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Listen to the voice of nature

Listen to the voice of nature

Author: Yi BINGSHU, class 2, grade 6, Leshan Experimental Primary School

Listen to nature, we have to pay attention.

Listen to the sound of stepping on the fallen leaves; Listen to the sound of leaves swaying with the autumn wind; Listen to the sound of birds flapping their wings; Listen to the sound of the stream; Shh, listen carefully. This is the voice of nature. This colorful voice makes me very willing to listen and listen, because it's very good! composition

I am very willing to listen to the sound of my feet on the fallen leaves, "rustle", because it is very crisp. Because it sounds like leaves dancing, it sounds very happy.

I am very willing to listen to the sound of leaves swaying with the wind, "brush", because it is particularly clear. Because it sounds like leaves singing in chorus. There are high voice parts and low voice parts. It sounds very harmonious. composition

I'm very willing to listen to the sound of Bird Park wing. Although I can't describe this sound, it's really great. Coupled with the "chirping" sound of bird, it's almost perfect. Whenever I hear this wonderful sound, I can't help raising my head, looking at the sky and seeing the free flying birds.

I am very willing to listen to the sound of the stream, "Hua La Hua", which is also very pleasant. The stream seemed to say hello to the people by the stream, "Welcome!" A hospitable stream always wants to retain its past guests with its beautiful and pleasant voice.

Go into nature and listen!, Listen to its wonder, listen to its ancient, listen to its mystery! Listen to the voice of nature. Maybe you've heard the waves hitting the embankment, maybe you've heard the mountain wind passing through the forest, maybe you've heard the whispering of swallows, maybe you've heard the rain beating plantains... There's endless fun in nature. When you hear a bird song, a frog cry, a wind, a lion roar... Your heart will be integrated into this beautiful nature.

In fact, there are all kinds of beautiful sounds of nature in poems and songs.

In early spring, "two orioles sing green willows and a row of egrets go up to the sky."“ Spring sleeps without dawn, and birds sing everywhere. ", Bursts of clear and crisp birdsong curled in my ears, fresh and natural, with infinite charm.

In the countryside of summer, "the fragrance of rice flowers says good years, and listen to the sound of frogs.", What a magnificent and magnificent scene it was! One after another frog sound intertwined into a magnificent Pastoral Symphony. That's a tribute to the harvest! We followed Xin Qiji to listen to the beautiful frog sound and experience the joy of harvest. composition

The autumn wind is passing by the autumn wind, and the withered Wutong leaves are floating in the air. "Xiao Xiao's leaves are sending cold sounds, and the autumn wind on the river is moving the guests." The poets who are away from home can't restrain their yearning for their relatives in their hometown. The bleak autumn wind suddenly sounded in my ears, and a cool picture appeared in front of me. Taking advantage of the natural voice of the wind, the poet expressed his feelings of homesickness, homesickness and nostalgia for his hometown. He wrote that the leaves of the Chinese parasol were flying, the cold sound was intermittent, the autumn wind was rustling, and the river boat was drifting, which effectively set off the poet's desolate mood of living in a foreign country and wandering. When I came to Du Fu's thatched cottage, I heard "the roar of the autumn wind in August rolled up the triple grass in my house.", We felt the fierce autumn wind, also experienced Du Fu's miserable situation of being poor and extremely embarrassed at that time, and could better understand his state of mind of worrying about the country and the people.

In the cold winter mountains, the north wind roared and the snow was flying“ The firewood gate hears the barking of dogs, and people return at night in the wind and snow. ", Dogs barked in the silent Valley, presenting a "picture of returning at night with wind and snow" in front of people. composition

Travel through the famous mountains and rivers of the motherland in poetry and songs, and listen to all kinds of natural sounds.

Visit the Three Gorges, "the sound of apes on both sides can't stop, and the boat has passed ten thousand mountains."“ High apes often roar, which leads to desolation and difference. The empty valley makes a sound, and the sorrow turns for a long time. ";

Boating on Fuchun River, I heard "the spring water excites the stone and makes a Ling sound; Good birds sing and sing in rhyme. The cicada is a thousand turns, and the ape is a hundred calls. " The flowing sound of spring water, the chirping sound of birds, the cry of cicadas and apes;

On the Yueyang Tower, I heard "the howling of the Yin wind, the emptying of the turbid waves", "the roaring of the tiger and the cry of the ape" and "the mutual answer of fishing songs";

You can hear the sound of raindrops falling and birds singing gently when you visit Qingquan temple in Qishui and walk around Lanxi river.


When I hear the whistling wind, I want to fly with the wind and visit the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

When I hear the sound of gurgling water, I want to become a lively goldfish and swim in its chest hall forever.

When I hear frogs, I really want to lie on the cool chair to count the stars on a quiet summer night and listen to grandma's magical story in frog music.

When I hear the horse hissing, I want to ride a fine horse, gallop on the vast grassland, let the blue sky and white clouds accompany me, and feel the vastness of the "vast sky and vast wilderness" grassland.

Listening to the voice of nature in poetry, I gained infinite interest. Listen to the sounds of nature. In the strange and unpredictable nature, all kinds of sounds are intertwined to form a wonderful natural symphony. In this magnificent symphony, there is a voice that is my favorite. It is like melodious and gentle flute sound and stormy waves. This is rain.

When I was a child, I didn't like rain, because rain made me contact tears. Rain seems to affect people's mood. Whenever it rains, the dull weather, cloudy sky and muddy land are particularly annoying. Whenever it rains, I hide at home and sleep to avoid the annoying weather. Now think about it, that's really funny.

When I grow up, I fall in love with rain. The sound of rain is always a sense of beauty in hearing. It is not easy to play Wutong, or to play lotus leaves in torrential rain. But my favorite is the summer rain.

At first, it didn't rain much, Ding Ding Dong, as if countless pearls fell on the jade plate. In particular, the ancient music knocking on the roof tiles seems soft and sonorous, and seems to be far away and approaching. It is light, dense and thin, bit by bit, like Yu Boya's meditation in high mountains and flowing water. Like water and tenderness, the rain seems to be telling a gentle voice. composition

The rain is falling down, and it is smashing on the leaves of Wutong trees. The water flowing down from the eaves is noisy, clear and melodious. It is really like "big beads and small jade plates". It makes people feel relaxed and happy, and occasionally comes gust. Branches twisting their bodies, leaves whirring, squeezing out tens of millions of water drops, falling down, singing with the dripping under the eaves, creating a symphony of nature.

It was raining, the rain was getting smaller and smaller, and the rain gradually recovered its original appearance. It was heroic and exciting, as if it had gone forever, and the rain returned to the pattering appearance. composition

Looking at the unpredictable rain, I can't help thinking a lot. Listen to the voice of nature. I like to be alone. When flowers bloom in spring, I find a good place to listen quietly and listen to the voice of flowers.

In the complicated and changeable world of mortals and secular shackles, I can only find the eternity of the moment in this way, get rid of all my thoughts, and let the beauty of nature dissolve the fatigue of my soul and get the happiness of the moment.

Epiphyllum is the representative of short life. Her brilliance is only a flash in a hurry, but she blooms at the critical time. She told me the glory of life, although only for a moment. But it is very real. After all, all life will eventually turn into dust and go with the wind. The short truth is like a meteor passing by in a hurry, but it engraves light traces in the journey, and then buried in the torrent of time. Every life yearns for even a moment's attention. So I know that life doesn't care how long it is. And care makes sense. A century of mediocrity is not as good as a glorious moment. Because this moment of happiness can affect a person's life.

In the hot sun, sunflowers bloom alone. She burned like a fire. Burning the passion in her heart, she never complains and discourages because of this vicious environment, but shines more and more intensely. He uses the water droplets of petals to bring a little coolness to this difficult afternoon. She doesn't care how many people stop for him. She is just realizing her own value of life alone and being open and happy. composition

Lotus, she "comes out of the mud but does not dye", "it is straight in the middle and straight outside, it is not graceful but not straight, it is graceful and clean to plant, and the fragrance is far and clear". She uses her pink and pure petals to tell people that he has a heart that does not drift with the tide, and she has a noble and arrogant sentiment. She told people that's what a gentleman should do. Keep this beauty in the distance and convey happiness in the beauty.

Flowers bloom with love. Flowers also have love. Listen to the sound of flowers blooming and falling. Just like listening to the eternal trace of life. Life is a beautiful flower. The beauty of rippling sight is also the beauty of listening. Sometimes blooming beauty does not need too much language modification. Flowers bloom without words; Flowers fall silent. That dazzling beauty has never been ignored. That solemn and stirring happiness has never been forgotten. composition

Flowers bloom speechless, is the same logic, but the real beauty inside is little known. When we look at the window in the street, we see numb, pale and cruel faces. In the competition for money and power, we lose the beauty of standing and listening, and give up a pure land in our heart when we get lost. In fact, we give up bacon to pursue happiness.

Learn to listen and be happy with the sound of flowers!

Zhang Yan, class 9, 2013, Ya'an No. 7 middle school, listening to the voice of nature

For the understanding of the essence of life... "Beauty", some people start with action, such as tourism; Some people start with reading, such as reading; I don't, because I start by listening!

The wind is the cry of nature. It calls on people not to destroy their homes. Listen: when the evening wind blows, the waterfowl sleeping under the reed stalk is frightened. It flies out with a "whoosh", with moonlight on its back. The cool evening wind blows, and the moon is still embedded in the water.

Rain is nature's cry. It cries because birds have nowhere to build their nests, and it cries because humans have destroyed their homes. Listen: in the afternoon, at dusk, the rain came. It came with great momentum. The rain came with the wind, crackling, and the steps of the rain were like fried beans and beating drums. The water in the river patted the bank, and the rain fell like broken beads. composition

Thunder is the roar of nature. It is angry that birds die under hunters' guns, and it is angry that humans only see immediate interests. Listen: the thunder came faintly, louder and louder, and finally "boom", the earth trembled. The voice seemed to play a bold symphony. In an instant, the lightning was shining and the thunder was rumbling.

The warning of nature cannot be ignored. There is only one earth. It is urgent to protect the environment! Before our home is completely destroyed, let's start again and protect our home! Please listen to our voice: it is sound and silent; It is tangible and intangible. Listen with your ears, listen with your heart.

Know how to listen, it's a melody; On the contrary, if you don't know how to listen, it's nagging.

Language is a way of communication in nature. Listening is a kind of heart-to-heart communication. Learn to listen, be good at listening and be happy