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Helpful me

I am a lovely little girl. A head of black hair and a pair of watery eyes are my characteristics; Lively is my character. However, few people know my quality - being helpful.

Once, I was exercising in the park. Playing hard, I heard a clear cry not far away. I looked over there and found a lovely little girl. The little girl was wearing two pigtails. Her big watery eyes were sad, and her eyes shed crystal clear tears. The little girl cried and said, "Mom, where are you?" Her cry was unreasonable and impatient. Slowly, the people around the little girl scattered, probably because her cry is very boring, right? I went over quietly and said: 'I'm with you.' The little girl seemed to hear it and finally stopped crying. After half an hour, the little girl's eyes lit up and she threw herself into a woman's arms and said, "Mom, where have you been?" Then he left with his mother. I watched everything silently and left & hellip& hellip;

Today, I don't know if it's helpful& hellip; I am not only smart and lively, but also very cute. I am a helpful little girl.

My deskmate forgot to bring his notebook, so I offered to lend it to him; My best friend's pencil broke. I lent it to her; New students, I lent her extra-curricular books to read; In art class, I also lent colored pens to other students& hellip;& hellip; Being helpful is my characteristic.

I remember when I was in kindergarten, one day, it rained heavily. My good friend Wang Xingyu didn't bring an umbrella, and I helped her with it. She is a little shorter than me, so it's more convenient to take an umbrella. For her safety, I let her stand between my mother and me, so that the rain won't rain on her and other people won't touch her. In the end, we were not caught in the rain. She was very happy and I was very happy.

I especially like to help others, and I have been helped by many friends. My mother once said to me: to help others is to help yourself, which is to pave a good road for yourself. So, I will continue to be a helpful good child. I am a helpful child. My father often says that I am a timid child. In fact, I am a helpful child.

One day, when I came back from the supermarket, the bus was full. The last one on the bus was an old woman, who had a kind face and seemed to be in her eighties. I called the old lady to my seat and let her sit down. On the way, she kept asking me what my name was. I always smile until I get off the bus.

Through the last time, I found the fun of helping people, and even the future. I remember once when I was on my way to school, there was a strong wind, sand flying, and the branches on the side of the road were bent down. At this time, an old man who collected waste was riding a worn-out tricycle. The wind was like an innocent child. He scattered the cardboard and cartons on the old man's car. The old man was in a hurry and wanted to get out of the car to pick them up. But when he got out of the car, even the car was hung by the strong wind. He was in a dilemma. I ran to help him pick up the cardboard and cartons on the ground, On the car, the grandfather repeatedly praised me as a good child!

One day, my parents took me to a place called Phoenix Villa for a holiday. After dinner, we all played in the yard. I chose the hammock. I lay on the hammock, humming leisurely, blowing cool breeze, very comfortable. I saw the blue water and green mountains in the distance, the water and green waves rippling, and occasionally a small boat floating by; The mountain is lush and verdant, and sometimes a few swallows fly by. Suddenly, a child's cry broke my intoxication. I turned around and saw that a little brother's foot was entangled. When I saw it, I immediately got out of bed and rushed up to help him untie the rope. WOW! The rope is so tight. My little brother struggled in pain, but it was more difficult for me to untie the rope. First, I stabilized my little brother, comforted him and told him not to move. Then ten fingers untied the rope quickly, and my little brother could go to play again. My little brother laughed happily and said to me Thank you, big brother! " I heard it. It's sweeter than honey in my heart.

I am a child who is willing to help others. I am a helpful person. One day, after taking a bath, I went to the mirror and combed my hair. In the mirror, there was a girl with big eyes embedded in her face. She had long black hair and strong wheat skin.

I smile at her and she smiles at me. I pout and she pouts. That's interesting.

Although her appearance is not amazing, she is born with a love of helping others. Although sometimes it will help, she is not sad, saying: 'learn from Lei Feng

I remember once, when she was on the bus to make up lessons, she got on an old granny on the way. After she got on the bus, she looked around and decided that there was no spare place, so she found a convenient place to stand. So she went up and helped granny to her seat. Everyone looked at me with admiration, She has no place to sit, but her heart is still sweet, look, maybe this is a very common thing, but how many people can do it?

Another time, Granny Wang's waist flashed downstairs and fell to the ground in pain. She immediately went up, supported Granny Wang and walked home step by step. After returning to Granny Wang's home, she didn't go either. She applied ice to Granny Wang, applied medicine to Granny Wang, and massaged Granny Wang. Finally, when she left, she pasted two dog skin plasters for Granny Wang.

Another time, her younger brother fell down downstairs. She took him to the water pipe to wash him. She applied red potion to her house.

Think, think, suddenly heard my mother called me, I left the mirror, she also disappeared, ha ha, you know, she is me, I am her! Happy to help me 200 words Hello! Today I'll show you how helpful I am.

I have thick eyebrows. Under the eyebrows are big eyes. On the eyes are silver black glasses. I also have a warped nose and a small mouth. Super handsome!

One afternoon, there was a storm and thunder. I saw a man riding a tricycle with an umbrella in his right hand. He rode as hard as he could. I saw the tricycle walking slowly. I ran fast and my grandmother was pushing me. Granny didn't seem to know

I pushed, I saw the tricycle faster and faster, so I pushed to the door of my grandmother's house, at this moment, the grandmother came back to herself, knew that I was working hard to help him push the cart, at that time I was sweating, the grandmother came to me, stroked my face, said with a smile: 'child, you work hard'! After listening to this sentence, I changed into a smile, I said in my heart: 'I will always be willing to help others'!

This is the helpful me! Your helpfulness makes me unforgettable. It's a cold day. It's getting dark. The sun reflects the last ray of its afterglow on your face. You seriously move your pen and write in a vertical style. Your simple body is shining with golden light. You've led us, and we'll work it out together to make up for our mistakes.

You are not the monitor, just the unknown girl Sports Committee; You have no official business, but two-thirds of the busy things in a day are not your own; You are busy every day, but you still find time to help others. You are a simple, lovely and helpful Yang Zhiying.

It was the compere competition that day. You, me and the other 10 contestants were very nervous and packed their bags in a hurry. I looked out of the window, my God, outside the window dripping water into ice, the cold wind howling, the winter wind beating the classroom, the glass' hula'ring, today is really cold! Looking back at Notepad, today's homework is extra much. There is a heavy burden in the heavy schoolbag. What's more, I have to go out of class today. Alas & hellip& hellip; Two squad leaders pushed around the quantitative management table to calculate the task of points back to me. I didn't know my lines by heart, so I gave them to you, Yang Zhiying.

You took the quantitative management of the table, did not expect that you did not refuse, quickly took out a pen from the bag, did not feel the trouble to start from the first line. Your eyes are very attentive. You can do oral arithmetic in exams. You set up a vertical pattern. The pen in your hand is flying rapidly. You can also see that you nod your head from time to time and say: 'do it again, don't make a mistake& hellip;' My heart trembled for a moment. In such cold weather, who would be willing to help others to do such a troublesome thing? With so much homework pressure, who would like to have another job? Who doesn't want to recite more lines in such a tense scene?

Soon, when we finished the match, you picked up the watch and began to count it seriously. I can't help but help you. Everyone got close to me. I suddenly found that you are so beautiful and feel like sunshine. I can feel the warmth around you. In front of my eyes suddenly flashed you every day for others busy figure.

It's getting dark, it's getting colder and colder outside, and the wind is blowing harder and harder. But inside, like spring, there's warm sunshine.

Your willingness to help others is like a bunch of sunshine, melting the ice between people and drawing heart to heart; Your willingness to help others is like a lake of clear water, washing away the dirt, moistening the soul, giving others a clear and pure life. In such a big world, your actions seem very small. In fact, it is your small actions that support the clear sky.

Beijing Yuying school grade one: Cao Peng is happy to help others 650 words, happiness is to do their best to help others, let others feel happy.

--The purpose of the music is to make everyone happy together.

That winter of last year, it was really cold. When water was sprinkled on the ground, it would freeze immediately. I put on my overcoat, took all my warm clothes and hurried to the bookstore.

The bookstore is very big, but the people are very sporadic. There is no air conditioner in it, so the temperature in the bookstore is not much different from that outside. I shiver with cold. I just want to go home as soon as I finish buying books.

At this time, an old man came to me and said, "little girl, which of these two books is good?"

I took the book over and looked at it. It was about middle-aged and old people learning computers. So I asked, 'Grandpa, do you want to learn computers yourself

'yes! Learn computer at home to pass the time, you see, which is suitable for me? I don't know Pinyin very well. ' The old man gave a smile, which was a little embarrassed.

'This one! This book is large in font and rich in content. It's very suitable for old people to learn, but you don't know Pinyin. It's a bit difficult! " I patiently explained, "otherwise, you should buy a book to learn pinyin first. It's easier!"

'OK, I'll go and have a look.' Step by step, the old man went to the column selling Chinese pinyin.

I am still looking for the book I want to buy. At this time, it seems that the weather is not so cold, and a trace of warmth emerges in my heart.

After a while, the old man came over with a Pinyin book and said, "look