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I love the red cherry in my hometown

My hometown is Zhaotong, which is rich in apples and cherries. I especially like cherries. The ruddy cherries look watery, and the juice inside seems to break out of the skin, which makes people salivate. The yellow pulp is wrapped with oval nuts.

Spring has just arrived, the branches of the cherry tree are full of white cherry blossoms, which compete with each other. After a few days, the flowers wither, leaving green cherries. Unknowingly, the green cherries begin to turn yellow and shiny, and then turn into crystal clear red cherries, just like red gemstones hanging all over the branches. At the end of April, if you go to the cherry orchard, pick one and put it in your mouth, and your tongue touches the smooth peel, you feel very comfortable. With a gentle tip of your tongue, the peel will crack, the fresh pulp will come out, and the delicious juice will be moderately sour and sweet. Listen to my mother, cherries can also be used as medicine to treat arthritis! Immature cherries are sour. Ripe cherries are sweet and sweet. People like them more and more. Once, I ate cherries too fast and accidentally ate a nut. I thought cherry trees would grow from my stomach, which scared me to cry.

How do you like the red cherry in our hometown? I love the cherries in my hometown. I love the mountains and water in my hometown. I love the attractive red cherries in my hometown even more!

When the cherries in my hometown didn't bear fruit, the pink cherry blossoms full of trees and the delicate petals of cherry blossoms gave off a fragrant and attractive aroma, which made people fall into the cherry fragrance and don't want to leave for a long time.

Finally, with our eagerness, the cherry blossoms withered and the cherries came to fruition. At first, cherries were only the size of soybeans, green and hard. Take off one and put it into your mouth. With a gentle bite, the sour and astringent juice surged out like a tide. You have to spit it out.

In June and July, the cherry trees were already covered with red cherries like agate. Then go pick another one and try it, ah! The sweet and sour taste fills your throat and intoxicates you. composition

I love the cherry in my hometown! Chen Liuchi, grade 5 of Bazhong experimental primary school, is a user's original article. Reprinting without permission is prohibited! Cherry in my hometown my hometown is in a mountain village. Every family grows cherry trees. I love the cherry in my hometown!

The spring rain is like silk. The cherry tree greedily sucks the dew of spring and grows white and red flowers early. Looking around, it looks like pink clouds.

The cherry blossoms fell behind and pulled out tender leaf buds. Soon, the leaves grew up and dressed the cherry tree in green.

Unconsciously, the green leaves are covered with bean sized cherries. They are not like peaches and apricots one by one, but 35% in a pinch, with numerous fruits. composition

Cherries are green at first. They taste sour and astringent. Gradually, cherries grow up. They are bright red. Bright, like red agates. Cherries are delicious, sour and sweet. My favorite is the red and purple cherries. They taste sweet. Once you eat them, you still want to eat ten pots.

I love the cherry in my hometown! I love the small village in the countryside, remember^^

I love small villages in the countryside

Baofeng Huangli primary school

Zhou Ling's composition in class 4 (1)

Huangli has a Qiligang, a small village with beautiful scenery. I was born here and grew up here. I see it changing day by day. Although it does not have the majestic peaks of Mount Tai or the fiery red leaves of Xiangshan, its changing scenery throughout the year always makes people linger.

When the spring swallow comes, the scenery of the mountain village is the most charming. You see, the pink peach blossoms and white cherry blossoms are all over the front and back of the house, and the golden winter jasmine flowers are all over the river bank and ridge. The bright and fragrant flowers attract countless bees and butterflies singing and dancing in the flowers. Will these dazzle you? Chaos. Some swallows in groups are flying in the air, some may be tired and stop on the electric wire. It's like writing a staff to praise spring, and others are busy building new nests under the eaves and balcony; Clever birds chirped on the branches, which added infinite vitality to our small village. composition

When the summer cicada sang, the wheat seedlings in the field had pulled out new ears. A gust of wind blew, and the wheat waves fluctuated like ripples in the lake. The cherry tree in front of every family was red. When we saw it, our friends went straight under the tree, pulled down a branch, picked a few grains and stuffed them into their mouth without cleaning. The sweet sour taste is really beautiful!

When the autumn wind is cool, the scenery in the mountain village is even more attractive. The grape trellis in front of the courtyard is covered with a string of glittering and translucent grapes, which makes people swallow their saliva at the first sight. Tanabe? {the trees are covered with "red lanterns". The flower beds in front of the door are full of chrysanthemums. Occasionally, a few butterflies fly into the flowers. It's really like flying into the flowers and looking for nowhere.

When the snow is falling in winter, the village looks very quiet. There is a vast expanse of white everywhere. The heavy snow makes our mountain village look like a world made of powder and jade. Our children in the mountain are not afraid of the cold. They jump and chase in the snow, make snowmen, have snowball fights, and their small hands are frozen into carrots, but no one cries. At this time, you can see that the snow gathered on the branches is shocked by our happy laughter Cough down.

Now the village road has been built to the door of every family. My brothers and sisters who live in the city don't go to the park on May Day this year, but come back by car to enjoy the unique scenery of their hometown. They breathe the sweet air and listen to the beautiful songs of birds and springs. They are very happy. When they leave, they can't help saying to me: "Sister, I feel a beautiful word when I return to my hometown village!" I said happily: "welcome back in summer vacation!"

After watching my brother and sister go, I was intoxicated with the beautiful scenery.

Comments: with spring swallow, summer cicada, autumn wind and winter snow as the main line, the little author enthusiastically praised the charming scenery of small villages in the countryside all year round. At the beginning, he compared Mount Tai and Xiangshan to set off the beauty of small villages. At the end, he expressed his love for small villages incisively and vividly with his brother's words and his feeling of "intoxication". My hometown is beautiful my hometown is beautiful

I love Xixiang, because my hometown is in Xixiang. It is a beautiful place. It is also known as the most beautiful tea town in China. There are many famous places here, such as cherry valley, Wuzi mountain and so on. Do you want to know them? Please listen to me one by one

★ Cherry Valley, one of the beautiful scenery in Hometown:

Spring is cold and chilly. Chimonanthus praecox vomits fragrance in clusters and patches of white and simple mountain flowers. They are more exquisite than pear flowers and more lush than plum flowers. That is cherry blossoms. Of course, it is a wild variety. She is called "the first flower of the east wind". It should not be a pretense. Composition

I don't know who domesticated the wild cherry species into a family treasure. I don't know who planted the first cherry tree in Xixiang County. I don't know who opened the first cherry garden in Xixiang city. I don't know who initiated the grand plan of a 10000 mu cherry base here. But I know that Cherry Valley is not only the symbol of the times and the dream of the century in Xixiang, but also the spiritual home of Xixiang people. The traffic there is also very convenient Then, you can get there from all directions. Standing at the highest place, you can overlook all the county towns with a wide view. Township cherry ditch is located in Xijia ditch in the north of Xixiang County, which is rich in "agate" among fruits It has been more than 200 years since it was named after the cherry. The cherry tree in the ditch was formed naturally and gradually formed a scale after artificial planting, covering an area of more than 20 hectares. The cherry tree blooms in early March every year, and the fruit ripening period is from late April to early May. In view of the long flowering and fruit setting period of cherry and the suitable climate, it is the best time for leisure tourism.

As the saying goes, "cherries are delicious, but trees are difficult to grow." the cherries in the cherry ditch have thin skin, thick meat, big and sweet taste, mainly because the soil in the ditch is the best soil for the growth of cherry trees, with small slope, uniform light, moderate rain and mature fruits

In the season, each one is crystal clear, just like a string of agates hanging on the branches, which is beautiful. With the development of tourism in our county, especially since the annual cherry festival was held in 2000, the number of tourists to Cherry Valley has exceeded 30000. At present, the traffic in the valley is accessible in all directions, which is the best place for tourism and leisure.

★ Wuzi mountain, the second beautiful scenery of Hometown:

Wuzi mountain scenic spot is located at the north foot of Bashan mountain in the southeast of Xixiang County. It is dominated by Wuzi mountain with "three steep peaks and two water surrounded", and features tens of thousands of green white bark pine forests, including Ziwu mountain, Daxia River, Houshan tea garden, pastoral scenery and Yankou Town, covering an area of about 25 square kilometers.

Wuzi mountain is a magical mountain, towering into the clouds, with numerous peaks, secluded valleys and dense forests. Clouds and fog float around. Precious white bark pine forests are all over the mountain, integrating the great Bank of Qinling Mountains, the elegance of Bashan mountain and the elegance of Han River. It is known as "Hannan scenic spot" and "Xiaohua mountain in southern Shaanxi". It is one of the holy places for our early Taoist activities and the center of Taoist activities in southern Shaanxi.

The natural landscapes mainly include Wuzi Chaoxia, white bark pine forest, feifeng mountain, Daxia River, Xiaoxia River, hot wind cave, Boge cave, Jiulong Feiquan, Dongpo red leaf, thousand mu tea garden, etc. the cultural landscapes include Wuzi temple, Fengxi Pavilion, Yushun temple, Yinma pool, Shengshui weir and ancient town on weir.

There are several original temples in Wuzi mountain, collectively referred to as Wuzi temple. According to the existing stele on the mountain, the "Yisheng Baozhen monarch hall" (i.e. the main hall of Shangguan), the medicine king hall, the Niangniang aid Pavilion and the longevity hall were rebuilt in the fifth year of Shaoxing (1135) of Emperor Gaozong of the Southern Song Dynasty, and thousands of pines and cypresses were planted, which added a lot to the beauty of Wuzi mountain. In the tenth year of Hongzhi of emperor Xiaozong of the Ming Dynasty (1497) The lower view was rebuilt, and the upper view was built from the bottom view. Stone steps were paved on the winding path along the way to the top of the mountain. In the second year of Zhengde of Wuzong (1507), the middle view was rebuilt, and more than ten steles were erected along the tuzhai. In the seventh year of Zhengde of Wuzong (1512) , the Shangguan temple, the dormitory, the Lei Zu hall, the Yuan emperor hall, the Houzhai gate and the iron city were built, and 42 500 Lingguan temples were built. There were 72 small temples at the corner of the curve. From the 11th year of Yongzheng to the 10th year of Qianlong (1733-1745), the empress's aid pavilion was rebuilt and 13 stone tablets were carved. By the 12th year of Guangxu, it was repaired year by year.

There are three floors of the upper hall, one for the middle hall and one for the lower hall. There are 6L rooms with a building area of 1854.49 square meters. Two bronze Buddhas cast in the Ming Dynasty survived: one is 167 cm high and 90 cm wide; the other is 154 cm high and 90 cm wide. There is also a vertical statue of Buddha cast by iron in Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty and a large iron bell in the 50th year of Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. There are many murals in the hall. There are many white pines on the mountain, which are precious Expensive plants.

The stone wall on the left side of Wuzi mountain soars into the sky like a flying phoenix. The stone cliff is engraved with the words "feifeng mountain", which is vigorous and vigorous. It is said that Zhang Fei wrote this book during the Three Kingdoms; on the side is the word "tiger head cliff", which can be vaguely distinguished. I don't know who wrote it.

On Wuzi mountain, when the sun is about to rise, the rosy clouds cover the sky, and the peaks are red, reflecting the water. The mountains and rivers are one color, which is incomparably magnificent. It has always been known as "Wuzi Chaoxia" and is one of the Eight Sights of Xixiang.

★ the third beauty of hometown --- Taibai Cave:

It is located in chazhen Town, 34 kilometers east of Xixiang County. It is close to national highway 210, crosses a double curved arch bridge taibaidong bridge over the canyon, and then goes more than 100 meters along the mountain road between the cliffs. You can see the jagged rocks, such as uncanny workmanship, the deep valley at the foot, the gurgling water and the strange waterfall, also known as "water"