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Make the luminous gold weekly record 300 words

I like to write blog recently. Sometimes I feel that if I don't write one article a day, I always feel that there is something less. The content of this page is from "read. 4" ”Push for you.

My mom and dad have to read every blog I write. Dad only read my blog, and sometimes my classmates' blogs. Mom is not the same. She not only reads my blog, but also likes to read other students' blogs, especially the articles written by the sixth grade students. I don't know. I'm scared. The sixth grade brothers and sisters not only write well, but also write a lot. Some people have written more than 400 articles.

Some of the elder brothers and sisters in Grade 6 wrote less, but I don't know why most of their blogs had more hits and comments than mine. I still can't see why they have so many hits. In terms of blog posts, I have a lot of blog posts; in terms of decoration, my blog posts are also very beautiful; in terms of making friends, I also have many blog circles of other schools.

'well, why don't so many people read my blog? 'I'm a little frustrated. Mom said: 'what's the point? Blogging is to improve your writing. Another thing you have to remember is that gold always shines. You should learn more from others' strong points and constantly improve yourself. You will always get the final success. '

Yes, it is gold, it will always shine, no matter whether others have found you or not, as long as you are perfect enough, you are extraordinary.

With mom's words, I will not lose heart. I will work hard for myself and improve myself. Let's go and make the shining gold!