. The earthworm slowly sank. The tortoise quickly swam up from the bottom of the tank, bit the earthworm and swallowed it. If it is hungry, it can eat more than 20 earthworms at a meal. When he is full, he quietly lies at the bottom of the jar to digest food. Turtle Monday, October 1 sunny

On this day, my father brought back a small and lovely turtle and put it in our "dragon turtle basin"“ "Dragon turtle basin" is a pet basin for raising fish and turtles newly bought by Dad. It is the shape of a leading turtle body. I was curious about the little turtle and kept looking at it. But he was very shy and retracted his head, hands and feet into the turtle shell. Seeing it like this, I wanted to make it happy, so I asked my father to take some delicious turtle feed for it and put it in the "dragon turtle basin". I looked at it quietly and hoped it would taste delicious. This little guy is ungrateful. There is no movement. This is really "turtle nature"! So I had to go away and ask the little turtle to help myself. After half an hour, I came to the "dragon turtle basin" to see it, eh? The turtle feed is missing? It turned out that this guy was not only shy, but also a greedy ghost. He ate up all the feed while I walked away. What a beggar!

Tuesday, October 2, sunny

At noon, I came to visit the little turtle again. I think it has great potential, so I want it to try. Can it crawl freely on the table. My hand gently reached into the "dragon turtle basin" and tried to catch it out, but it was unwilling to be an experimental object and stuck tightly to the wall of the "dragon turtle basin". I was cruel this time. I must let it climb on the table a few times before I am satisfied. I stretched out my magic claw and "uprooted" the little turtle tightly stuck to the wall of the "dragon turtle basin" and put it on the table. The little turtle felt the danger and immediately retracted his hands and feet into the turtle shell, but he couldn't come out. I had an idea. Ah, there's a way to make it move! I asked my father to take some turtle feed, put it in front of it and attract it with delicious food. This is the best way! I didn't expect! The little turtle still stood still as if he hadn't seen it. I think: I'll wait a minute! When his patience runs out, he will definitely go and eat. I waited patiently for about 10 minutes, but it was still indifferent. This guy is so patient! I'm tired of waiting! I thought, "forget it! forget it! This turtle master is also awesome! How patient! Is it a ninja turtle? What a patient guy!

Wednesday, October 3 overcast

Another day later, the Little Turtle was still timid. I'm very surprised. I don't understand these little guys. How long will it take to get familiar with me? Do we know each other as long as we meet once? Also, it doesn't move. Isn't it boring? If I had, I would have been impatient. Everyone said that the Little Turtle was a master of patience and a master of tortoise. I saw him for a few days and realized that it was practical. I put some turtle feed in the "dragon turtle basin" and thought: Little Turtle, please know me soon!

It was cloudy on Thursday, October 4

After coming to this house for some time, the little turtle finally became familiar with my house and boldly began to move. I saw him climb here and there for a while. He had a lot of fun. He even wanted to climb out of the "dragon and turtle basin". It was wishful thinking! How is that possible? Sure enough, he kept climbing up and finally reached the top. The little turtle thought he could escape soon, but it was not as easy as he thought. The little turtle slipped on the soles of his feet, fell into the "dragon turtle basin" and turned his feet upside down. Seeing its funny appearance, I couldn't help laughing. Watching it struggling in pain, I helped it turn over. This guy is still stubborn. He keeps climbing around and has a good time. What a naughty devil!

Friday, October 5, sunny

The little turtle finally dared to play with me. I'm very happy! We are like good friends. I put it on the table to play with me. It crawled around on my hand. After playing for a while, his eyes turned to the mirror on the table. What is he going to do? I turned it back, but it climbed hard to the mirror. I can't stop it. Let it go! I'll see what it's doing. The little turtle slowly climbed to the mirror and kept touching himself in the mirror with his claws. It felt as if he was saying, "I'm so handsome! I'm so handsome! " So this little guy is a narcissist! ha-ha! The content of this page is pushed to you by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". My family has a big turtle, which is given by my aunt. When it was delivered, it was two years old. We kept it for another five years. Now it is about my age. When my kitten didn't give it away, she often played with it. Sometimes the kitten climbed onto the big turtle to catch it, but it didn't seem to be afraid at all. Sometimes it will put its paw to the kitten's paw and touch it. I don't know whether they are fighting or shaking hands. At noon today, the big turtle tried to pick the refrigerator. My mother and I were wondering: I said it was hungry and wanted to eat the fish in the refrigerator. My mother said it might be too hot and wanted to take off the refrigerator to cool down. When we saw the skin it took off on the ground, we suddenly realized that it was scraping the shell of the refrigerator and peeling with the help of the power of the refrigerator.