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Today, it's sunny and sunny. I'm bored at home and decided to go out and play badminton for exercise.

On the way, while looking at the beautiful scenery, I imagined the opponent I would meet today. Unconsciously, I held the badminton racket tightly in my hand. Looking at the palm of my hand, it was very red and sweat was flowing. When I was in charge, the car arrived at the station. I ran out of the car and immediately heard the shocking sound of badminton in the racket of badminton in the stadium, which instantly burned my passion. I went into the stadium, found a place arranged by the coach, and began to play.

I saw the other side take the ball and quickly serve a long ball. I quickly stepped back. When the time was right, my feet jumped up, and the racket swung violently, giving him a spike and winning a point. In the second inning, I served. I pretended to serve a small ball. The other side immediately ran forward. I immediately served hard. The ball flew to the back of the opponent as if it had eyes. Then, I jumped back to prevent the other side from receiving it. Sure enough, as I expected, the other side received it. However, when the ball just crossed the net less than 10 cm, I smashed again and won One point. The competition became more and more fierce. In the end, after competition, I won the competition.

Playing badminton is very physical, but it makes me very happy. I learned to play badminton 300 words, whenever I see athletes playing badminton on the badminton court, my heart itches. Finally, my mother saw my mind and decided to teach me how to play badminton.

On Sunday, I came to my mother and said to her, 'don't forget your promise! My mother said to me: 'I didn't forget! Here, I'll show you how to serve. Then he gave me a racket and told me the basic movements and essentials of receiving and serving. After listening, I thought: playing badminton is so easy!

The game started. I served first, holding the ball in my left hand and the racket in my right hand. When I threw the ball in my left hand and racket in my right hand, I thought it would go out. Unexpectedly, the ball not only didn't go out, but fell behind me. I serve again, this time I think about it for a while, then I serve. This time, the serve was not only good, but also out of my mother's reach. My mother was also unconvinced and gave me a fastball, but I still played out & hellip; & hellip; in this way, we played several rounds. I think while playing, and finally learned to play badminton.

I learned to play badminton. At that time, I thought the sky was bluer and the birds were singing more happily. I can't wait to tell my friends the good news - I learned to play badminton. Playing badminton 300 words, my sister and I found an open space, ready to badminton racket, thought, the tense battle 'started'. I serve first. As soon as I play badminton, I fly over. My sister uses badminton as soon as she pats the ball. I use the low ball as my sister's attack. She used the high close ball to come back. I couldn't catch it as soon as I wasn't careful. It's time for me to serve again. I served a long-range ball. She hit it. The ball came fast. It's like a fireball. I grabbed my badminton racket and hit my sister with a dart. My sister couldn't catch it. I laughed and said: 'sister, can you catch it! 'she said: 'you can't be careless! 'I blushed and said:' sister, I know! "My sister asked," do you want to fight? 'I said hastily:' more! '

Let's have a rest first, and continue to play after the rest. This time I was full of confidence, my sister did not say a word directly to the ball. I say that doesn't count. She asked why. I said: 'because you didn't tell me! "I'm sorry, I forgot to say it! '

I used the dart ball to attack again. She came back with the high close racket. I couldn't catch it. I was angry and left in a rage. Playing badminton 300 words Saturday afternoon I finished my homework, my sister and I went to play badminton. When we got to the place like a badminton hall, we did a warm-up first. I started playing. At the beginning, I didn't know how to play, because I haven't played badminton for several years. I always miss or miss. Later my sister said: 'can you play badminton? I said: 'I can, but I haven't played badminton for years. 'My sister said: 'so it is. You won't tell me. 'I said:' if you say so, will you still play with me. My sister said: 'ha ha, yes, cousin. 'later my sister taught me some tricks. Some of my favorite moves are: then hit, up hit, button hit, fast hit, high hit, slow hit, low hit, back hit, long hit. Then I got better and better. Later, my sister couldn't beat me. I call myself the king of badminton. I think: ha ha, ha ha, I am the king of badminton. Ha ha, ha ha. Then my sister said, 'Oh, I can't. 'it happened that my mother came. My mother said: 'play badminton again. My mother and I played for a while, my mother said: 'you are too fierce, I will not play with you, I want to buy vegetables. 'ha ha, this is my kaleidoscope.

Sunshine primary school two play badminton really interesting 300 words friends, do you like to play badminton? I like it. I'll tell you about it.

Today, it was sunny. My mother and I went to the park after dinner. We were holding a badminton racket in our hands and were going to fight for several rounds. We were going to play a game. We were looking for a place with few people. The game was about to start. We both held the badminton racket tightly. My mother sent a high ball, but I didn't catch it. Then there was a low ball, and I didn't catch it Catch, my heart is very nervous, but, I am not discouraged, or seriously watching my mother is how to play, I am very hard, very much hope to catch a few more balls, gradually I am a little frustrated, but, my mother said: 'as long as efforts can succeed,' my mother's words encouraged me, and then, I played a ball, this time, better than every time, mom Mother did not catch, I won a beautiful ball, mother also said, this time, you play better than every time, continue to work hard. Then, under the guidance of my mother, I won a few more goals. I knew that my mother was letting me, so I turned defeat into victory.

Gradually, I not only learned to serve, but also learned how to receive.

Today, I have a lot of harvest, playing badminton is not an easy thing, but as long as you work hard, it will work, playing badminton is really interesting.

Wang Zhaoxin village primary school three dozen badminton 300 words a day, the drizzle came down from the sky, I can't go out to play, had to play badminton at home.

Grandma said she can't play, so I'll teach her! I said: 'grandma, you need to hold the feather bat first. 'then I taught grandma how to serve and receive & hellip; & hellip;. Dad watched and said: 'I'm good at badminton. I said: 'are you a badminton champion? "Dad couldn't say a word. He looked at me with his eyes open. He couldn't react for a long time. Finally, dad said: 'of course, I'm the champion of my family. 'then I played a game with grandma. I thought it was strange how grandma played better than me? At this time, her mother said to her, "isn't that what you taught grandma to do? It's better than blue. I asked: 'what is better than blue? My mother replied: 'in short, the teacher teaches the students, and the students surpass the teacher through their efforts. So don't look down on grandma just because she's old. 'I finally understand that I must take every ball from Grandma seriously. I can't lose to grandma.

Time passed unconsciously. From time to time, bursts of happy laughter came out of the house. The rain outside the window seemed to have infected us. Our happiness was getting worse and worse. We had a great day. Playing badminton 450 words one morning, my father and I were holding rackets and badminton to prepare for a 'showdown'. My brother volunteered to be our referee.

I kick off first. As soon as I hit it, my father buckled and the ball lay under my feet.

I lost the first goal. The next game I lost points in a row, I lost in a row in the heart of a burst of anger. Dad seemed to see through my mind and said with pride: 'how do you want to beat me back? But don't beat me. I'm more angry. After a fierce competition, I finally fought 20-20.

At the beginning of the last ball game, my father clenched the racket and set his posture for the match. I'm going to give a tit for tat. At the beginning of the game, there was a big smash, and my father was not inferior. He picked up the racket and got a 'fishing for the moon' ball, which was gently bounced up by the racket just across the net. I didn't make a couple of attacks in a row. I made up my mind to think: if I work hard like this, I will not be able to support myself and I will be at a disadvantage. Only with wisdom, I found that my father always used to be aggressive, so I made a noise. I dare not neglect to take the ball, a few consecutive dunks, first to confuse dad, dad also came to a big dunk, the ball flew to me like a meteor. So I stepped forward and jumped to the net. There was a smile on the corner of his mouth, and he pretended to use a big button. Experienced dad quickly stepped back and saw me gently touch the badminton with my racket. As I expected, the ball was lying quietly on the court, and my father was stunned, and suddenly he was dumbfounded. I held up my racket and danced to celebrate the victory. I said to my father with pride: 'well, lose! "My father came up and praised me with a big thumb. My brother also said I was good at playing. This day I enjoyed the joy of victory.

Today, I beat dad with my wisdom. I'm so happy. I like playing badminton. In my spare time, I have an impulse to play badminton, because playing badminton can make people feel relaxed and happy.

Once, when I finished my homework, I wanted to play badminton. I couldn't help but go to my mother to go with me. My mother had to put down her work and go with me.

When we got downstairs, we would choose the right position. Even if the game started, I settled down first, and then threw the badminton into the air. With a racket, my mother fixed her eyes on the flying ball. With a gentle racket, the ball was thrown high into the sky. I see the ball up and down, sometimes like a meteor, you see, how wonderful! Playing badminton 250 words in winter vacation, my mother and I went to badminton hall one afternoon to play badminton.

We do preparatory exercises first. My mother said: 'if we don't do preparatory exercises before playing badminton, muscles and joints are easy to be pulled and bruised. '

We started to fight. I carefully observed the ball's landing point, but failed again and again. I thought: I can't get angry because of such a small thing. How can I do a big thing like this? So I raised my spirits and continued to fight.

At this time, the other side sent a high ball, I keep an eye on the landing point of badminton, hard to play, success! The ball's back! Mom didn't catch it, so I got a lucky point. Mother dare not belittle the enemy. She blocked every ball I served.

However, in a block, the ball hit the net, let me get a point. Since I blocked back a high ball, I was in high spirits, and gradually the score changed back. Finally, my mother and I were 10-10 in the last ball