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How to be an excellent pupil's composition

Excellent, the explanation in the dictionary is excellent, very good meaning. And primary school students have a kind of meaning is' metaphor to start from scratch. "Primary school students are an important starting stage in our lives. The future of our lives will be today's decision. How can we be excellent primary school students?

In my opinion, excellent primary school students should first have a heart full of fantasy and curiosity. There will be many kinds of gorgeous life, there will be his beautiful and colorful experience, and you will choose what wonderful, you will not have a unique wonderful life. All this may be produced when you are in a daze occasionally, and the spark that may affect your life will be wiped out in an idea, so enjoy the fantasy. Maybe many of them will be laughed by the steady adults, but do you know that many things that change the world are produced in this way. And I always believe: Imagination determines the trajectory of life.

Then you have to have a brave heart, just think about it, many people are like this, but maybe thousands of people had the idea, but Newton, Einstein and they caught it. Some people are ridiculed by adults, some people are buried in their own memory, and a brave heart will tell you to persist, try, believe in yourself, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. When you're depressed, try to tell yourself this: who would have believed that the earth was round hundreds of years ago.

Finally, the most important thing for you is to have a good heart. Maybe you are gifted, maybe you are brilliant, but if you don't have a good heart, you won't be happy. When other children are hostile to you, you should learn to be tolerant and ignore them. When the cadres on duty report to you, but you are wronged, you should learn to smile. If you bring happiness to your friends, you will get more friends and your own happiness. When you are unhappy, you will tell yourself that everything will pass quickly and everything will be better. Remember, your smile can bring happiness to others and yourself. Maybe this is the purest happiness. Patriotism is loyalty and love to the motherland (with patriotism as the topic) composition 550 words

Patriotism is loyalty and love to the motherland

Patriotism is loyalty and love to the motherland. In the past dynasties, many people with lofty ideals have a strong concern for the country and the people. They take the state affairs as their own responsibility, go on and on, defend the motherland and care for the people's livelihood in the face of adversity. This valuable spirit has made the Chinese nation survive through adversity. The content of patriotism is very extensive. Loving the mountains and rivers of the motherland, loving the history of the nation, caring about the fate of the motherland, fighting bravely in times of crisis and dying for the motherland are all manifestations of patriotism. In the five thousand years of development of the Chinese nation, the Chinese nation has formed a great national spirit with patriotism as the core.

It is precisely because of the deep love for the motherland that the industrious and intelligent Chinese people have jointly opened up a vast territory and created a splendid culture. Shouldering the task of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we should love the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and actively safeguard the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the motherland. Every inch of the territory of the motherland should not be lost or occupied. We should love the history and culture of the motherland, improve national self-esteem and self-confidence, and do our best to create a more brilliant national culture.

Today, China has entered a new historical period. China's accession to the WTO has made the relationship between China and other countries closer. Opportunities and challenges coexist. We will face more and more new situations and problems. To promote the great cause of China's reform and opening up and speed up the process of socialist modernization, we need to carry forward the fine tradition of patriotism. Only in this way can the Chinese nation revive its vigour and make greater contributions to human civilization and progress.

If the youth is prosperous, the country will be prosperous; if the youth is strong, the country will be strong. We should adapt to the requirements of the development of the times, correctly understand the history and reality of the motherland, enhance our patriotic feelings and the sense of responsibility for revitalizing the motherland, establish national self-esteem and self-confidence, carry forward the great spirit of the Chinese nation, hold high the banner of patriotism, forge ahead with determination, self-improvement, hard work and tenacious struggle, and truly turn patriotism into a trip to serve the country. Today for the revitalization of China and study hard, tomorrow to create a brilliant future of the motherland to contribute their own strength! This is how steel is made. When he recalls the past, he will not regret for wasting his time, nor will he be ashamed for doing nothing

There are so many famous people at all times and in all over the world. This summer vacation, how is steel made gives me great inspiration.

The author, Ostrowski, created an appropriate character of his own Paul. Kochakin. He was forced to drop out of school because he threw ashes in the Easter dough. In the station cafeteria, I spent an obscure and depressing youth time, tasted bitterness, experienced grief, and also saw all kinds of living things at the bottom of the society. When he was a little older, his elder brother arqom recommended to go to the locomotive depot to learn crafts. When he met the sailor Zhu Helai, the brave Bolshevik inculcated revolutionary ideas into Paul, which had a vital impact on Paul's future. A little older and vigorous, Paul became a member of the Communist Youth League. He went to the revolutionary front full of blood and resolutely fought against the White army. As a result of the war, he was blind and quadriplegic, and had to retire to the sanatorium. But his indomitable heart dominated him to write many excellent works such as the birth of the storm, and combined with Rita. Throughout Paul's life: poverty, disease, ridicule, writing strike & hellip; & hellip; suffering gives him extraordinary perseverance and strength, let him eventually succeed!

The sharpest sword is always cultivated on the roughest grindstone. The same is true of people. Only after the provocation of fate and the company of setbacks, can they laugh at the suffering and welcome the fruits.

Take a look at me again. Although I am a progressive teenager, I will Cower and stagnate in the rough mud. Occasionally, if you fail in the exam, misunderstand or contradict, or your parents criticize you, you will not be able to recover. Compared with Paul, my suffering is dwarfed. Why sigh about the injustice of fate?

April showers bring May flowers. Paul's life enlightens me and gives me strength - that's how steel is made. Wang Haosen is a female student in class 54 of Sanmenxia Xiaohan primary school. I am cheerful, lively and lovely, is the teacher's little assistant, is a good friend of the students & hellip; & hellip; she has good study habits: love to read, good brain, dare to speak, is a good student of both character and learning.

Wang Haosen's outstanding performance is to use his brain actively and speak boldly. As the teacher said, without Wang Haosen, the classroom atmosphere will not come. I like to ask why when I am in trouble. I like to discuss problems with teachers and classmates. I am good at expressing myself and showing myself.

Reading and listening to stories is one of Wang Haosen's hobbies. She likes to listen to adult stories, children's stories, historical stories, modern stories, fairy tales, science fiction, detective stories and so on. Every night, before going to bed, reading extra-curricular books has become her essential 'night snack': "I love science", "primary school students' reading and writing", "up and down five thousand years", "primary school students' classified composition Grand View", "100000 why", "pure beauty novel" & hellip; 'reading more than ten thousand volumes, writing like God. It is because of her good reading habits that her writing level is improved. In 2013, he won the second prize in the municipal English short play competition, the first prize in the mathematics competition, and the director award of the celebration of June 1st performance. He is also an excellent long-distance runner in the school & hellip; & hellip;

In addition, Wang Haosen is a cadre who loves the collective, cares about others and has excellent quality. Since entering the school, he has been the monitor of the class, putting the collective honor above everything else. Under the guidance and help of the head teacher and Ren Ke teacher, he managed boldly and worked actively. Every semester, he was rated as "excellent class cadre" and "learning model".

Achievements can only represent the past, not the future. On the basis of her initial good study habits, I wish her to carry forward her advantages, overcome her shortcomings, make persistent efforts, strive for better study, so as to better serve the future of the motherland! 2007 high school entrance examination excellent composition: how do I learn geography composition 800 words, how do I learn geography

Inner Mongolia candidates

Students, our motherland is vast and rich in resources. Our geographical and economic situation is complex and mysterious. If you want to have a deeper understanding of them, you must learn geography well.

So, how can we learn it well? Now I will talk about some superficial experience.

First of all, it should be combined with the map in the textbook and the introduction of the map to remember. Memorizing maps is an important way to learn geography well. Take the geography of China as an example: if we have a map in mind, we can remember that from west to East are Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai and Sichuan Heilongjiang. Let the brain have a three-dimensional image, easy to remember.

Secondly, we can use big rivers to remember. The river basins are very wide, remember where they flow, you can remember the corresponding place names. For example, the Amazon River in South America traverses a vast area of northern South America, and its two sides are the vast Amazon plain. In this way, we can remember that the Amazon plain is in the south of South America.

Thirdly, we should classify the areas with the same climate as the most representative one. For example, in the high latitudes of the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and other regions, the climate is basically the same, dry and cold, less rain, low temperature. We can take Denmark or Iceland as a representative to record the climate characteristics of countries with higher latitudes.

Last but not least, we should work hard. If you want to learn any knowledge well, you can't do it without hard work. So is geography.

The above is just my superficial experience in the process of learning geography. It is inevitable that there are some mistakes. Please give me more advice

Outstanding center and strong pertinence are the biggest features of this speech. The key to a good speech is to see whether it is targeted, what is the center of the meeting, and who are present. The materials in the proposition tell us that this is a report meeting about "love nature, love hometown, learn geography well" for junior high school students, and the speech should focus on this point. At the same time, the content of the speech should be neither too simple nor too difficult. Too shallow, will make the audience feel dissatisfied; too deep, will make the audience confused. It will be boring for the audience to keep on talking about the problems they already know, but it will be disappointing for the audience to ignore the problems they need to solve. In this regard, this paper is more appropriate. Let's get straight to the point. With a call, the expression characteristics of the speech were revealed. In just two sentences, it not only outlines the importance of learning geography well, but also highlights the theme of this report meeting. The materials are closely related and targeted. And naturally turn to the focus of the discussion, not to appear abrupt, internal