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Mother's love composition 200 words

I can feel my mother's love.

Mother's love is the cool wind. Once, in a big summer, it was so hot that I always felt a 'buzz' in my ears. How could this night go by? My mother seemed to see my mind and said: 'Zheng Xinyi, go to sleep, it won't be hot if you fall asleep. 'I nodded and went to sleep. Sure enough, after a while, I felt cool and fell asleep. After a while, I was awakened by the sound of a fan. I open my eyes and have a look, ah! I was stunned. My mother was fanning for me by the bed, and her clothes were soaked with sweat. At this time, I feel that I am the happiest person.

My mother's love is to help with the umbrella on rainy days. Once, the weather was very good, I thought it would not rain, so I didn't take an umbrella, but there was an unexpected situation, when school came, it rained, at this time, my mother came, she took an umbrella, took me home. Her umbrella was close to me, but she was wet, but she didn't care. At that moment, I deeply felt my mother's love.

This is mom's love. About mother's composition: mother, I love you composition 200 words mother, I love you! You gave me life. Let me come to this beautiful and lovely world; it's the first time you let me know butterflies, the first time you take me to see rainbow, the first time you make me laugh, the first time you listen to me say the first words --- mom, I love you! It's you who mend my broken toys and hurt heart again and again with your strong and gentle hands, calm and wise words, loving hugs. It was you who taught me honesty, tolerance, understanding and fraternity with your sincere and simple words and deeds. Is your strong brave, tell me not to experience the wind and rain, there will be no rainbow --- mom, I love you! It is you who give me a world full of love and miracles. You are by my side, constantly urging and encouraging me to fly my dream bravely. It is you who give me self-confidence and let me face life with a smile. Lead me into a colorful childhood, let me have been bathed in the sunshine of love, happiness and healthy growth. I want to tell the world loudly: 'Mom, I love you, always love you! About my mother's composition: 200 words of my mother's love composition

My mother who gave birth to me and raised me, are you ok?

Do you know? You are like the rain and dew, moistening my growth; you are like the sun, giving me hope, I can grow healthily in your arms; you are like the sun, I am like the earth, the earth can not do without the kiss of all things, otherwise it will be a desolation; you are like the green leaves, I am like flowers, flowers can not do without the green leaves, otherwise it is a monotonous Flower & hellip; In my memory, there are many things I regret, because yesterday, I was not sensible!

When I grow up, you will be old. When I'm one year older, you will have more white hair. When I'm one year older, I can't be coquettish in your arms. So, how I hope I will never grow up, so that I can always be in your arms coquettish, not afraid of wind and rain, happy life!!

Mom, I want to say thank you here. Thank you for making me born in this beautiful world, thank you for everything you have done for me! On October 1, 2009, Beijing celebrated the 60th birthday of mother China. People turn on the TV at the same time, and Beijing on TV becomes a sea of joy.

There are many squares in Tiananmen Square. Grandfather Hu Jintao, grandfather Wen Jiabao and other state leaders stood on the tower of Tiananmen Square to watch the performance. Everybody is waving the national flag, the performance begins!

'shua! Shua! Shua! The honor guard of the three armed forces came out. Their faces were solemn,

The team went straight, straight as a ruler. Then, the flag raising ceremony began. We stood up, sang the national anthem and saluted the team.

My favorite is a female pilot flying a plane and drawing a colorful rainbow in the sky. How beautiful! There are children will be white pigeons to the bright sky, colorful balloons with a smile to join the team of celebration.

Tiananmen people like the sea, songs like the tide, people clap high fives, hugs each other, let excited tears flow heartily, pushed the celebration to the climax.

Fu Xin, class 2, Changshan Experimental Primary School

Tutor: a letter from Fan Jing to my dear mother. My mother is my closest person. Her black red hair and long curly eyelashes are like fairies coming down to earth. I was deeply impressed. My mother is meticulous to me, as long as I want, my mother will do her best. In the cold winter, my mother always kindly said to me: 'daughter, the weather is cold, wear more clothes, don't catch a cold. 'I feel very warm when I hear these words. Whenever I have a lot on my mind, my mother comes over and says: 'daughter, if you have something to say to my mother, my mother will help you solve it. 'I feel the happiest in the world when I hear this kind words. Now my mother is not at my side, my life seems to lack an important thing, I hope my mother can always accompany me.

Mom, can you come back? I now how eager to get maternal love, can still care about me as before?

A daughter longing for maternal love.

A 200 word essay on women's Day written by Yankou Central Primary School in Lengshuijiang City, Loudi, Hunan Province: mother's love is the morning dew that moistens the heart, the spring breeze that is fragrant and pleasant, and the poems that touch the heart. You are a ray of sunshine, warming me; you are a spring breeze, soothing me; you are a string of rain, moistening me & hellip; & hellip;

I remember once, I caught a cold and had a high fever. You were as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. You carried me to the hospital to see a doctor. Back home, you take my temperature, feed me medicine, and wipe me with wine to lower my temperature. Then I fell asleep in a daze. The next morning, when I woke up, I found my mother sitting by the bed. See I wake up, my mother happy touch my head, kiss my face, the face showed a smile. I found my mother's dark circles under her eyes. I know she didn't sleep well at night.

Mom, you are a hardworking gardener and the one I admire most. Dear mother, I have a beautiful mother, her white skin, double eyelids, long eyelashes, high nose.

Since I was born, my mother has spared no effort in raising me, teaching me how important life is, asking me to respect life, love life and protect life. Without life, I have to leave the world.

My mother told me that when I was a child, I loved to cry, which made my mother sleep less every night and listless during the day. When I heard this, I could not help but shed tears from my eyes.

My mother is very concerned about my study and gives me great encouragement and self-confidence before every exam. Although sometimes my exam results are not good, my mother doesn't blame me for hurting my self-esteem. My mother will not shut me in every day for the sake of reading, and give me some time to exercise and play every day. My mother said that only a strong body can guarantee my future study, work and life.

My mother's love for me is higher than the sky, deeper than the sea and sweeter than honey! I want to say to everyone: 'I love my dear mother! My mother is very beautiful, she has a pair of bright eyes, but the fly in the ointment is that there are black circles in her eyes, which she worked hard for us day and night.

My mother loves me very much. I will tell you how my mother loves me.

Once, when I was in kindergarten, because I was not sensible, I ate the gold powder on couplets. After five minutes, my stomach was very painful, so I called my mother and asked her to take me to see a doctor.

Who knows, my mother came all of a sudden, she was sweating, she immediately put me on the bike, went to the clinic.

After the diagnosis, the doctor told me: 'you ate too many unidentified objects and need to be hospitalized for one day. 'because I was in a strange place, I couldn't sleep, so I let my mother hold me to sleep. The next day, I found that my mother was still holding me, her eyes were staring at me, and her eyes were black again. At that time, I understood that my mother didn't sleep all night for me to have a good sleep.

I want my mother to say, 'Mom, I love you. '