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The taste of autumn

A lot of fruits in autumn have a big belly. It's a gift from the girl of autumn. Let's talk about the taste of autumn. Sweet look! Pomegranate, a fat guy with a big belly, is fragrant and sweet. It's round with a colorful hat. When it's peeled off, a faint fragrance comes to his nose. It's like crystal clear pearls. It tastes really sweet, The more you taste, the more you want to eat. Sour look! The Yellow oranges are waving to us one by one. The fragrant oranges are holding on the tree like yellow lanterns. Peeling off the oranges, the fragrance spreads to my nose all at once. It makes my mouth water. It's delicious to taste sour and sweet. I want to swallow the whole thing, Big and red apples are like red lights. They smell delicious. Taking off the coat of apples, my mouth water is flowing down like a spring, dripping, dripping, tasting crispy. I eat them in big mouthfuls. It's really fragrant! This autumn brings us a lot of happiness. I love autumn, I love the rich and colorful fruits in autumn. The taste of autumn is a fragrant season. I love this beautiful autumn. Sweet scented osmanthus is wearing a golden dress and standing on the soft soil. After a long time, you will be full of praise for the fragrance. The fruit babies are in a neat line and come out with big stomachs. Look, the round pomegranates are like small lanterns. When you open the skin, the pomegranates show a sweet smile, It also has a pearl like pulp! If you eat a sweet one, you still want to eat it! The bargain sellers of oranges are not willing to show their weakness and come to us. You must be surprised to see it. It's as yellow as a ear of wheat. It makes your mouth water when you look at it. I can't wait to break the skin and taste it. It turns out that oranges are a bit sweet and sour Autumn is a harvest season, It's also an intoxicating season. The taste of autumn. A lot of fruits in autumn have a big stomach. It's a gift from Qiu girl. Let's talk about the taste of autumn. Sweet Look! The sweet and fragrant pomegranates with big stomachs come when they peel off their colorful hats. They are like crystal clear pearls. They taste really sweet. The more you taste, the more you want to eat. Sour Look! The Yellow oranges are waving to us one by one. The fragrant oranges are holding on the tree like yellow lanterns. Peeling off the oranges, the fragrance spreads to my nose all of a sudden. It makes my mouth water. It's sour and sweet. It's so delicious that I can't wait to swallow the whole thing WOW! The fragrant apples are so big and red that they smell like red lights. Taking off the coat of apples, my mouth water is flowing down like a stream of spring water. It's Crispy to taste. It's really delicious for me to take big mouthfuls! This crisp autumn brings us a lot of happiness. I love autumn, and I love the colorful fruits of autumn. There are many flavors in autumn, such as sweet apples, fragrant pears, and many fruits of vegetables.

On October 8, I got up early and set foot on the road to Deqing to participate in the "harvest of autumn" agricultural labor organized by Chunhua art school.

In Deqing, the air is much fresher than in Hangzhou. On both sides of the road, there is a large white cotton on the left and a golden field on the right. How beautiful!

When I went into the vegetable garden, I saw green vegetables growing in the garden from a distance. I looked around and saw that every green vegetable grew very strong. I didn't know which one to pick.

In the twinkling of an eye, noon arrived, and we were hungry. When we saw cauliflower, meat, eggs and tomatoes in the basket, we fried a lot of dishes ourselves, which was delicious! It seems that cooking is not so easy.

How nice autumn is! The taste of autumn is delicious, sweet, sour and fragrant.

Autumn is the sweetest in the orchard. Apple was red by the autumn wind, like a little sister's red face. The skin of an orange is very nice. I just use a small knife to make a cut on it and peel off the skin. Then I can see that the orange petals inside are really like some fat dolls holding tightly together. I broke them apart and ate a piece. How sweet! The taste of tangerine is so comfortable! The pear on the branch is golden. Take it off and take a bite. Wow, if eating pear is like drinking spring water, eating fragrant pear is like drinking nectar. Persimmon put on orange clothes, like a small lantern, that sweet son thick, a mouth all soft, all melt.

The sweet day of autumn is the night of August 15. There are sweet moon cakes on every table, thick sweet, light sweet, bean paste, honey and strawberry.

The taste of autumn is sour. The taste of tangerine is really refreshing, grapes are refreshing, and the king of fruit kiwi fruit is really sour!

The taste of autumn is fragrant. The fragrance wafts in the fields. The corn is golden and tastes fragrant and mellow. The fried peanuts taste crisp and fragrant ”For you to push; sweet potato soft, sweet, taste is a special flavor.

The taste of autumn is delicious and attractive, I love delicious and attractive autumn.

Tutor: Feng Yuebing of Maozhuang primary school, Wuhou office, Nanyang City, the taste of autumn, combined with his poetry collection, gently put it on the desk, carrying a cup of steaming coffee to the window. In the west, the sun is like blood, and the breeze blows across my face, which makes me feel so comfortable.

The leaves swayed in the wind. All of a sudden, when a leaf is not careful, it is blown away from the embrace of a big tree by the wind. It spins quietly in the air and floats gently in the wind, just like a dying butterfly flying in the air, and finally falls to the ground in a beautiful arc. At that moment, the heartstring was touched. It turned out that this was the way it chose to face death. Even when it came to the end of life, it had to show its most beautiful side and didn't want to leave with any regret.

The wind continues to blow, leaves one by one to fall, cherry seems to have been infected, also with the wind. Looking at the withered flowers falling pitifully, I found that autumn had already come unconsciously, the leaves were yellow, and the flowers were defeated. It's a season full of poetry and painting. How many poets and painters have ever written poems and painted for it. Perhaps only in such a season, can people calm down to think about problems, understand life.

Stir the coffee in your hand gently with a spoon and take a sip. It's refreshing and smooth. It's more charming because of its light bitterness. Light bitter, astringent depression, perhaps this is the taste of autumn.

Looking up at the flying catkins in front of her, I can't help thinking of Daiyu's "words for burying flowers" and Daiyu's bleak eyes. This weak woman, who "has a better heart than Gan, and is as sick as Xizi, wins three points", is like the fragmentary flowers and leaves. She once lived so enthusiastically in pursuit of the free love with Baoyu. Even if she finally paid the price of her life for this love, she still has no regrets. She left the world so quietly, maybe she has seen through life and death. With her own life, she perfectly interprets the true meaning of "life is as gorgeous as summer flowers and death is as quiet as autumn leaves". Thinking of Daiyu's delicate hands sprinkled with flowers, she whispered: "flowers wither, flowers fall all over the sky, who can pity the broken red fragrance? Gossamer soft Department fragrance Pavilion, fall wadding light touch flutter embroidered curtain That touching scene, the heart has the taste of speechless, eyes wet. Beauty is gone, fragrance is still.

Perhaps, only the fallen leaves can be regarded as the true wisdom. If they can face life and death so calmly, maybe they have already realized the philosophy that "death is the highest state of life". Yesterday's bloom is for today's fall, today's fall is for tomorrow's bloom. Flowers bloom and fall year after year. In fact, as long as you live and die in the world, why do you have to go back. Life and death is just the reincarnation of life. Why not bloom the flowers of life, pursue the fragrance of life and feel the fragrance of life.

Coffee has been drunk, but its taste is endless, permeated into the mind, and even the soul.