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Help mom wash her feet

From childhood, my mother helped me wash my feet, and I never helped my mother wash my feet once. I think I should wash my mother's feet once to repay my mother. One night, I poured hot water, afraid of scalding my mother's feet, added some cold water, and then went to bring soap and towels to wash my mother's feet. When I brought the foot washing water to my mother and asked her to wash it, I saw my mother's eyes wet and a tear seemed to fall. I hurried forward to comfort my mother, but my mother hugged me in her arms and said excitedly, 'son, when you grow up, my mother doesn't hurt you in vain.' Yes, I just washed my mother's feet once. My mother was very moved. My mother raised me for ten years and washed my feet every day. Sometimes I don't listen to my mother and play a child's temper. I'm so sorry for my mother. I must listen to my mother, study hard, make progress every day, and repay my mother with excellent results. Help mom wash her feet. Mom brings herself to this world, supports herself for the first time, takes the first step in life, and listens to the first unclear words... After the autumn of 13, mom's love is no longer so clear, but waits silently and pays quietly. It is as delicate as a trickling stream, quiet and sweet. Whenever I think about this, there will always be a ripple of love at the bottom of my heart. Through the years, I found that it was my mother's old age in exchange for my rhyme, my mother's hard work in exchange for my wisdom... My mother's love maintained my life! What I want is just a beginning, but my mother is holding me back from a beautiful life; All I want is a pure land, but my mother holds up a gorgeous sky for me with her weak shoulders. In the face of this unrequited love in this life, I understand that I can't and don't want to be too demanding. Having a flower is better than the whole flowering season. Today, I should be grateful. However, the depth of emotion makes me unable to find a fixed reason. If you want to tell your mother with the most gorgeous words, what you write is a clumsy and simple text; Want to use the most beautiful song to praise my mother, but it is the usual monotonous track. So far, my song is gone, and my tears sob.

In the evening, my mother dragged her tired body home, sat on the sofa and didn't want to move anything. I saw my mother's real heartache, so I took out the old way to wash my mother's feet and let my mother's spirit recover. I brought a pot of steaming water in the bathroom and put it at my mother's feet. Then I helped my mother take off her shoes and socks and put her feet into the hot water. I saw my mother's locked eyebrows finally stretch. I was very happy to see my mother like this. But touching the calloused foot is not a taste in my heart. I can't help but sour my nose and burst into tears. Mom, my good mother, only you love me most in the world. It's actually my fault to quarrel with you when I was a child. You pay yourself for me, but sometimes I don't know how to cherish it. Mom, the song "only mom is good in the world" is not false at all. Mom, please forgive me for everything in the past, isn't it! From today on, I will repay you with excellent achievements. I don't want you to worry about me anymore. I will honor you and make you smile and live forever. Thinking about it, I jumped into my mother's arms. My mother reacted from surprise and smiled happily. She lost the wrinkles on her face. My mother kindly said, 'as long as you study hard and achieve excellent results, you will be the greatest reward to my mother.' I listened and nodded hard. My mother smiled. I brought a foot cloth to clean my mother's feet. It's washing my feet, which makes me understand the hard work of being a parent. It's washing my feet, which brings comfort to my mother. It's washing my feet, which makes me know that as long as I study hard, it's the greatest return to my mother.

Mom, I won't live up to your hope for me. I will study hard to repay your kindness in raising me. The first time I washed my mother's feet, the first time I washed my mother's feet

In my childhood, the most unforgettable thing was to wash my mother's feet. The thing is this: one day, my mother said to us, "Alas, I don't know why my feet have been very sour." When I heard my mother say this, I suddenly came up with a good idea. After dinner, I asked my sister to come over and discuss my idea: wash my mother's feet. My sister and sister agreed with my idea and started. My sister is responsible for pouring water, my sister is responsible for taking towels, and I am responsible for inviting my mother over. Mom came and the whole person was stunned. We said to our mother in unison, "Mom, you've worked hard! Please come and wash your feet! " Say it. My sister beat my mother's back, my sister rubbed my mother's feet, and I washed my mother's feet.

After washing her feet, my mother relaxed and said to us, "this is the first time I've been so relaxed, thank you." Looking at my mother's wrinkled face, I feel that my mother has paid a lot of hard work to take care of us. I remember that usually, my mother always leaves us what we like to eat, but she is not willing to eat herself; How I want to say, "Mom, I love you." I must make up my mind, study hard, get good grades and repay my mother. Help my mother wash my feet. My mother is too busy opening a shop. She doesn't come back until 11 or 12 o'clock every day. She is very tired and too hard. She also works for me from morning to night. On this day, I thought that when I was a child, my mother always helped me wash my feet and used me like a little princess. If I wash my feet with my mother, my mother will be able to relieve fatigue, so today I waited for my mother to come home.

'dong 'only heard a knock on the door. My mother came back. Looking at my mother dragging her tired body back, I quickly ran to my mother and said,' Mom, let me wash your feet today! ' My mother smiled and nodded. After that, I brought a basin of warm water and toilet water. The house exuded a fragrance. Then I helped my mother take off her shoes and socks and try the water temperature. Just then I asked my mother to put her feet in the basin. At this time, my mother said affably: 'my angel has grown up.' I was very happy when I heard it. I wet the towel and then gently wet my mother's feet. My mother showed a happy smile on her face. I raised my mother's feet and wiped my mother's rough instep with a towel. I wiped my feet very carefully. I wanted to recognize my mother more comfortable. When I washed the back, I saw several cracks on my mother's instep. I had a high fever late at night. My mother hurt me by glass when she carried me to the hospital. There were also thick calluses and blisters. My mother came out when "" pushed you to work in school in order to make me have this page. I can't help but feel sore at the thought of this, Tears welled up from my eyes and dropped into the foot wash basin. My mother stroked my head and said, 'silly child, it doesn't matter if my mother is bitter, as long as you learn better.' I burst into tears and said with a smile, 'Mom, is that all you ask of me?' Every parent is like this, as long as their children are useful to society & hellip& hellip;& hellip;' Unknowingly, my mother's feet were washed. I picked up a towel and carefully wiped the water clean. I also massaged my mother's feet, because I heard that there were many acupoints on my feet, which made people more comfortable. I rubbed them gently. After a while, I helped my mother put on the shoes. My mother said with satisfaction: 'this is the most comfortable time since I was born. My daughter washed it for me gently.'

I thought to myself: I only did one thing for my mother, but my mother was very happy, and I! My mother has done thousands of things for me. As long as I can't do one well, I'm not satisfied. I'm ashamed. At this time, I thought of a famous saying: crows have filial piety to feed back, and sheep know the grace of kneeling milk. Crows and sheep know to honor their elders. Why can't we?

Maternal love is as wide as the sea, so people say: maternal love is like the sea. I understand its truth at this moment. May all mothers in the world be happy! composition

Li Anqi, grade 5, East Campus of Jiangyan experimental primary school, is a user's original article. Reprinting without permission is prohibited! The first time I helped my mother wash her feet on Sunday night, I suddenly thought of it before I went to bed, ah! No, there is another homework assigned by the teacher. My mother asked me strangely, 'what homework have you not finished? I've checked everything for you. There's no shortage! " I licked my tongue mischievously and said, 'the teacher said orally that this week I hope each of our students can wash their feet for their parents and write comments on them.' Mother smiled and said, 'it's impossible for you to wash my feet. I think I'd better wash it for you. That's about the same! " I argued with my mother for a few minutes before my mother said, 'well, I'll help you finish your homework!' I'm relieved.

I immediately brought the foot basin, put a little cold water first, and then put a bottle of hot water. Then I tried the water temperature. It was so hot that I quickly retracted my hand. Mother likes to wash her feet with hot water, which fits her mouth and stomach. I just put the water in and my mother just came out of the room. I immediately said enthusiastically, 'please ask mom to wash your feet. Please feel free to say anything else. " Mother smiled and sat down slowly. I asked my mother to dip her feet into the basin. Then I rolled up my sleeves and played games with my mother. After two minutes, I put my little foot in. The water temperature is just right for me. We continue to play games -- clapping hands, idiom Solitaire

The water cooled slowly. I quickly rubbed my mother's feet, and then rubbed my own feet. At this time, mother used to pick up the foot cloth to wipe her feet. I quickly stopped scrubbing, grabbed the foot cloth in my mother's hand and said, 'let me wipe it for you. Do things from beginning to end.' Mother said, 'well, I'll enjoy it today!' I laughed with joy. I washed my mother's feet. Today, I learned the text "spring silkworm" written by grandpa Ba Jin at school. In the text, he told a mother that in order to pay tuition for her children, she made money by raising silkworms. She got up early in the dark, worked hard and boiled her hair white. I was deeply moved and thought: isn't that the same with my parents? They worked very hard and worked hard until late at night for my growth. How can I help them share the hard work? Suddenly I had a good idea. I thought of a sketch at the Spring Festival Gala. A wife helped her husband wash his feet so that her husband could reduce his hard work. Then I can help my mother wash her feet.

So in the evening, I cooked the water, got a pot of steaming hot water, put on a chair, put on a towel, and called my mother. My mother looked very strange. I said, 'Mom, when I was a child, you helped me wash my feet. You're running around outside. It's very hard. I'll help you wash your feet today.' Mother sat down and said happily, 'ha ha... I can enjoy my daughter washing my feet today. My daughter has grown up and is sensible'. I squatted on the ground, helped my mother take off her socks, washed and massaged. My mother had a thick cocoon under her feet, and there were blood bubbles worn out by her shoes on her toes. I stroked my heart and flashed in my mind that the mother in the text was' tired, aching back 'and added some silver silk to her temples.

I secretly determined to study hard, help my parents do more and contribute to the motherland when I grow up. I washed my mother's feet in the afternoon. When my mother came back from work, she felt