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A letter to mom and dad 100 words

Dear mom and Dad

How do you do!

Thank you very much for your concern for me. You have paid a lot for me. I will be a good child. I will do my own things by myself. I won't let my parents be careful for me. I am like a seedling, growing up slowly under your irrigation. You are like candles, lighting up my future and quietly burning yourself, you are like towering trees, giving me a peaceful environment, let me learn better. If there is a meteor in the sky, I will make a good wish: I wish mom and dad happy every day, work smoothly, everything goes well! Diary winter vacation diary


Dear mom: Hello!

In the past nine years, you have treated me like spring breeze bathing flowers and plants, like rain and dew moistening seedlings. You give me selfless love, help me learn to walk, teach me to be a man. It was you who raised me from an ignorant child to a snow white. Dear mom, thank you for paying so much for me, thank you for giving me happiness. In the future, I must study hard and strive to achieve more than 90 points in all subjects to repay you.

I wish my mother good health and all the best!


My parents did give me a lot of love. Before I could, I always didn't know what love was. I often asked my mother this question. My mother said that love is parents' concern for their children. Love is not a pet. It's not that parents depend on you and let you do everything, but that they make the best choice for their children.

Take my appendicitis as an example: it was a Friday, the last day of our school sports meeting. Just after the competition, I felt a burst of pain in my stomach. I called my mother as soon as possible. My parents rushed to the hospital and took me to the hospital. After some examination: 'the diagnosis is acute appendicitis', need to do surgery. As soon as I heard the word "operation", I began to cry. My mother immediately comforted me and said, "don't be afraid. Appendicitis operation is only a small operation, the smallest operation. Foreign children have had their appendectomy since they were born. Don't worry. They have no consciousness after the injection." But I still feel uneasy. Later, I heard from my mother that when the doctor asked my parents for advice on whether to have an operation, my mother didn't want me to have an operation at such a young age. It was my father who decided to have an operation. After the operation was successful, I saw the rotten appendix. Fortunately, the decision was made early. Otherwise, my life would be in danger! Hearing this, I felt dad's deep love. When I came out, I saw my mother shed tears, but she forced a smile, and I felt my mother's sympathetic love.

Our parents have paid so much for us. We should study hard and repay our parents' kindness in the future.


In the afternoon, my father came to pick me up from school by bike. The weather suddenly became very bad, and there was sleet. I didn't wear much and shivered with cold. Dad quickly took off his cotton padded jacket and put it on for me. He rode a motorcycle in the wind and snow.

Put on my father's cotton padded jacket, lying behind my father, I feel very warm. I asked, "Dad, aren't you cold?" My father gritted his teeth and said, "child, I'm not cold." But I feel my father's body is shivering. When I get home, my father has a cold and fever.

This matter has been deeply imprinted in my mind. Fatherly love is warm, selfless and great. I will study hard and repay my parents when I grow up.