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Learn swimming

Because my body 'horizontal' development, like a big pear, my mother couldn't see it anymore and signed me up for a swimming class.

The next day, I had a formal class. In the first class, the teacher asked us to try the water temperature and welcome to pay attention to wechat: www 4hw for more knowledge. Water pressure. It was very hot that day. I think it must be very comfortable to soak in the water in hot summer. But I was wrong, because as soon as I got into the water, I felt like my chest was blocked and it was difficult to breathe. But the teacher let us sink, let the water over our shoulders and walk along the pool wall. We were so tired that we were out of breath after less than two laps, but the hard hearted teacher let us continue to walk. The next day, we learned to breathe and float. I often drink water when I breathe, and so do many students. The teacher told us: in fact, breathing is very simple. Just look up and breathe. If you breathe on the water, it's strange to learn to float without drinking water. After the teacher did it again, we began. The teacher asked me to come first. I straightened my whole body and floated up. It has been highly praised by the teacher. Because the sun father-in-law was very excited and it was an open-air swimming pool, I was skinned after a few days. We also learned the movements of hands and feet. After learning all the movements, it's strange that I can swim without so much effort.

Although my body didn't get 'plastic surgery', I was free in the water. Swimming training course_ 300 words I understand everything, rope skipping, dancing and hula hoops, but I can't swim. So my mother applied for a swimming training class for me. I said impatiently, 'I know so much. Are you afraid of missing a swimming?' However, my mother said, 'no matter how much you know, swimming must be learned.' I can't understand. I'm very puzzled.

On this day, I dragged along on the way to the training class, silently thinking about what my mother said that day, and unconsciously I had reached the door of the training class. I knocked on the door gently. A sister came to open the door. Which sister kindly asked me, 'little sister, are you here to learn swimming? Then come in!' I went in and saw many people learning to swim. Which sister asked us to try swimming with a life buoy in the pool first. I put the life buoy on my body and began to go into the water. I hesitated into the water and began to swim. After a while, my sister asked us to take down the life buoy and swim. I was stumped. I took down the lifebuoy and slowly went underground. My body seemed to sink. At this time, my sister dragged me and taught me slowly.

Finally, Kung Fu pays off. With my efforts, I finally learned to swim. Learn swimming_ As soon as the summer vacation, my aunt signed up for me and my sister to participate in the swimming training class. The class will be held in the newly-built "Emma water world" in Nantong.

My sister and I prepared swimsuit, swimming cap and goggles in advance and came to the water world early to wait. Our coach is a handsome man with dark skin!

The coach first led us to get familiar with the environment of the water world, and then taught us to warm up before swimming. The content of the first class is to practice underwater breathing. The coach gave us a demonstration. First take a deep breath, puff up your cheeks, then drill your head into the water and start to spit out your breath gently and slowly. I tried as the coach looked, but I couldn't hold my head as soon as I buried my head in the water because I didn't breathe enough. I quickly drilled my head out of the water, but I still accidentally drank a mouthful of water. With this lesson, I sucked enough air, drilled into the water again, and finally succeeded!

After learning to breathe, the coach instructed us to practice floating. I float on the water, bury my face in the water and breathe. At this time, I feel like a white cloud floating in the blue sky and a baby lying in a soft quilt. It's very comfortable!

Although I have just begun to learn swimming, I believe that 'nothing is difficult in the world, as long as I am willing to climb', I will practice hard and be a happy 'little fish' in the swimming pool! Memories of learning to swim_ 300 words

On July 18, 2007, I finally learned to swim and danced with joy.

That day, my father took me swimming. I had to use a swimming ring. Although I was wearing swimming goggles, it was the same as not wearing them.

The day before yesterday, I just learned to hold my breath in the water, but I didn't dare to put my body flat. I was afraid I would somersault and choke the water in. Once, I held my breath, my back foot accidentally left the ground, my body flattened, and my eyes opened carelessly: there was no water, and I saw the underwater 'beautiful' world. That's the use of swimming goggles! I pushed my feet back a few times. People moved forward, but my hands didn't stroke back. This is the first time I didn't swim by the swimming circle.

Later, my father taught me breaststroke. I did it like him. I stretched out my hands, closed my feet, kicked my feet off the ground, and pushed my hands back. With a stroke of my hand, I turned over and my nose got into the water. It was very uncomfortable. I tried again. This time, I held my breath, but as just now, I tried again, twice, three times & hellip& hellip; The seventh time, I adjusted my balance and kicked my legs hard. This time, I finally learned breaststroke, although the shape was not so standard.

On this day, July 18, 2007, I finally learned the most basic form of swimming - breaststroke. Swimming_ 300 word swimming is an interesting sport. Swimming is a close contact between people and water. Swimming can keep us calm and calm. I love swimming. Because my experience of learning to swim is different. I began to learn swimming when I was very young. At first, because he was young and small, he could only swim with a swimming circle. It was probably when I was nine years old. At that time, I was not sensible. I only knew to play with a swimming ring. Having a good time, the result is that happiness begets sorrow. I took a swimming ring and took a dive. " With a plop, I fell into the water. Because the swimming circle was too big, I just got down from the swimming circle. The only thing left on the water is the swimming circle. Fortunately, my brother was next to me. I took my brother's leg and climbed onto the bank. That swimming was too dangerous! In the following years, I seemed to be frightened by the water and didn't dare to swim any more. Until a few days ago, I bravely took the first step. I entered the swimming pool again. At first, I brought a neck cover and swam around according to the actions my brother taught me. Today, I took the second step and surpassed myself. I took off my neck cover, held my breath like an athlete, and came up again. Practice over and over again. Practice makes perfect. Finally, I learned to swim. Swimming, I love you!