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A hard lesson

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Recalling the life of the first day of junior high school, I feel that I have failed and wasted many days. However, what I remember best is the math teacher. When we met her, we all thought she was a student. She looked like a college student in clothes similar to those of students. This was her first impression. She didn't tell us her name. Later, when we asked about her, we didn't call her teacher, but "little swallow". It took us a few days to know that "little swallow" loves to grab classes, and his whole person Kung Fu is also unique. That afternoon, the third textbook came to music class, but it was "little swallow" who came in. Everyone was surprised, and then began to whisper, "no! It's time to rob the class again. "“ She'll grab it. I won't listen anyway. "“ Be quiet. Mr. Dong has something to do, so I'll take this class. Come on, the team leader will hand out the homework. "“ It's so annoying. It's a topic every day. " Qin pig began to complain. She hated "little swallow" and got such a nickname“ First question, ××× Speaking. "“ There is a girl named Xiao Yan'er, with big eyes and long braids... "We all know it is ×× It's made up, but it's outrageous. Little swallow never wears braids, but wears hair. The whole class burst into laughter. Xiaoyan was a little angry and said seriously, "I tell you, don't give others nicknames and make up words next time. It's disrespect for others." Little Yan'er asked the classmate to sit down and asked others to answer. At this time, the "human demon" didn't pay attention to the lecture. Little Yan'er knocked on the lecture table“ ×××!” 90% of the students in the class immediately answered the sentence "human demon dead pervert."“ Ha ha ha! " Another burst of laughter. The little swallow was a little angry, "tell him to get out again!" After a few minutes, "mosquito" had a quarrel with his deskmate. They quarreled very badly. Xiaoyan immediately slapped "mosquito" in the face after listening to his deskmate's story. The little swallow couldn't stand it anymore. She stood on the platform and said, "Why are you so disobedient? You think I want to come to class? I fell down yesterday and still hurt. " Just now, some boys laughed again. The little swallow cried and went out of the classroom silently. The class cadre went to call her, but she didn't come and said, "read by yourself." I turned over the textbook, but I didn't have the heart to read it. Xiao Yan'er has always been very cheerful, but now she is bullied by boys. How poor she is! Is that how we repay her? Boys, boys, why are you so childish? Is this class still on? Little Yan'er has not taught for a few years and has no experience, but she is also good for us. Doesn't her wish want us to learn well? If she is more strict and the boys are no longer naughty, I think every class will be carried out completely. Little Yan'er left. It seemed a long time without her in this class. The girls were very sad. Finally, the boys shouted, "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0." The content of this concluding page is pushed by "read. 4hw. Com. CN". It is said that xiaoyan'er has been transferred, and I have transferred. No one knows where she has gone.