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I admire a person's composition of 350 words

The person I admire is Helen Keller. She has eyes as clear as a lake and curly blond hair.

Helen Keller is a weak woman who lives in the lonely years of irrelevant, silent and speechless. However, it was such a person who was claustrophobic in the dark and silent world, overcame unimaginable physical obstacles, and was admitted to Harvard Radcliffe College, a world-famous university, becoming the first deaf mute to obtain a liberal arts degree; She used all the strength of her life to run around for the disabled and set up a number of charities to create gods for the disabled. In this passage, we understand: 'this little girl has brought courage to the disabled, blind and deaf mute!'

The girl who lives in the dark every day has courage and strength that people can't have. This courage comes from working hard, fighting, self-confidence and love of life.

We disabled people should learn from Helen Keller and love life as much as she does! At the same time, tell those 1 people in trouble: 'never give up!'

Each of us has the right to live. No matter whether we are healthy or not, as long as we love life and life, we will be able to create our own world, weave our own road and let ourselves go! I admire a person's composition of 350 words. From small to large, there are many people I admire. What I admire most is a cleaning aunt. Her spirit of serving the people is deeply engraved in my heart. She, let me know a lot of truth.

It was a Monday and it was raining cats and dogs. When I came to the school gate, I was already wet. When I hurried into the school, I found a cleaner's aunt in the dense crowd. She kept sneezing. It was obvious that she had caught a cold. I went over to her and said, 'it's raining so hard. You can sweep it another day.' She said, "no, no matter what, I have to do my job well. If not, there will be no guarantee for social environmental protection." I listened, nodded approvingly and ran to the school.

Another night, my parents and I went for a walk in the square and met her again. She swept the floor carefully all the way. On a row of seats on the roadside, a group of young people were chatting and eating snacks. Spit out the melon seed shell, eat leftover peel all over the sky, and the ground is a mess. The cleaner's aunt used to persuade: "destroying the environment is a bad behavior. Please take care of the environment." Unexpectedly, those young people didn't even lift their heads and still went their own way. Seeing that Gui couldn't persuade, the cleaner's aunt quietly swept away the garbage. Those young people are so small compared with her. She has made extraordinary achievements in that ordinary post. She is admirable and worthy of our study.

The cleaner's aunt's spirit of fearing no dirt, no fatigue, hard work and silent dedication deeply inspires me, and I admire her very much. I have a person I admire most. She is not a star. She is just an ordinary cleaner. Her clothes are simple, skinny and dark. She is not afraid of cold and heat, fatigue and mess. She sticks to her post every day and works in obscurity.

One hot summer, my mother and I went to the cold drink wholesale department to wholesale popsicles. Just after my mother and I finished wholesale popsicles and walked into the street, I saw a young man eating oranges and throwing the orange peel on the ground. I thought: 'the cleaner must be angry'. However, she didn't get angry. Instead, she swept away the orange peel with a broom and dustpan in her hand, and then reasoned with the young man: 'the orange peel should be thrown into the garbage can. If the garbage is not handled properly, our living environment will become worse and our food will become worse. Later, we will all get sick!' With that, everyone cast a favorable look at the cleaner. The young man had to leave with embarrassment. As soon as the young man left, his aunt found that there was too much garbage on the sewer and there was water. She was worried that the sewer might be blocked. She walked quickly without saying a word. Put your hands in the water to dig the garbage. The garbage is finished. Aunt smiled and swept away. Aunt went away, but her back remained in my heart forever. I think our city would not be so beautiful without their hard work.

She is not afraid of cold and heat. She works in obscurity every day. I really admire this cleaner aunt! The person I admire most is Mr. Wang.

Mr. Wang is of medium height and has black waterfall hair. Under the two curved eyebrows, there are a pair of bright eyes and a eloquent mouth under the eyes.

Since Mr. Wang took us to our class, we found that the students in our class were very timid, so Mr. Wang used the method of sealing to motivate us. As long as each student performs well, he will have the opportunity to get the seal. As long as there are fifty seals, you can get a certificate of award and hang it above the blackboard. Slowly, the students in our class raised their hands in class. You see, Miss Wang has many ways!

Mr. Wang also encourages people. Once, Miss Wang asked us to answer questions. At that time, I was very timid, so I stood up and answered questions in a low voice. I felt my heart would shake every word I read. Welcome to pay attention to wechat: www4hw get more knowledge. After that, I felt dissatisfied and lowered my head even more. I thought to myself, 'this time Mr. Wang will severely criticize me.' However, Mr. Wang kindly said to me, 'it's all right. Try harder next time, and you will make progress than this time.' At that time, I was very moved. Since then, as soon as I had a Chinese class, I held my hand high for fear that the teacher wouldn't call me. When Mr. Wang asked me to read the text, my heart was happy. I read the text loudly, spoke clearly, and there was no mistake. At this time, the teachers and students applauded me, and I was almost elated. Since then, I have become more confident. Sometimes, Miss Wang jokes with us! We all like her very much.

This is the person I admire, Miss Wang. The person I admire most is 350 words. She works hard every day for me to read. He is my dear mother. This is the person I admire most. My mother is not tall and fat. I sometimes call her 'fat pig'! Although she is fat, she is very smart. Every time I encounter problems I can't, she always teaches me patiently. When I came home from school again, Yan Ruyue and I did our homework in the house. After that, we played computer games with her. After a long time. It's more than six o'clock. I'm afraid my mother will suddenly go home and turn off the computer. I'm afraid she knows. If she knows, I'll be miserable. However, I sat downstairs for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and 40 minutes. I don't know how long she won't come. It's almost eight o'clock and she won't come yet. This is the latest day in history! The sound of the motorcycle sounded, and my mother finally came back. I saw her hands full of dust, her waist lost a circle, and her face covered with wrinkles. I'm so distressed! From then on, I found that work is so hard and family affection is so sad. My mother, for the whole family and for me, has never said these words: mother is very tired. She did this so that I wouldn't worry. I admire him too much. I admire her hard work. She doesn't ask for anything in return. She thinks of others. Many words can be used on her, too many, too many & hellip& hellip;

Some people admire Ronaldo, who is famous on the football field; Some people admire Beethoven, a musician who can play countless wonderful music; Some people admire the knowledgeable Lu Xun; Some people admire & hellip& hellip;& hellip; But I admire an ordinary little boy in Sichuan. Do you know why?

We have to start with the Wenchuan earthquake on May 12, 2008. At 14:28 p.m., everyone in Wenchuan was working and studying & hellip& hellip; Suddenly the earth shook, the mountains jumped and the ground cracked, and a Wenchuan earthquake shocked the world and China, leaving Wenchuan people separated from their families and homeless, factories, schools and government organs & hellip& hellip; All collapsed and many people were buried under the ruins. One little boy and two classmates survived, but the two classmates were seriously injured. The little boy comforted his classmates and said, 'don't be afraid, let's find a way together.' While waiting for the rescue team, they tried to save themselves. Later, the little boy found the exit. After climbing out, the little boy gradually expanded the exit. The exit was much larger, and the little boy recited the two classmates.

I admire him for being fearless and calm in the face of danger. He can not only come out of danger, but also save others. He is really an example for me to learn from! I admire a person most. There is a person with more than 500 degrees of glasses on her high nose. Her eyebrows are black and thick. Her face is melon seed shaped. She is not very beautiful, but she can't hold much knowledge in her head. You have to ask who she is. She is my sister who loves learning, forgetting herself and being naughty.

It's no exaggeration to say that she loves learning to be selfless and naughty. If you don't believe it, please look at the following three things.

Once, my mother asked me to ask my sister to eat. I asked for a long time, but no one answered. I looked into the room and it was true -- my sister was concentrating on a difficult problem.

One year on the second day of the lunar new year, our whole family went to grandma's house, but my sister just didn't go because she wanted to stay at home and study. When we got home, my sister said, 'Hey, why did you come back so early? I haven't finished reading this book yet.' I said, 'sister, look, it's four o'clock. It's still early?' Alas, my sister is lost in reading again.

Another time, my sister said to me, 'Xiaojing, let me test you to add: (20 + 50) + (40 + 40) + 100 =? If you're right, you're the number. " Then my sister ran away. I think: 20 + 50 = 7040 + 40 = 8070 + 80 = 150150 + 100 = 250, then my sister is scolding me for being 250.

You said, can I not admire such a learning and naughty sister?

Heping Road School 4

In my heart, there is a person I admire -- you.

You care about our study. Whenever we have a problem, you don't tell us the answer first, but tell us the method again and again until we understand it, and then put down the heart hanging in the air. Whenever I make a mistake, although you look unhappy, you still guide me with a pleasant face. After class, you are still meticulously correcting your homework. When we have a happy laugh on the playground, you are holding your homework books in the office and patiently marking them one by one: when we fall into a sweet dream, you are carefully preparing the next day's course at home. Your hard work has won us all proud achievements.

Mr. Du, you not only care about our study, but also devote all your efforts to life.

I remember that time, a classmate accidentally hurt his leg in PE class. Please put it down immediately