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honey peach

Among many fruits, my favorite is juicy peach.

Peach round body, head with a point of sharp, wrapped in a Pink Plush coat, from a distance, like a little pink love, very beautiful. Cut off the skin with a fruit knife, you can see the fresh and tender flesh inside. Bite it, and the sweet feeling goes straight to the bottom of your heart. You can't help biting it for a second time.

In addition, my mother said: "peach is not only delicious, but also rich in vitamins, to eat often." After listening to my mother's words, I love it more.

Children, do you also like sweet and fragrant peaches? Honey peach, you say I'm like a honey peach

Honey makes people laugh

Occasionally, I will act like a coqueter

I want to borrow your shoulder

You say I'm like a peach

Do exercises every day

Good mood, good skin

You are my peach

Honey peach

Hold on to love

Don't be afraid of boredom

You are my most beautiful mark

Honey peach

I like your fresh color

Love your simple beauty

How sweet I miss you

Love your graceful and handsome

You said I was your peach

Would you like to build a castle on the beach with me

Let our love ferment slowly in it

Let the taste of love float to the ends of the earth

You said I was your peach

Always wear fresh and natural pink robes

Never follow the fashion

But the temperament is very good

Honey peach

Don't keep on running in love

Though it's best to break through the finish line

But considering that you've consumed a lot of juice

It's better to whistle to stop

I'll give you a piece of love bread

And a coffee partner as a reward

Let me always accompany my beloved peach, peach, I stand at the door mysteriously, to do? In this regard, my father was puzzled, and my grandmother couldn't figure it out.

Originally, I was observing the female security guard standing guard at the gate of the community. She has a baby face. When she smiles, a pair of dimples will appear on her face. Her long black and shiny hair curled up and looked clean. He also has the same graceful figure as the model, wearing a gray blue female security uniform. She was wearing white gloves and a pair of white sports shoes. What's more, she speaks fluent standard Mandarin and has a sweet smile!

Her smile is as sweet as honey peach!!! Honey peach, you say I'm like a honey peach,

Honey makes people laugh,

Occasionally, they act like spoilers,

I want to borrow your shoulder,

You say I'm like a peach,

Do exercises every day,

Good mood, good skin,

You are my peach,

Honey peach, honey peach,

Hold on to love,

Don't be afraid of boredom,

You are my most beautiful mark,

Honey peach, honey peach,

I like your fresh color,

Love your simple beauty,

I miss how sweet you are,

Love your graceful and handsome,

You said I was your peach,

Build a castle on the beach with me,

Let our love ferment slowly in it,

Let the taste of love float to the ends of the earth,

You said I was your peach,

I always wear fresh and natural pink robes,

Never follow the fashion,

But the temperament is very good,

Honey peach, honey peach,

Don't keep on running in love,

It's best to break through the finish line,

But considering that you've consumed a lot of juice,

It's better to whistle to stop,

I'll give you a piece of love bread,

And a coffee partner as a reward,

Let me always accompany my beloved peach. Peach is one of Wuxi's specialties, has long been well-known at home and abroad.

The mature peach is slightly spherical, covered with a short layer of fluff, white in green, red in white. A peach generally weighs one or two hundred grams, and a large one weighs more than 300 grams. Peach skin is very thin, rich flesh, suitable for raw food, the entrance is smooth, does not leave dregs. Just ripe peaches are hard and sweet. Ripe peaches are soft and juicy. When you eat them, you should gently pick them up and carefully peel them off. I'm afraid they taste the same as the flat peaches of queen mother. This kind of fruit is a rare summer treasure for the elderly and people with poor teeth.

Eat the remaining core is the Peach Seeds, shell is long flat, slightly pointed at both ends, the surface of the pimple, this is hard. The core is composed of two pieces. When you knock it open, you can see the peach kernel. Peach kernel can be eaten or used as medicine. When the peach seed is planted in the soil, it first grows the germ, and then the shell expands and splits, and gradually grows into a sapling.

There are many kinds of peach, such as dabaifeng, xiaobaifeng, Hujing, etc. Honey peach can be divided into early peach and late peach. The early peach ripens in June and July, and the late peach ripens in July and August. Peach growers are very busy all summer. In autumn, fruit growers are busy pruning, fertilizing, weeding and turning the soil for a better harvest next year.

In March and April every year, the peach garden is red. In recent years, peach blossoms are blooming. From a height, it looks like a pink carpet on the earth, adding a lot of spring to the surrounding mountains and rivers. At this time, people are busy in the forest to get rid of insects and pollinate peach trees. In the middle and late April, the peach blossom gradually withered, leaving a small peach on the trunk. When the peach grows to the size of a walnut, the fruit should be thinned so that only 1-3 strong peaches can be left on each twig. At the same time, the base fertilizer should be applied according to the fruiting condition of the peach tree to ensure that the peach gets sufficient nutrients. Then, the peach bag should be used to wrap a green, white and thick peach. This has two advantages, one is to avoid direct sunlight exposure, to maturity does not affect the appearance of peaches; The second is to prevent insects and birds from pecking. Little peaches grow quietly inside. Welcome to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. Long ah, by June and July, the peach bag has been bulging. It's time for people to harvest. Approaching the peach garden, a refreshing aroma of peach comes to my nostrils. It makes me salivate if I don't eat it.

Peach seedlings break through the soil in spring and are grafted in yellow plum season. What kind of peach do you need? Pick the tender buds of the peach and graft them onto the peach seedlings. After ten and a half days, the grafted buds will turn green and survive. At this time, remove the other buds and let the grafted buds grow up. In the next spring, they can be transplanted. Generally, they can blossom and bear fruit in three years.

Peach tree is a small deciduous tree with smooth branches. The leaves are long and narrow. There is a kind of glue in the bark, called peach gum. It can be used for lithography and traditional Chinese medicine.

Su Dongpo once said, "if you eat 300 lychees a day, you will never quit being a Lingnan person." I think if he had tasted the honey peach of his hometown, he would have to say, "I have 30 honey peaches every day. I hope he will become a native.". Peach belongs to Rosaceae, peach genus and peach subgenus in plant taxonomy.

Juicy peach is rich in nutrition. Juicy peach was originally grown in China. It can be traced back to the 10th century B.C. Peach was first found in western countries about 300 BC. Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher, believed that peach came from Persia, so he called peach Persian apples.. In the first century, the Romans mentioned that they imported peaches from Persia, assuming that peaches arrived in Europe in ad 0. As for England, there was no record of honey peach until 1650. Peach comes from the Latin Prunus persica.

And I found that the shape of the peach is oval, and there is a concave shallow groove on the surface. Moreover, the skin of peach is thin, and it also has small hair! The color of peaches is red and bright! You see, there are still crystal dewdrops on the peaches! So it makes peaches look very attractive. I bit a peach, wow, sweet juice makes me feel like eating honey. Another bite, I feel soft, but also endless aftertaste, these sweet juices are flowing into my heart!

Peaches are delicious and nutritious, so we should eat more peaches!