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Thank your parents

People say: 'father's love is like a mountain, mother's love is like water. "Yes, our parents love us like mountains and rivers, but the continuous mountains and waters also need us to return, care and care.

Parents are strict and love us. Only when our parents love us can they be strict with us. Hope your son will become a dragon, and hope your daughter will become a Phoenix. This is the wish of all the parents in the world. They place all their hopes on us. However, there are not many people who really care about their parents.

I remember once, in a restaurant, I saw a woman dressed in plain clothes, and a child dressed in famous brand clothes, but in her teens. The child yelled: 'Mom, dad is coming soon. Your dress will hurt my face. Go on, hurry up! 'I've heard that the couple are divorced and brought by his mother. His father comes back occasionally to see them,

His mother worked hard and didn't earn much, but the child wanted face very much. Oh, it's sad.

Think of here, in the heart tears can't help gushing tears. Think of oneself usually very disobedient, make parents angry, want this want that. I'm so ashamed. Should we repay our parents for their hard work in raising us?

From now on, from this second on, I want to be grateful to my parents. When my parents are sick, I want to take care of them. This is gratitude. When my parents are worried, we can share their worries and solve their difficulties. This is gratitude. I want to wash my parents' feet and face and help them do what I can. This is also gratitude!

Thanksgiving is not difficult, as long as you have the heart, and action, this is good. Let Thanksgiving people as many as flowers, like flowers forever, let Thanksgiving parents become everyone to do! Then the world will be better.

Today is a day of Thanksgiving, I was thinking: Thanksgiving is coming, who should I be grateful to? After thinking for a while, I thought of my parents. Yes, I should be grateful to my parents. From the moment I was born, they had an extra task to take care of me. From the babbling child to the sixth grade I am now, my parents have been with me day and night. Thank them for teaching us how to be human and how to be polite. There is such a sentence in Zengguang Xianwen: "filial piety is the first in thousands of classics.". The meaning of this sentence is: filial piety to parents should be done first according to thousands of classic principles. As the saying goes, filial piety to our parents is really the first thing we should do. Flowers appreciate the rain, because the rain moistens its growth; eagles appreciate the sky, because the sky makes it fly; mountains appreciate the earth, because the earth makes it towering. We are grateful to our parents because they let us experience life. I still remember one time when I went to a guzheng competition, my parents carefully selected my clothes and accompanied me to the competition. On the way, my parents kept encouraging me. When I got to the competition field, they said with a smile: 'don't be nervous, just be calm. 'after a while, it's my turn. I went to the stage and started playing after the introduction. It's a pity that he only played half of it and went down. I walked up to my parents and they comforted me: "failure is the mother of success. Don't lose heart. You will succeed one day.". 'a few days later, I got the certificate. My parents didn't say much, but they were overjoyed. Thank you, mom and Dad! Mom and Dad, I will be your good daughter next life. The love of parents, the love of the world. Mother's love is like water, moistening my heart; father's love is like a mountain, teaching me to grow up. My mother's love is gentle and sweet; my father's love is resolute and sincere. Mother's love is elegant, like a spring breeze; father's love is heavy, teaching me to be calm. Mother's love is nagging like a shadow; father's speechless love teaches me perseverance. Maternal love like fire, warm my heart! Mother's love is like the sea, containing everything! The world who does not love their parents! Although my parents are not with me, they always call me every week to make this page read by "read. 4" ”Push me to pick you up. In the phone, my father cares about my study, my mother cares about my life, and my parents care about everything. When I was a child, I didn't listen to my parents. Sometimes I didn't answer the phone. Now I have grown up, I listen to my parents' words, but I am not good at expression. Today, with the help of composition net, I write an impromptu poem: express my deep love for my parents! Although the love of parents is only based on the telephone and computer, although we are far away from each other, my parents are at the head of the Yangtze River, and I am at the tail of the Yangtze River. We want to say a word is not easy, but my parents always call me when I am after school. My parents have a video chat with me on weekends. Mom and Dad: I know that over the years, you have paid a lot for me. Child, I have grown up, I already know how to be filial to you, but I didn't even give you a basin of foot washing water. I was not sensible before. Please forgive me! Time is like running water. I hope you pay more attention to your health. I don't want my parents to get old too fast. The reason is that I love you! It's you who brought us to this world. I should thank you. I want to study hard and work hard! I think the best way to be grateful is to use achievements. Zhangji primary school in Laohekou City, Xiangfan City, Hubei Province, thanks to my parents for their 1100 words. I grew from a little girl who was ignorant to a big girl who was easy-going. My parents have made great contributions! From being a toddler to going to school, every process, every day, every drop, there are traces of their sweaters. Only my parents hold up a happy blue sky for me, only my parents help me plug in the wings of my ideal, only my parents build a forest of knowledge for me, only my parents will be happy to take good care of me, only my parents will give me meticulous love & helli p;… Before the third grade, I did not understand the world, its hardships, its twists and turns, I knew nothing. It was my parents who told me that life should be meaningful, meaningless life is not a complete life, it is just a waste of life. I love you I don't know what love is. My parents also told me that love is an indispensable thing in life. People without love must be ruthless. There are many kinds of love: father love, mother love, self love, friendship and love. To be a good person, we must first learn to love others. Only when we learn to love, can we learn to live and behave. When I was young, I accepted these words full of philosophy. Now, I finally understand the cruelty of the world and the greatness of love! For the crystallization of my love, my parents love to build a better future, let me grow up, day by day, I learned how to love others, how to live a meaningful life, life. From learning, I know the hard work of my parents. Because of our children, the world has become so vast, we get strength and motivation in the bath of love, to create our own life Sky, my own paradise, open up my own sky. All the parents in the world are kind and can do anything for their children. I heard such a touching story: my father, who was hospitalized in the morning, said to his daughter, who was in bed with me: "you slept soundly last night, and you died more than me; \"This is the second night. The night before, the 60 year old father suddenly fell asleep, his consciousness was blurred and his behavior was strange. His wife and daughter rushed him to hospital. They took money to pay, answered the doctor's questions, went through the formalities and made a mess. He just stood up, sat down and murmured to himself & hellip; & hellip; The doctor said that his illness was only accidental, temporary, and all aspects of the indicators of thorough investigation were normal. The whole family could at least have a good sleep. Therefore, the daughter listened to her father's words and only laughed, thinking: it's right to sleep more deeply. So she didn't reply to her father. After a few days, my father was happy When he recovered and discharged from hospital, he occasionally talked about the door of the ward: the spring door. It was silent when it was opened and opened. It was unnecessary to install the bolt. During the day and night, doctors and nurses kept flowing and opened it with their feet. Of course, there was no iron fence in the window of the ward; "So when I fell asleep, I opened my eyes wide when I heard something. I couldn't put it down. I woke up and fell asleep. So I tossed all night." looking at my father, my daughter couldn't figure out how he could drink a few mouthfuls of porridge a day if a gangster came in. He had a needle in his hand, dripping with normal saline and amino acids. I'm afraid he couldn't breathe when I met a bad man But he still remembered to protect his daughter. Her daughter burst into tears. She suddenly understood: This is the father. After listening to this story, I respect my father and mother more. Even if I can't do it, I think of my children in my heart. My parents will always smile at you mercifully and say to you happily. Even if they beat and scold us, they will be condemned mercilessly, The pain on the heart is far more than the pain on your body! They all believe in a saying: life is precious, the price of children is higher! Dear parents, thank you speech is priceless. We grow up in the sunshine of love, we nourish the true feelings of the world, how many times we fall asleep with the feeling of happiness, how many times we dream about the future with moving tears. The last Thursday in November is Thanksgiving. Although it is far away, a grateful heart and a feeling of gratitude will always be in my heart. People who are always grateful are the happiest, and the life with gratitude is the sweetest. Learn to be grateful - to my parents, because they have given me precious life, learn to be grateful - to everything around me, because they have given me harmonious and healthy growth space. Don't forget to say 'thank you'. There is a word most cordial, there is a call most beautiful, there is a person most to thank, there is a person most should be grateful, it is -'mother '. Mother's wrinkles are deep, she gives me beautiful youth, mother's hands are thick, she gives me warm sunshine, mother's waist is bent, she gives me straight back, mother's eyes are dazzled, she gives me bright eyes. Facing mother's deep feelings and listening to her ardent wishes, we should learn to be grateful and learn to be grateful. But most of the time, we are used to receiving this kind of love and taking it for granted. Gradually forget to move, forget to say thank you. Mother's love is like a cup of strong tea, we need to taste it carefully. Mother's love is touching. Let us live a happy life, let us grow up without worry, is the wish of all parents, if maternal love is a ship, carrying us from youth to maturity; then paternal love is a sea, giving us a happy harbor. If mother's true love ignites our hope, then father's love will be the sail of our long voyage. What can I thank you for