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Flying over Luding Bridge

Today, we learned the lesson "flying to capture Luding Bridge". I deeply felt the Red Army's spirit of fearing no hardships and no sacrifice.

During the period of May 1935, the red army went north to fight against Japan and advanced towards the natural danger Dadu River. If they want to cross the Dadu River, they must seize the Luding Bridge. Therefore, the Red Army did not eat, did not sleep, snatched the time with the enemy's reinforcements, and took the lead to reach Luding Bridge in the rain. Next, the content of the second page is changed from "read. 4" ”Push the company commandos to attack Luding Bridge. After a bloody battle, the red army won the Luding Bridge, and the main force finally crossed the Dadu River.

The water in Luding Bridge is tens of feet high. Now even the plank has been removed by the enemy, leaving only the iron rope. Dadu River is very fast. If you fall into the river, your life will be over. We can see the difficulty of the Red Army in seizing the bridge.

The Red Army, armed with short guns, sabers and hand grenades, braved the enemy's dense bullets, climbed the iron chain and rushed to the opposite bank Look, in such a difficult and dangerous environment, the Red Army is desperate, fearless of difficulties and dangers, brave and indomitable, and courageous. Their revolutionary spirit is worth learning. composition

Although the long march is far away from us, in the heroic epic written by hundreds of thousands of red military lives and blood, every word is shining with the glory of shaking the soul, and every line has a force precipitated in our national blood. The spirit of the long march is also worth asking every Chinese to learn.

Although, we can't make great contributions to our motherland like our revolutionary predecessors. However, in the face of difficulties and setbacks, we can choose not to be afraid of difficulties and go forward bravely; in the face of the gains and losses of collective and individual interests, we can choose to sacrifice ourselves and put the collective interests above everything else. Down to earth, seriously do everything, study hard, work hard, persevere After reading "thousands of rivers and thousands of mountains" in the composition, the book "thousands of rivers and thousands of mountains" introduces us some little stories of the Red Army on the way of the long march. This book is written to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the long march. After reading it, I learned that during the Long March, the soldiers were not satisfied with food and clothing and worked very hard.

One of the most touching stories in this book is about a piece of beef. It mainly tells the story that instructor Wang gave his only piece of beef to other comrades and finally died because he didn't eat for several days. I think instructor Wang is really a good instructor. I can sacrifice myself for other comrades. I am very moved by his noble quality of sacrificing himself to save others. We should learn from him and be a person who can contribute more to others.

In fact, it is not only instructor Wang who has such noble qualities. In the course of the 25000 Li Long March, many people with noble qualities have emerged, and their moving deeds are all printed in our hearts.

How hard the soldiers worked during the long march! They forced across the Dadu River, seized the Luding Bridge, and crossed the grassland. In such a difficult situation, the soldiers did not shrink back and worked hard to advance. Their spirit of fearing no difficulties deserves our praise. We should be proud of our motherland and the soldiers who are not afraid of difficulties. composition

Students, we should carry forward the spirit of the Long March, without these soldiers, there would be no motherland today. Soldiers, thank you for your hard work for our motherland. We will never forget you. You will always be our example and the pride of our motherland.