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I have a brother, 17 years old, a sophomore in senior high school. He is very handsome and first-class in study. A group of women pester him every day. I'm 8 years younger than him. My study is not very good, especially mathematics. It's a mess. Once, my math scores came down. I was very bad, with 74 points. This was the worst time I had ever been to school. I went to my brother (our primary school and high school were together) and saw that my brother was being pestered by a group of girls. When my brother saw me, he came over and asked me, "Yuxin, why are you here? By the way, how was the exam? " I didn't say a word. My brother asked again. I whispered, "7... 72". My brother picked his eyebrow and pulled me and said, "go home!" Someone in the back said he looked handsome. When I got home, he threw his schoolbag on the sofa and asked me to go to his room. I was a little nervous. I did so badly in the exam. How should my brother teach me. My brother sat by the bed and said, "get on my lap." I was startled. Did my brother want to spank me? My brother never beat me. When he saw that I didn't move, he picked me up and put me on his knee. He pushed my skirt aside and pulled off my underpants rudely. I was scared to cry. My brother raised his hand and slapped me, and my buttock burned up. I've never been beaten, Pa Pa Pa Pa... My brother's hand hit my little buttock hard. It hurts! I cried and said, "brother, I'm wrong. I shouldn't make you angry. Sobbing..." my brother was soft hearted. He gently stroked my red ass and said, "don't be disobedient in the future, you know? Otherwise, I won't spare you! " I know that my brother loves me for my good. I love my brother! The spanking clock pointed to 4 p.m. and heard footsteps in the corridor. Isa quickly knelt straight. My brother crane pushed open the door of my room and said, "Dear ISA, our father will go home after dinner today. He asked me to tell you to be ready." the sad eyes did not win crane's sympathy, He leaned against the doorframe and looked at the animals in the fence. Isa said, "Oh no, brother, what should I do?" Crane replied in a brisk tone, "my poor lady, you must be responsible for your despicable behavior. Your mother's punishment for you last night is far from enough. I want to wait for your father's slap and the soft leather belt." I was sad to bow my head and cry. When crane left, he said, "ISA, you can prepare now, We'll tell your mother in two or three hours, and we'll have no more mistakes for you. "

Crane's sarcasm made Issa even more ashamed. Yesterday, their mother picked her up from school because I was suspended for one week. Because the woman named Ryan in the dormitory always showed off the expensive water powder she brought from home in front of their young children. Because of her informant, Issa and other girls in the dormitory, She was caught by Ms. Valla because they smoked a cigarette together. Ms. Valla wrote it down in each of their grades so that their parents could clearly find it when checking our exam results. So at that time, they were only punished for sweeping the toilet for a week. In order to let Ricky Ann get punished, Issa and several girls hid one of her expensive watches. So that after she returned home, she was severely smoked by her father, but unfortunately, their secret was discovered by Ms. Valla and took them to the headmaster's office. In the headmaster's office, Issa and other girls were convicted of theft, suspended from school for a week, and smoked 10 vines by the headmaster. Issa's mother took her home from school and beat her up in front of her two brothers, one sister, one brother and one sister. Now Issa's ass is still red and swollen, but what worries Issa more is that her father who is about to return home will let Issa taste more severe punishment.

In this family, his father is absolutely strict. Issa and his brothers and sisters are often beaten by him on their legs. His father uses his carefully made stick or belt hung on the wall. These two things will turn them into docile sheep at any time. More importantly, his father used to be a sailor for several years when he was young, He could slap Issa's ass like a maroon with no effort,

Issa recalled getting up from the ground and kneeling all afternoon at the cost of walking. She couldn't straighten her legs, which was very ugly. After a while, she went to my bedroom to take a bath. At the moment, her buttocks were still very painful, and her mother's slippers were still printed on her thighs. Since she was beaten last night, her mother banned her from wearing pants, even underwear, She can only wear a big T-shirt and let her coat cover her ugly ass. when everything is ready, Issa will wait quietly. When it gets dark, her mother calls her downstairs for dinner. When Issa comes downstairs wearing only a big T-shirt, her 9-year-old little brother covers her mouth and laughs. Issa is very ashamed. Her mother only allows her to stand and eat, And eat as quickly as possible, and then face the wall to repent. In fact, Issa is trying to listen to the conversation between her sisters, adiya and rose. They are discussing how their father will punish Issa for a while. They whisper to avoid their mother's ears as much as possible, talking about the last time Issa was severely spanked, And Issa's two brothers are begging their mother to allow them to go to a baseball game with their friends on weekends

After a while, there was a noise outside the door. Issa's father came home. The large leather boots on the floor looked like the precursor of an earthquake, and the rough sound was like thunder. The boys' voices became smaller, and all of them went upstairs knowingly. Issa knew that they must lie behind the wall and listen to her scream. Issa's father sat on the sofa hard, Command Issa to turn around

My daughter, you must know that you have successfully annoyed your father, and I will not forgive you easily tonight

Issa looked up at her father with her big black eyes“ Please, Dad, I swear to you, it's just a misunderstanding. "

My father opened his mouth in a loud voice, obviously angry. "I've given you enough time to think clearly. It seems that you still haven't done what I said. Listen to me clearly. Now I want you to explain again. Why are you suspended for seven days?"

"I did a prank... I just wanted to teach Rachel a lesson... We're not like Ms. Valla said... It's not stealing, it's just a prank..." isa explained in a low voice. Obviously, her explanation made his father more angry. His father stood up from the sofa and looked down at ISA's eyes. "ISA, I'm very disappointed with your explanation. Obviously you haven't realized your mistakes enough. Now I'm considering whether to use my belt to help you realize these. "

"I'm sorry, Dad," isa cried quietly and gave up the idea of defense. "Dad, I promise you, this will not happen in the future." when everyone thought she was a thief, she thought it was the same thing, and she couldn't be embarrassed. Fear made her breathing difficult, and she didn't even dare to look up at her father

"Well, miss, obviously you have accepted my decision to punish you. Now go and get your familiar stick and belt."

"No, Dad... Spare me this time... I don't dare again." isa desperately wanted his father to take back her decision. She tasted the disaster that those two guys brought to her ass, and now she can't hand them over to the caster.

My father glared at her and continued to command, "I don't think you can restrain yourself with verbal guarantee at all. I must use your more familiar punishment means to make you have a long memory, and you also try to hide your bad habit of smoking. Just this, I have reason to smoke your ass." isa covered her ass and retreated step by step. My father said coldly, "you must know, What are the consequences of resistance? If you don't think you should be punished, then I have the right to change the place of punishment to the yard or the street... "

"Oh no, Dad... I don't dare, I'll get them right away." when Issa picked up the two things, she wanted to cry. Her father stood behind him and waited for him. He had moved the long stool by the fireplace to the front of the window so that she could wait for the sharp cry to ring through the whole street. Issa raised her hand and handed them over. Her father took the belt and put it on the sofa behind her, The other hand pulled Issa's arm and ordered, "pull up your clothes and lie down in a standard posture."

"Yes..." Issa sobbed, her body became nervous instinctively. The long stool was wide and smooth, and her stomach was cool. Her hands grasped the two legs of the stool tightly, and the two legs drooped on both sides of the stool. Her father used two thumb thick sticks to point her buttocks, and she immediately pouted her buttocks as much as possible

"Here is your punishment for smoking. You will be beaten 60 times. You'd better not try to imagine that I will spare your ass lightly, because I will make it more difficult to use than a belt. You can't stand up or loosen your hands in the punishment. You should sincerely admit your mistakes every time you hit....... Well, let's start, Your mother has wiped the belt you are going to use. We have to hold on to it. "

Isa closed her eyes and replied, "yes... Father, please punish."

Pop! The stick fell and hit her already swollen ass. isa trembled and shouted, "I'm wrong."

Then the next time, Issa already felt her buttocks burned red. Her father was teaching her buttocks with the strength he had never used before, but she still didn't forget to shout "I'm wrong". If she didn't shout, the multiplication power of the next whip would double and last until the end of 60

Pop“ I'm wrong. "

After several times in a row, Issa's voice became sharper and sharper, and she gasped "Oh, no, Dad"

The stick fell at the intersection of the buttocks and thighs, so that Issa had to stop admitting her mistake and pay more attention to the twitching leg bend, which undoubtedly angered her father again. As a punishment for her not admitting her mistake, Issa screamed, "I'm wrong... I'm not afraid... I'm not afraid anymore... My father"

make love!!! Issa's father didn't intend to spare his daughter. His powerful arm swung the stick into a beautiful arc and made it fall on her hip accurately and vigorously. Issa's whole body trembled... When the beating stopped, Issa's whole body was wet with sweat, tears covered her whole face, and even dripping on the floor in front of her. She didn't dare to relax, She knew that more severe punishment was still to come. Her father's rough leather belt would be her nightmare tonight

Sure enough, her father picked up the belt and took it