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Aloe's composition of 300 words

My family has a lot of flowers, including Mimosa, Clivia, yiyeqing, lvluo & hellip; & hellip; I especially like the green aloe in the corner. I see it as the apple of my hand - the most eye-catching position I put on my desk.

I watched it carefully. Its leaves are thick, with many triangular serrations on the edge, and its leaves are staggered upward, without overlapping, which is so regular. If you break off the aloe leaves, there will be a lot of sticky and slippery green juice. Don't underestimate these sticky juices. They are widely used.

Listen to my mother, aloe can not only watch, purify the air, but also has medicinal value. It can treat tracheitis and pharyngitis. If we are bitten by mosquitoes in summer, we can apply the sticky green juice of aloe to the place where we are bitten, and the swelling will subside immediately, and we will not feel the pain and itching.

What I admire most is the tenacious vitality of aloe. During the summer vacation, our family went on holiday. Our neighbor's aunt helped us water the flowers on the balcony every day, but she forgot the aloe in my room. More than half a month later, when I opened the door, my beloved aloe was still full of vitality, although the soil in the flowerpot had already dried.

I like aloe, but also love its tenacious character. Today, Mr. Wang teaches us as usual, but today is different, because when Mr. Wang walks into the classroom, his hands swing back and forth naturally.

But this time, Mr. Wang raised his left hand a little. His hands were red and his face was in pain. It seemed that something had happened?

After we asked for some time, we learned that Mr. Wang was accidentally scalded by boiling water. Suddenly, the teacher said in succession: 'Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang, have you applied the ointment? Mr. Wang said: 'no, I don't have any ointment. We said: 'what should we do? '

Suddenly, the monitor stood up and walked to a forgotten corner, where there was a bookshelf with several pots of plants on it. She put her hands to a pot of plants and gently broke it off. 'Oh, it's aloe. 'we said in unison. Then he took it to Mr. Wang and said: 'Mr. Wang, aloe can relieve pain and detumescence. You have a try. It's very effective. '

Mr. Wang gently squeezed aloe with his thumb and index finger. The sticky juice flowed out of the fracture. Mr. Wang gently smeared it on the hot wound. Mr. Wang suddenly felt cool on his hand and his face was much better.

Wang teacher said: you don't see it is not good-looking, but it has many advantages, can treat burns, can detumescence and other benefits. It's not as graceful as plum blossom, it's not as fragrant as Osmanthus fragrans, it's not as bold as bamboo & hellip; & hellip;

We all nodded and said, 'yes. '

Mr. Wang went on to say: 'in our life, there are many people like Aloe Vera:' the security uncle in charge of our school sees us in and out of the school every day to protect our safety; the diligent cleaners of our school are constantly cleaning every corner of our campus all day; and our diligent teachers teach us knowledge every day to let us know We are on the way to the future & hellip; & hellip;

Mr. Wang said earnestly: "people should be useful people, not just decent people who are not good for others. '

Today, Mr. Wang's words give me a lifelong enlightenment: "people should be useful people, not just decent people who are not good for others. "An aloe tree with 550 words in its complaint composition, your honor:

Please vindicate the grass people! I accused my little master's mother of bullying and abusing me. That day & hellip; & hellip;

I stood up in the flowerpot, bathed in the sun, just rose a lazy waist, 'PATA, PATA', the little master's mother came to me, I thought she was going to give me water, did not expect & hellip; & hellip; she even used her hand to tear off a piece of my body meat, for their own face beauty, watching my blood 'tick, tick' to flow out, I hurt and sad. Are we plants born for human use? I have a big view on this matter. Here are some powerful reasons I have racked my brains to come up with. Please have a look at them

1. Plants have life, otherwise they will not blossom and bear fruit. Human beings say that there is ecological balance. I think plants are not balanced with human beings. Why can people dominate the world and live freely? Why do we plants want to live a quiet life? Why is it so difficult? Little master, her mother also knows beauty. Is she the only one who loves beauty?

2. People dig us out of Mother Earth's arms and sell us in the world. We can watch it, but why destroy my body? Who wants to be a disabled plant? Everyone knows that we pay attention to beauty. We are natural beauty, but they don't let it go. Only when the plants are dying out can they realize it!

Your honor, this matter has caused great harm to my mind and body. Here is the compensation scheme demanded by the grassroots. If I compromise, I will withdraw the indictment.

1. Bear all expenses during my injury.

2. Spray more water every day and everything that can nourish me.

3. Sincerely apologize to the victims.

Hey, hey, let me tell you something. The other side has compromised! Some people paid for my expenses, and the wound healed quickly. However, who told them that they would not cherish every flower and herb? I lied to them that I said my wound had not healed yet & hellip; & hellip; hey, don't hit me. Aloe composition 300 words my yard pot planted with several aloe.

Aloe leaves are thick, thin and long, with many tiny burrs on the edge. I often touch the leaves with my hand, the surface is very smooth, there is a soft feeling like fat. Although the edge of the blade burr small, but it will "bite" people, "bite" a hot pain. Once when I was watering it, I touched its leaves by the way. I accidentally ran into a burr, which made my fingers itch. I think it may not like to be touched. I thought I was going to fold its leaves. You can protect yourself, little guy!

Once, my face grew two small pimples, painful and itchy, very uncomfortable. I think of the science program on TV, which said aloe leaf juice can be eaten, beautified, and has the medical effect of clearing away heat and toxin. So I went to the yard, regardless of its "opposition", folded a leaf, peeled off the skin, and smeared the green flesh on my face. I just felt slippery and cool. It's really amazing. After a while, the pimple doesn't itch. Later, I did it two or three times. A few days later, the pimples on his face miraculously disappeared.

Comments: This is a composition of writing. The language is simple, and the description is real and delicate. It shows that the little writer observes carefully and writes psychological activities appropriately in combination with his own practice. This is really valuable for a third grade primary school student. One day, a dandelion seed fell on the side of aloe. Aloe said: 'this is my territory. You can't touch it! "But this is a common place. How can it be you? 'dandelion puzzled, aloe block the thorny stems and leaves to the top of the seed, 'anyway, I just don't let you grow! 'a week later, the seeds germinated, but aloe was very unhappy. It didn't want the seeds to grow, so it blocked the sunshine for the seeds, while dandelion kept on bending and stretched the leaf stem to the top. Aloe a look, the event is not good, dandelion grow out, it broke the stem of dandelion, but dandelion or with indomitable perseverance to survive, aloe after see, angry, it said to dandelion: 'you longer, I will kill you! 'the dandelion didn't answer. Aloe was as angry as an angry lion. She roared at the dandelion, but it didn't help. Finally, the dandelion said: 'life is precious to have bamboo in your heart. It's hard to stand the test! If you don't overcome the difficulties, then you are a weak one, and I will overcome the difficulties, because I am a strong one! 'after listening, aloe stealthily retracts the leaves and lowers its head in shame, because it is a weak person.

Hi, everyone, I'm aloe, a kind of herb. My ancestors lived in the wild mountains, because I have special skills: one can be used as potted flowers to enjoy, and the other can be used as medicine for standby, so I was transplanted into the home by human beings. I was bought from the flower market three years ago and planted on the balcony of my home.

My shape is like sisal, but not as tall and strong as he is. Every leaf of mine has thick and short thorns. If the children accidentally touch me, they will be stabbed.

I have great ability to treat many injuries. For example, burns, mosquito bites, sore throat and so on, can also clear away heat and detoxification. Sometimes, the little master's mother will cut my leaves into thin slices and apply them on my face for beauty!

Once, the little master accidentally fell on his way home, bleeding on his leg. She ran home, tore off one of my leaves, took out the transparent mesophyll and smeared it on her injured leg. Half an hour later, the little master's leg doesn't hurt. It seems that I still have the effect of hemostasis and analgesia.

I am one of the drought resistant plants. I'm not humble enough to say that even if I don't water for two weeks, I'm still alive. This is because my leaves are fleshy stems, which store a lot of water, so I can easily survive.

Now people use our special skills to develop many new products, so that my brothers and sisters appear more and more frequently in human life. For example: aloe shampoo, aloe sunscreen & hellip; & hellip; people even make us into a variety of aloe series of nutritional dishes, and I am very happy and proud to serve human beings. My mother pays attention to appearance. In order to make her skin smooth and delicate, she has planted a lot of aloe at home.

As soon as I get home every day, the first thing I see is the green aloe. Of course, in order to confirm my mother's praise for aloe, I specially know about aloe.

Aloe Vera belongs to Liliaceae, which is mainly produced in tropical areas. It is known as' shallot '. Its roots are thin and dense, hairy like grandfather's beard. On the root, a main stem leads to the leaves. Its task is to deliver nutrients to aloe. Aloe leaves are full of luster, there are many short and sharp thorns on both sides of the leaves, and there are some light spots on the green skin in the middle of the leaves, which is a good beauty medicine! The most amazing thing about aloe is the thickness of its leaves. The thickest part is 15 mm, which is like a green balloon filled with water. The juice will leak out when you touch it. You know, these sticky juices are very useful! It not only can increase skin elasticity, prevent freckles, but also can be applied to mosquito bites, apply the wound. Recently, NASA scientists found that evergreen foliage plants and green flowering plants are very popular