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Father's strict love

I love my mother and my father very much. Although my father's love is not as gentle as my mother's, I can feel his deep love for me when I get along with him. Dad's love is full of happiness, like a game machine without charging. Every time I'm bored, he will always bring me a surprise and play games with me to make me happy. Dad's love, full of severity, like a whip, always reminds me. Once I was playing in the yard and burned the grass. Dad knew very angry, severe criticism of me, I can't help speechless, didn't expect dad to really, a Yang pointed down, opened my ass flower.

In my impression, my father's love pervades every detail of my life. In learning, I pass it by eyes; in games, I pass it by hand; in life, I pass it by hand. But there is another kind of love, called severe.

Dad's love is severe. It's inevitable to fail in the exam, and the signature after the exam is bad can't escape. As soon as I get home, my thoughts are no longer flying around. It's on my signature. I can't help it. Did the letter call me so careless? I want to hide the test paper, no, the teacher's criticism is inevitable, and that's a mistake plus a mistake! I don't want to be a bad child. I take the exam paper that has been engraved with rotten scores and walk to my father step by step. "Well, Dad signed it." Before I showed my father the examination paper, I was already in tears. After a while, Dad's eyes have changed, my tears like a broken line of beads, "Bata Bata" to fall down. Dad put down the test paper, and as usual, interrogated me: "how many 100 points? What's your number? Why wrong? What were you doing during the exam? " These questions have become close friends with me, but I didn't do well in the exam, so I can only recruit them truthfully. Dad listened to my reply and stared at me with serious and slightly angry eyes. After that, he signed his name on the examination paper. But the stern eyes were not relaxed.

Of course, dad doesn't always keep a straight face. He is also humorous and makes people happy. Last year, when it came out that my birthday was very warm, I put his birthday song in my room! Sometimes, he would pretend to be naive. Once, when I was doing my homework boring, he covered my eyes with his hand and asked, "guess who I am?" Of course, don't guess. There are only two people. It must be him. composition

My father's love gave me the motivation to learn, the source of my happiness, the strength of my spirit and the secret of my self-confidence. This reminds me of two famous sayings: Romance Roland: maternal love is a great flame; Gorky: father is water. Dad's love for me, Dad's love, is deep, Dad's love is warm, but sometimes, Dad's love is severe & hellip;

Once, the final result declaration came out. As soon as I got home, my father asked me 'how was the exam? 'I don't think so,' Chinese 79, mathematics 87, English 81. '。 'why did you only get such a small score? 'I said aloud' the paper was so difficult that several students didn't do well. "Dad was stunned for a while." he went out to the penalty station and thought about why he didn't do well in the exam. 'I was wrongly muttering outside,' this stinky dad is really hateful. 'after a while, my father let me in, gently took out a test paper from the drawer, and said to me earnestly:' Yige, you can't do well in the test, not because the test paper is difficult, but because you are not serious, those who can do it are not difficult, those who are difficult won't, you should do it seriously! 'an hour later, I finished the exam. My father explained to me carefully while criticizing. I saw his black hair mixed with some white hair. I thought 'dad works hard during the day and tutors me to study at night. He works too hard. He loves me so much. I was still blaming dad just now. It's really wrong! '

My father asked me to stop in order that I could realize my mistake. My father's love also made me understand a truth: 'the test is not good because the paper is difficult, but because I am not serious, will not be difficult, difficult will not. 'father's love is really great. My father loves me, and my strict father's love promotes my growth.

Some people say that Dad's love is a cup of bitter coffee, but the sweeter it is; dad's love is a piece of sandwich sugar, although the appearance is hard, but the heart is soft; dad's love is a book, the cover looks plain, but it contains rich knowledge. But my father's love for me is more profound.

My father, 1.75 meters tall, has a pair of thick eyebrows and big eyes on his round face, which is somewhat lovely and dignified. Although he doesn't seem to care about me, I feel his strong fatherly love all the time.

My father usually seems to be indifferent to my study, which makes me not only misunderstand him, but also disappointed. Dad is very busy with his work, so he has to work overtime almost every day. Often when he comes home from work, I have already gone to bed. What I didn't expect was that even though my father worked so hard, he was busy checking my homework as soon as he got home. I remember once, a math problem of mine was wrong because I couldn't understand the problem thoroughly. When my father found it, he quickly woke me up and patiently explained it to me until I understood it. At this time, I realized that my father cared about me every day, and my heart was really sweet.

My father is also very strict with me, never and I laugh and fight, I do have some fear of his heart. However, once, I had a cold and fever the next day because I was sleeping and kicking the quilt at night. Because my mother works in Qiandeng Town, which is nearly 30 kilometers away from home, and only goes home on weekends, which makes my father very anxious. He quickly called the company to ask for leave. Of course, he didn't forget to ask for leave for me. Then he took me to Zhoushi people's Hospital by battery car. When I hung salt water in the hospital, my father on the one hand kept comforting me, on the other hand, he told me interesting stories about his childhood. My heart can not help a heat, the original my father was so amiable and lovely. composition

Although my father is not good at words, he always influences me with his own behavior, which makes the content of this page changed from "read. 4" ”Push for you in imperceptibly learned a lot of things. Dad often said: 'there is no best, only better. In order to do his work well and solve difficult problems in his work, he often reads books late into the night. Under his influence, I study very hard, so my academic performance has always been excellent. In order to write a good composition, in addition to reading, I also continue to practice. My father often encouraged me to contribute to the newspapers and periodicals for my good classroom exercises. Now I have more than 30 works published in different newspapers. These successes have deepened my enthusiasm for learning.

Hang 'strictness' on your face and' love 'deep in your heart. This is my father's love. composition

My father's love and my mother's love are kind, just like gentle wind and rain. But my father's love is different. His love is stern. It's the guiding light in my growing up. It's a loaded sailing boat This kind of love is like a lighthouse on the sea, guiding me to the light.

Dad's love is severe. I remember one exam, because of my carelessness, I only got more than 80 points. I went home crying and handed the paper to my father. My father looked at the paper and raised it and said, "what's the matter? That's the low score. " "I - I failed the exam by accident." Dad looked at the test paper again. I took the opportunity to see the expression on my father's face and felt that I was in danger. After a while, my father said to me in a stern tone: "it's only over 80 points. How can I be admitted to Tieyi middle school then! Do you know that you have to pay 15000 yuan for a difference of 0.5 points! As you know, this money can help a poor child from primary school to college I cried even more. But still very hard to say: "I just miss it." "It's another slip." Dad's getting worse. I wiped my tears and said, "Dad, I'm wrong." Dad listened and said seriously, "I'll give you a chance, but listen, you won't watch TV for a month." I said reluctantly, "OK." Dad glared at me and asked me to speak up. I said loudly, "OK." Finally, under my father's education, I got 95 points in the exam.

Ah! This is Dad's love. He will always be in my heart. Father's love if I am a flower, father's love is the soil to cultivate this flower; if I am a boat, father's love is the rudder to guide me; if I am a kite, father's love is the rope to lead me.

My father is not good at words, but he is very strict. When he was young, he was proud of being excellent. When he grew up, he was no longer a full mark test paper. My father's expectations began to become a burden on me, which made it difficult for me to achieve. His father began to find that his daughter, who once made him proud, always let him down in life. His father had more sermons at the dinner table, so he was afraid to eat with his father.

In the drizzle, Dad came, I want to escape, dad pulled me up, I cheer up, we embrace in the rainy season of spring.

When I heard these words, an indescribable heat wave poured into my heart. My heart was wet, but it was dried by him in the heat wave of fatherly love. composition

I fell asleep sweetly, in this sweet father's love, I dream that the bare tree has grown tender green buds, the color is so tender green, so full of vitality.

I quietly lie in bed, the moon can not bear loneliness, or lift the veil, the Qinghui sprinkle to the world. Just think, maybe what she sows is the seed of love, so it is no longer dark. My father and I must have received a seed, and my father's one is better, sending out fragrant love. composition

Perhaps, the father's love is the thorn on the flower branch, and the children are the attractive roses. With the protection of the thorn, the pain and love of the thorn, the children can be more brilliant and fragrant.

I think, father's love is solid, like a mountain, you can get close to it, feel his broad and thick; father's love is warm, like a fireplace, you can get close to it, feel its hot and warm.

At that moment, I knew that it was not my father who did not love me. His love was deep. The deeper he loved, the more strict he taught. It was his sternness that enabled me to obtain a more valuable asset - self-reliance. I was also ashamed that I only understood my father's love until now.

In retrospect, my father was a mountain. He towering towering in the heart of the son, is so tall, is so green. My father is a down-to-earth, sincere, diligent, honest and loyal person. Father's love is not good at expression, can only be understood by heart.

When I cry for the darkness and pain of the world, my father lights up my whole world like the red and bright sun rising every day on the other side of the mountain. A bunch of brilliant light string childhood into a song, I swing in the swing of time, carefree. My father's beard rubbed my innocent laughter and filled the mountain forest. Although sometimes too naughty, I will feel slapped, all the birds do not sing, the forest is also very open, after a long time, I know