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The composition of the school sports meeting is 600 words

On this day, colorful flags were flying in the campus, and the magnificent athlete March made our blood boil. First of all, the opening ceremony was held. Each square formation lined up and walked across the rostrum. Red flag team, flower team, wreath team & hellip& hellip; One of the most eye-catching is the color ball team. When they passed the podium, they released the color ball in their hands. Countless colored balls swaying into the sky. There was cheering and boiling on the field. The colorful ball absorbed all the eyes of the audience. Everyone looked up and looked at & hellip& hellip; The colored ball is flying away, and our hearts are far away.

Wonderful without waiting. As soon as the opening ceremony was over, the competitions began. Look, the arrow off the string on the runway, the jump in front of the bunker, and the natural and unrestrained dunk on the playground; Look, shuttlecocks flying up and down, airtight rope skipping, and even small softballs draw beautiful arcs in the air & hellip& hellip; One competition after another pushed the wonderful sports meeting to a climax.

The most striking is the 1500 meter long run. Athletes have stood at the starting line, some are doing warm-up exercises, shaking their arms and kicking their legs; Some are rubbing their hands, like a PLA soldier who is preparing to receive strict training; Some are serious and nervous, ready to run at any time; Others are very leisurely chatting with the students next to them, as if the champion belongs to him.

With the sound of a gun, the athletes rushed out like arrows off the string. At first, they all riveted hard to grab the inner road. Gradually, they opened the distance. Yang Jian of our class fell behind! This makes our hearts pull up. " Come on! " Come on! " The cheerleaders outside the stadium shouted louder and louder. It's the third lap. The athletes have a lot of physical exertion, but they are still sticking to it. She had been running slowly, but on the fourth lap, he suddenly began to burst out -- he shook his arms, took a big step, rushed forward quickly, and even surpassed four players to rank third. At this time, he became the focus of attention, and everyone focused on him. The situation inside the venue was unprecedentedly tense. The audience outside the venue worked hard to cheer for the team members of the class. The cheering sound was deafening. And 20 meters, 10 meters, 5 meters & hellip& hellip; She lived up to expectations and won the championship with his invincible Scud. The students threw him into the sky to express their full joy.

The bright sunshine sprinkled on each of us, and happiness rippled in our hearts. We will never forget this wonderful sports meeting. Composition about the sports meeting: sports meeting, sports meeting composition 600 words. I am a girl who has no feeling for sports. I am like Fu Tianrui (the sports heroine in our class). I'm going to ask her how to make my sports performance better. She also taught me a lot of tricks. It happened that the sports meeting began. I finally found a time to try my skills!

Preliminary training

The sports meeting, to put it bluntly, is actually a competition. Who doesn't want to be first in the competition? Watching the students train one by one, I can't stand the person who can't climb up with sports. So my training began.

I reported 800 meters. I didn't want to report anything, but under the 'coercion and inducement' of the old class, I still made up a number. Originally, I just wanted to gather people, but I've never won an award since the first grade sports meeting. Every time I watch others take the award on the stage, although I don't say it, I envy it in my heart. No, I must bring my primary school career to a successful end, even if it is only third, er, fourth. Hey, whatever, as long as you can take the award on the stage!

I thought 800 meters would be very simple. I was not nervous when I ran. During training, I talked to Chen Xiaojun while running. But before I finished the second lap, I began to feel overwhelmed: breathing became more and more rhythmic, and in the end it was' a bunch of snot and a bunch of saliva '. On the sixth lap, I couldn't hold on. No matter 37 or 21, I rushed to the flower bed next to me and sat down. Hey, like me, I must be the bottom, eh.

The second day of training

Today, I learned to be good. When I was running, I kept my mouth closed and didn't say a word. The first six laps were OK. I was a little tired at the beginning of the seventh lap. I had no strength on my feet and couldn't run. No, I was already behind. How could I stop? I saw the shadow of Chen Xiaojun getting farther and farther in front of me. My heart was horizontal and accelerated my pace. The eighth lap was the last lap. Fu Tian repeatedly said, 'come on! It's the last lap. I'm going to sprint!! " I dare not be too slow, but because I didn't run well in front, I couldn't catch up with others no matter how I rushed. Hey, it's all because I ran too fast ahead. However, I finally finished the 800 meters!

Training day 3

The sports meeting will begin tomorrow. Naturally, there are many people training today. On the runway, there are five people practicing six feet and many people practicing appearance. But there's no other venue. Hey, just run.

The first time I didn't run well, behind Chen Xiaojun. But the second time was different. I finally surpassed her for the first time! It's really a little exciting, er, but it's wrong to think about it. Hey, we won't be the only two in the game at that time. There are many people. Maybe I can't even count down.

The day after tomorrow morning, in the plastic track, the 800 meter race will begin. Everyone, wish me good luck! The composition of the campus sports meeting is 600 words. I hope that the pace of the last sports meeting has gone, and the pace of this sports meeting will follow. The annual 'attention-seeking' interesting sports meeting will begin.

Finally, it was the day when the sports meeting began. Everyone's enthusiasm was unprecedentedly high. I came to the school early in the morning. I was very happy. It seemed that there was a beautiful and cool wind passing through my heart.

When the General Assembly announced the official start of the games, there were cheers and applause on the field.

Look! The athletes on the field are walking fast and catching up with each other. Rush to the end like a sword. Although everyone is sweating, no one is willing to show weakness. " Bouncing kangaroo '; Crawling 'little ants'; It pushed the atmosphere of the game to a climax.

Although there are many events in the games, the most exciting and exciting one is the fierce ant moving competition in which I did not participate.

Eh! Eh, I don't know what 'ant moving' is! Let me introduce to you: 'ant moving' is to support the ground with hands and feet, belly up and back to the ground, like a 'little ant'. Climb to the middle of the field, clamp the ball in one hula hoop to another with your feet, and then climb to the end for handover, and so on & hellip& hellip; First 30 students to the finish line to win.

The competition began. As soon as the whistle sounded, the 'Ant King' of our class took the lead. He climbed forward quickly with his flexible body, and his opponent was unwilling to show weakness and kept up with him. It was a perfect match, but the 'Ant King' of our class was a little higher and took the lead in reaching the end, 'come on & hellip; Come on & hellip; ' Our cheerleaders took out their milk to cheer the athletes on. The sound of cheering and cheering went higher and higher. The athletes on the field are equal in height and catch up with each other & hellip& hellip; When the last player came on, she was neck and neck with her opponent. The final 10 meters are still hard to win, 5 meters are unwilling to admit defeat, 2 meters are hard to win, and the last 50 cm & hellip& hellip; The atmosphere on the court was immediately pushed to a climax. I couldn't help but stand up and keep my eyes on the game. I was very nervous. I tried to cover my chest with my hands and try to suppress the over nervous heart, but it was counterproductive. The more I pressed, the faster I jumped. I seem more nervous than athletes. At this decisive juncture, the athletes in our class clenched their teeth, worked hard hand and foot, kicked over the finish line and won with the advantage of one foot. Suddenly, the athletes and the audience jumped up, shouting and cheering. The camp of our class is boiling!

Sweat and smile on their faces, honor in everyone's heart, although everyone is very tired, but they are very happy.

Chengdu Tianhui primary school Shimen primary school No.6

Campus sports meeting composition summary wonderful school sports meeting composition 600 words today our school launched the annual autumn school sports meeting. The golden light of the sun has bloomed in the eastern sky, leaving a rosy glow for Yongfeng primary school. At this time, the school is no longer quiet. First, the drum and bugle team blew into the field, then some flag bearers followed, followed by referees and athletes. The athletes of each class shouted the slogans of each class and cheered for their class. The headmaster put forward a congratulatory speech for this sports meeting and announced the official start of the school sports meeting -- 'I wish this school sports meeting a complete success!'

The first is the 60 meter race, 'take your place! get set! Boom! " With a gunshot, the competition began. The students in our class won the first place with their usual practice level, and immediately cheered.

Then, my goal -- long jump. Chen Guangxu of my class only won the third place. Well, it's the women's long jump. Xiao Shi stands in front of the sand pool in high spirits. She nodded to us as if to say, 'don't worry! I will definitely win the first place. " The competition began. Xiao Shi was eager to try. There were clear beads of sweat on her head. When we met, we immediately cheered Xiao Shi. When she saw it, her tension disappeared immediately. Then she quickly jumped to the sand pool, and I nervously counted: 5 meters, 4 meters, 3 meters, 2 meters, 1 meter. When I counted to half, Xiao Shi looked like a bird as light as a swallow. Her legs were bent and her hands were in front. Her actions attracted every classmate and teacher on the field. She arrived on the ground. WOW! So far away! I clapped my hands desperately. She said behind me, 'I just peeked at the score sheet. I'm the first!' I jumped three feet high.

What's more wonderful is the last race - relay run. When it was late, it was fast. The female students in our class were running in a race. The students in our class also ran with them. They ran to Xiaoyi. Alas! When she fell down, the students in our class also ran over. Xiaoyi stood up and continued to finish the game. We lost. However, this kind of sports spirit is not high or low.

To the men's relay, with the gunshot, the male students of our class wanted to leave the arrow of the string. In the second stick, our class pulled away from class (2), but in the third stick, we exceeded class (2), and in the fourth stick, our class completely pulled away from class (2). 4m, 3M, 2m, 1m! Xiao Da crossed the line! yeah! Win! Our class won, and the students immediately compared the 'V' gesture.

The school sports meeting is over and our class has achieved good results. The school sports meeting ended with a flood of applause. We are all very happy. This school sports meeting will be the best one in my life and will be deeply engraved in my memory. Because this is the last school sports meeting in my primary school life! The arrival of the fourth school sports meeting of Xingtai experimental school welcomed the cheers and cheers of the students over and over again. Open the hearts of the students to unlock