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After playing chess

This morning, I played chess with Zhao Haoyuan and my younger brother. Later, I got angry and stopped playing because I had no way to go, and Zhao Haoyuan refused to let me draw the way.

When I got home, I closed the door, and then I called my mother back to tell her that I didn't want to play with Zhao Haoyuan. But as soon as I came back, my mother asked me why I didn't play with Zhao Haoyuan, and I started beating my mother. Because I didn't want to play with Zhao Haoyuan, she insisted that I play with Zhao Haoyuan. Mom was angry and hit me hard. Finally, I broke my mother's straw hat, and my mother beat me even harder. After this, I went back to my bedroom alone to sulk.

Haoyuan and my mother later hit me wrong. Later, Haoyuan and I made up, we drew another one, so we can continue to play!

I learned from this matter: it's wrong for me to beat my mother casually. I should keep my promise. I can't beat my mother casually. Otherwise, my mother will not keep her word, and my younger brother will follow my example, cheat me and beat me. When I think of this, my body trembles and shudders! I thought like this and said: 'Mom, please find my math book for me, OK'? Then my mother became kind and gave me the exercise book. I began to do my homework. After lunch, I wrote down this diary in order to see it when I hit my mother again and correct my mistake.

5 years old

Grade one, Qingnian Street Primary School, Yuanping City, Shanxi Province_ Although I'm only a fifth grade student, I love playing chess very much.

I'm a loyal chess fan. I've been learning to play chess since I was five years old. At first, I just wanted to have fun. Slowly, I took chess as an indispensable entertainment. Those books and newspapers about chess or "chess array arrangement" I must read, and I am fascinated by them. I've read too many of these books, and I can recite the chess score and layout. I have applied these unique skills such as double horse generals, heavy artillery generals, double chariot formation and horse back artillery to playing chess flexibly, and I am as familiar as counting my own fingers. As soon as I have time, I will play with my family or friends. My chances of winning chess are very good. Because I play chess, I also participated in the youth chess competition, won the award!

Actually? I'm not the God of war who wins all battles. Naturally, there are times when I fail. Once, when I played chess with my neighbor Xiao Ming, I was careless and lost. Of course, for a person like me who can't go home, it's natural that I won't give up until others turn up. If you like playing chess, please come to me at any time.

Because in playing chess, I can understand the consequences of carelessness; I realize that I should be calm in everything and think twice before doing anything. Playing chess can also make my mind more agile. That's why I like playing chess.

Sixth grade: Wei Zhihao learns to play Gobang_ One fine day, my parents were playing Gobang at home. I was very curious. I asked my mother what kind of Gobang was and how to play it.

My mother said: 'my gobang is a kind of chess specially trained for observation and thinking. The way to play chess is: if the opponent encircles you with sunspots at the beginning, you move the white ones down; if the opponent encircles you with sunspots, you encircle him with white ones. If you have five white ones, you win. 'I listened to my mother and said,' why don't we do the next one? "Mom said: 'whoever loses will be given 5 yuan. How about that? 'I said yes.

Mother set the pieces.

According to what my mother taught me, I began to play with my mother. When I was in the middle of it, I suddenly got nervous, because my mother was about to have five white children. I thought: 'it's over, it's over! I'm going to give you five yuan! 'My mother looked at my nervousness and said with a smile: 'son, I'll let you. 'so my mother moved one down, and I quickly put on the top one. In this way, you come and I go. About an hour later, the battle ended, and my mother and I tied. I felt a little joy.

I constantly consult my mother, and constantly compete with my mother. Everything comes to him who waits! Finally one day, I played chess with my mother and won in a few games. I cheered & hellip; & hellip;

Grade 3, Shengli Street Primary School, Jiangyou City, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province ”Push Zhang Yuxiang for you (instructor Chen Xiaojun)