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Planting spring

Once upon a time, there was a king with a cold character. All parts of his country were covered with thick snow, and there was never the fragrance of flowers or the green of grass. He longed for spring to come to his country, but spring never came.

At this time, a girl who had been wandering for a long time came to the door of the palace. She was so hungry and tired. But the king was never willing to help others. He told his entourage to drive the girl away.

The poor girl went into the forest in the storm. In the forest, she met a kind farmer. The farmer quickly helped her into the house, let her sleep by the warm stove, covered her with a blanket, and then made bread and hot soup for the girl with the only flour. When he brought the bread and soup to the girl, he found that she was dead.

The farmer buried the girl in the field, put bread and soup in, and covered her with a blanket. The next morning, a miracle appeared: although other places were still covered with snow, the girl's tomb was full of colorful flowers. composition

Here comes spring!

It turns out that this girl is spring. The farmer accepted her, treated her sincerely, nourished her and rested her. So I enjoyed her. composition

Originally, as long as you pay, everything will be harvested, no matter how early you pay, or how late.

Originally, nothing can really die, except a cold heart.

It turns out that spring is quietly in our hands, waiting for us to plant, birth and create it, waiting for us to use love as an intermediary to turn ice into flowers.

Maybe it's not just spring that is waiting for us. Into spring into spring

Walking on the green lawn, a warm spring breeze blows on my face. I closed my eyes and quietly enjoyed the lively and playful spring. Spring is playful, but people insist that she is gentle.

Under the provocation of spring, people are ready to move. The lively and lovely children, scrambling to take off their shoes and socks, scurrying into the cold spring water, barefoot on the smooth pebbles, and mischievous fish playing with each other; the young boys and girls, carrying stocks of backpacks, make an appointment to go out in the spring field, looking at their unrestrained smile, people are filled with emotion and think of their youth Beautiful, try once, they are also in the wild without wanton laughter; that year more than rare old people, old heart is not old, is also unwilling to lag behind, in twos and threes together to exchange the harvest of life, even in the field is full of spring, those diligent aunts in the fat coat of the land while planting food, chatting about home.

With a brisk pace, I entered the spring, into the playful spring. Listening to this happy spring music, I showed a sincere smile. Spring is just like a playful child. composition

Walking into her, you feel the joy.

When you walk into her, you feel the energy. composition

When you walk into her, you hear the joy. Looking for spring, she's coming!

Standing at the gate of Huguangyan, I feel that she is facing the gentle warm wind to wake up the green lawn for our arrival; with the drizzling rain, she presents a cluster of beautiful flowers for our arrival; the bright sunshine is also full of youthful and hopeful light. At this time, the word 'full of spring' can best reflect the scene.

Step into Huguangyan, a typical volcanic section, a lake like mirror of the green water, vigorous and powerful root of the Millennium rattan, strange shapes of rocks will be displayed in front of me one by one. At this moment, the scenery before my eyes makes me feel the warmth, tenderness, strength and beauty of spring!

Sitting on the stone on the Bank of the unique Maar Lake in China, I close my eyes and breathe a breath of fresh air, which is like breathing with me in spring. Listening to the rushing sound of the lake, it seems to purify my soul. Opening my eyes, looking at the green lake, enjoying the beautiful nature. This beautiful Maar Lake is not only the masterpiece of nature, but also the embodiment of the quiet side of spring. People can't help feeling relaxed and cheerful. composition

Walking along the winding stairs, I can't help sighing the power of spring. The trees on both sides of the mountain road are vigorous and powerful, and the vines grow up along the mountain road. It seems that they want to walk with us to see who can reach the top fastest. Long steps, one turn after another, many people return halfway, they can not hold on to the end, and finally give up a good opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery. In fact, the winding mountain road is not like the ladder of life? At last, I stood at the top and looked down. Although I was sweating, it had a different taste for me.

When you plant the seed, if you plant it well, it will grow into the sweetest fruit. Although the planting process is hard, the moment you get the fruit, you will feel it is worth it. composition

Spring, in fact, is a sowing season! The fun of planting I have been fond of growing vegetables since I was four or five years old. In spring, I always take a heavy hoe to open the field, and take out mung beans, red beans, corn, black beans, etc. from home. I also ask others for some pumpkin, sunflower, luffa and other seeds, which are planted in the courtyard downstairs and watered.

Every day, as soon as I got home from kindergarten, I went to pick up the water as soon as I put down my schoolbag. I went to the first floor to pick up the water with a small bucket. At that time, no one lived downstairs. Every time I finish watering, I have a sense of accomplishment, which is always the case. Sure enough, in the summer, I began to harvest and bear a lot of fruits, but I grew too short, so I had to call adults to have enough. My garden has all kinds of fresh vegetables, Luffa, pumpkin, crawling on the security net, like a natural curtain. I have green spinach in spring, spicy garlic in summer and golden corn in autumn.

Up to now, I still grow vegetables, and through learning and consulting materials, I have more experience. Sometimes I can answer the questions about vegetables and plants that even adults don't know how to grow or know. However, a few days ago, when a grandmother moved downstairs, I couldn't grow it. So I went to my grandfather's yard and the open space of the community to plant trees and vegetables.

A few years ago, I asked my father to buy some saplings every year, but so far only two survived. Not long ago, I just met an old man who grew up in the countryside as a child, so I have a lot of experience in growing vegetables and trees. If I don't know anything, I'll ask him. So I asked him why the tree I planted didn't live. It turns out that when you buy trees, you have to go to the suburbs to buy those that have just been dug out. You can't buy them. They look good. In fact, they are those that are sprinkled with water. Before planting, we should first pick out the stones in the soil, loosen the soil, dig the pit as deep as possible, then bury the saplings, step on them tightly, use a hoe to make a few holes for ventilation, then bury a layer of soil, and pour 20 liters of water (related to the soil humidity). However, 5 liters of water a week until germination. I did as my uncle said. Sure enough, one of the peach trees planted on the tree planting day actually sprouted and opened a few small pink flowers. It's said that the results will come out next year. In addition, my uncle also told me a lot about plants. composition

When other children are playing, I'm also planting my vegetables and trees and watering them. I also often help leg script page content by "read. 4" ”For you to push the old grandfather, grandmother watering, fertilization, won everyone's praise.

However, my mother said, "if you plant like this, the efficiency will be too low, and your trousers and clothes will be dirty. If you grow up, you can plant, harvest and plant scientifically with machines." composition

Therefore, I must study hard and make progress every day. When I grow up, I must be admitted to agricultural university to study plants.

Teacher comments:

Great. Learn from you. To tell you the truth, I am a person who knows nothing about plants. I admire you for your hard work, harvest and enjoyment in the process.

The writing is natural, fluent and complete at one go. Life experience is the source of the writing. 2013.4.7

Score: a+

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Hou's achievements

Flowers are spring makeup, leaves are summer meaning, water is autumn trace, snow is winter rain. How can you forget the sunshine, the dust and the heart? The spring rain is like a song, the autumn frost is not a complaint, the summer thunder is a call, and the winter wind is merciless. composition

Holding the sunshine, I plant it in spring, the first thing to wake up is the east wind. She stretched lazily and opened her dim eyes. Suddenly warm still cold, she "a Chou" inhaled the nose wing, hit a shiver, a burst of cold current blew out. She woke up and looked around, but it was still quiet. She nodded to the sun and laughed. He knew what to do. With a group of sunshine brother's hands, he set out. She bent on the ear of the willow and gave a slight ha, and the naughty little brother of the troublemakers made trouble around the neck of the willow. The willow couldn't help tickling and woke up with a smile. They wake up the river, wake up the grass, and even wake up the peach blossom bud. Those babies who have just been born and are full of strangeness to the world do not finish their task until people take off their thick cotton padded clothes and the world begins to blossom. Dongfeng said to the sun with a smile, "I plant you in every corner of the earth. You should bring warmth to the world."

Spring with sunshine is a fairy tale. composition

Holding the sunshine, I plant it in summer. Pomegranate red like fire, lotus clear like water, flowers are embellishment, green is the whole background. The water is murmuring, the river bank is covered with dark green Carex, the trees are luxuriant, the branches and leaves are in traffic, and the eyes are full of layers of deep and shallow green. The sun is particularly dazzling, but it is so warm. There was the sound of jointing everywhere. There is shade in the sun, there are warblers in the shade, the division of dark and light, the blend of sound and music.

A sunny summer is an essay.

Holding the sunshine, I plant it in autumn. The sky is clear, the universe is infinite; the heart is clear, the life is far away. Under the bright sunshine, the sky looks more clean and high. Fallen leaves are yellow, and the thin wings of this chapter may not be lost, but gained. Autumn harvest of golden wings, they fly into the fruit of the earth. The sunshine whispers to you with its bag full of vicissitudes, telling you not only that insects sing and geese sing, but also that light clouds and frost gather and look far away; that there is hometown and far away.

Autumn with sunshine is a long poem.

Holding the sunshine, I plant it in winter. There will be snow in winter and sunshine in winter. Snow makes people feel romantic, sunshine is the warmth of romance. The sunshine in winter is section by section, as if each section has to walk tens of thousands of light years. It's stagnant, it's quiet; it's thin, it's clean. It is like a girl's soft, slightly cold hand, brushing on your face, which is cool, rippling with waves of warm current.

There is sunshine in winter, is a blank.

Planting sunshine, look at the buds sprouting in your hands, the flowers in your heart, are looking forward to spring, oh, spring!

When the green leaves climb on the branches, when the morning